How to Connect Epson Projector to TV? The Ultimate Guide

How to Connect Epson Projector to TV
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Either you are planning a movie night or want to have a home theatre effect but with a bigger screen, then a projector is the budget-friendly answer for you. Getting a bigger screen can cost you a lot plus space and maintenance is also an issue. For occasional fun nights, no one wants to go through this much hassle.

Projectors are a great replacement for TV screens on a small budget with bigger benefits. You can enjoy high-quality HD streaming on a projector without any strain on your eyes. Be it in classrooms or at home letting the kids watch TV is always a puzzle because with all the benefits of visual learning to entertaining them there is a question of eyesight damage.

Well with a projector this one problem has a solution. The projectors reflect light rays instead of transmitting directly so they don’t damage the eyes much, plus with a bigger screen, there is a very minor strain on the eyes compared to the TV screens. So from adults to toddlers connecting your projector to the TV setup or using it for playing the TV steam would be the best decision you make.

A projector is a video output device and you can either use it as a monitor for your laptop or PC or connect it to a TV setup box, although live TV is a problem but with the latest Epson projector that has an HDMI port to you can connect it to your TV and enjoy the live TV transmission too.

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Here we have a detailed guide for you so you can easily connect your Epson projector to TV to enjoy movies, kids’ cartoons, or live match streaming.

Connecting Your Epson Projector to TV

Currently, in the latest models there is an HDMI port available in the projectors and also on the TV screen so that you can make a direct connection for live streaming and if there is no HDMI port in TV or projector then you can use RCA or VGA cable for connecting TV and projectors.

Connecting TV to the projector via HDMI cable

Follow these steps to connect your Epson projector to TV:

  1. Turn off your TV and projector and let them shut down properly and cool down before starting
  2. Check for the input HDMI port on your projector and insert the one end of the HDMI cable in it.
  3. Then insert the other end of the HDMI cable on the output HDMI port on your TV or the setup box.
  4. When both the end is secured then turn on the TV and projector and remove the projector cap or lid. Check for video transmission.
  5. If the video is still not appearing on the screen or the projector is showing no input, then check for the input menu in your projector setup.
  6. Select HDMI input and select the port you have inserted the cable.
  7. If it’s still not responding restart the projector and select the HDMI input in the video input menu in the projector or change the cable.
  8. Sometimes the HDMI may not work or detect instantly so you can wait for some time and do the settings again.


In case your HDMI cable is not connecting or the video input is delayed or disconnecting frequently then you should try these small steps to fix it:

  • Check that the ports used are correct ones, usually, we plug in on input ports on TV instead of output or the selected port is different from the one inserted.
  • Like smart devices, smart TVs also can hang sometimes so you should reboot it for proper functioning.
  • Reconnect again after restarting both TV and projector.
  • Change the HDMI cable if not connecting still.

TV to projector connection without HDMI

It may be possible that your Epson projector doesn’t have an HDMI port or the TV’s HDMI is not responding, then don’t feel frustrated you can still watch your TV on projector with either an RCA to HDMI converter on the TV port or projector port whichever is causing the problem. For older television sets you can get a VGA to HDMI converter to connect them to projectors.

There are also streaming devices available that can be used to connect the phone or cable setup box to the projector and you can cast your mobile screen, or cable setup box app output on the projector. In the latest models also there is an option to connect laptops or PC or mobile via WiFi so you can also stream wirelessly.

Why connecting the projector to TV is better?

Perhaps you don’t notice but there are many benefits that projectors give you by connecting them via TV and using them to stream your video and movies. Some of the highlights of amazing advantages projectors implies are:

Better eye health

The most neglected yet the most important benefit of using an Epson projector with your TV setup is that it give HD video quality and smooth streaming without any strain on your eyes. So if you plan for a movie marathon or teach kid through videos and graphics then using an Epson projector is far better than TV screens and it will not affect the kids or adults eyes and they won’t feel any strain or pain after watching.


Projectors come at a fairly reasonable price, even the ones with high quality and resolution are quite cheaper than the LCD or led screens. If you are looking for a bigger screen then cost wise the projector gives more value for money.

Video quality and resolution

The normal TV screens are unable to stream the HD videos and display them in full resolution. With an Epson projector, you can easily watch HD quality video in 4K resolution without any problem. Projectors also offer great contrast ratio options and you can enjoy videos with a TV contrast effect on a bigger screen at a lower price.

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Bigger screen

Projectors can stream wherever you want them to be it on screen or a wall and give you a bigger stream for a large number of people easily, which with a limited size tv is not possible.

With all the benefits and cost-saving point of view using a projector with TV is a wise investment and you can enjoy it for a long time with amazing video quality, and keeping your eyes safe for years. For parties and gaming marathons go buy a 4K projector instead of a large TV screen and stream nonstop without any large expenditure.