The 12 Best Short Throw Projectors for 2022 [Starting From $500]

Best Short Throw Projectors
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We understand the fact that not every one of us would be living in a lavish and spacious house measuring single rooms going hundreds of feet in width and length. And yes, not every wall would be that big enough to have us watch the ceiling by standing firm and taking a peek at the sky.

Yeah, that is what I miss about it the most — having the bigger room to fit everything. If we were to live back in the 1900s, the situation would be too different and dubious for everyone just because the boom of technology was not there, nor was the chance to see its peak of it.

Thankfully and within this modern age of today, we got to see some of the best devices and products at the real compact size, which was like a dream they would ever compress up to this level even a decade or two ago.

Out of many, the projector was the one giant piece of device that took the biggest leap in pairing with the boom technology furnished. not only does it shred its size but the throw distance as well, meaning it can go to match the excessive screen size by placing just a few feet away from accommodating all of the avid movie-lovers living in the condos and the apartments where the room size takes them to compromise upon everything — smaller furniture, smaller kitchen, smaller this and that just because of the small rooms where anything significant could create a mess, a big mess.

So, introducing to you all the outclass and the outstanding 12 of the best short throw projectors that do not have you to make any adjustments even in the rooms’ smaller size.

Well, all you gotta need to do is just to get one, bring it in, and plug and play to start watching whatever you got on the exceedingly bigger screen like turning your small room to act like a big vast cinema theater.

Wait a bit, and let us reveal what we got for you! 🙂

What are the Best Short Throw Projectors – Top 12 Picks

ProjectorsThrow DistanceLumens PowerPrice
Optoma GT1090HDR4’-4”4,200 Check Price
Epson HC106019’3,100 Check Price
BenQ HT20508’2,200 Check Price
VAVA 4K LT0027.2”6,000 Check Price
Optoma GT560010”3,600 Check Price
Epson HC-LS10010’4,000 Check Price
LG HF65LA4.3”1,000 ANSI Check Price
BenQ W1080ST3.93’2,000 ANSI Check Price
ASUS S112”200 Check Price
BenQ HT2150ST3’2,200 ANSI Check Price
Optoma GT10804’2,800 Check Price
ViewSonic PA503S15’-8”3,800 Check Price

1. Optoma GT1090HDR – Best Short Throw Projector

Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Projector

You might have seen many of the projectors from the past and, of course, from the present as well that do stunningly well in delivering the unmatched viewing experience.

But hey, you might find us numb if we offer you the actual lamp-free projector; would you accept that?

Seems impossible, but in the vivid reality, that is no less than a universal truth; it got no lamp installed inside it, and still, it emits out the high-quality of light to project on the screen where you cannot really detect the blurred or faded images even though how hard you make the try.

It comes with the dependable last light source that is hard to spot with the projectors, but only the high-ended ones go with as the DuraCore laser totally eliminates the need of having the lamp at all as well as the filter replacement that lasts pretty longer than anything.

The rated life of the DuraCore laser has been guaranteed to live up to 30,000 hours resulting in going low-cost and almost maintenance-free to operate for decades to come; thankfully, the IPX6-rating induced with Optoma GT1090HDR that makes it the dust-resistant optical engine, increasing its durability to go beyond the mark of expectation. Let it either be used in open or closed places, and the performance would never ever downgrade even for one percent.

Known for the short throw lens, it enables you to experience the full-wide and larger 120″ of the screen to project your favorite content by placing the projector just at the distance of 4 feet and 4 inches from the screen source enabling it to put way too close to the screen that gets fitted into the smaller spaces without the issue and tends not to cause any problem during the installation.

Equipped with the 4K HDR input using HDR10 and HLG technologies, which projects the brighter whites and the deeper black levels to enhance your viewing experience for the images and the videos to go beyond the expectation.

As with bearing the incredibly high-powered 4,200 lumens of the best and extravagant brightness, you do not need to worry about turning the lights off or wait for the evening to prevail, which makes it the best fit for projecting your favorite content even from the smaller rooms to outdoor spaces like camping, backyards, and tailgating during the piercing daylight.

Comes with the picture quality to match for becoming the pure home cinematic projector, the full HD 1080p with the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 along with 4K input and hitting the contrast ratio to 300,000:1 that is way beyond the imagination to experience viewing the content with its utmost clarity that enhances the HD experience without downscaling or compressing the size to make it to work.

Hook up with anything you got from gaming consoles to big screens and the dongles provided with 4K UHD HDMI from Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and more.

Set up is done in a few minutes; the auto keystone with the four corner correction simply provides the image adjustment done itself, so you do not need to call in the professional to get the installation done for you.

  • 4K Ultra HD display.
  • Powerful lumen brightness.
  • Works best in broad day and night.
  • A bit louder when operating.

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2. Epson HC1060

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD Projector

We never review the standard and the typical projectors and always admire the noteworthy and the rate-worthy projectors that are dominating the industry by the good vibes they got from the satisfied consumers.

Packed with all the high-end features the modern projectors do hold starting with the screen that acts as the backbone of any projector (despite any other core features) as Epson HC1060 has embedded with the 1080p (no less than to be called as the full HD 1080p resolution) featuring the native resolution size to 1920 x 1080p capable of emitting the high definition of images with the vibrant colors causing you to spot no blur the longer you consume the projector and the heavier the content you use (full in size without needing to compress OR the projector shortening itself to fit into delivering with the maximum of it can handle.)

Able to project as maximum as 300″ with the widescreen results to have to exceed out of the projector screen you got with the throw distance of up to 19.0 feet to 6.0 meters, so the highest of the screen size is gained by placing the projector to the maximum allowed spread and exceeding out of it would then turn the images to go blurred but who really would want to cover more than 300″ of projection size? 🙂

The 300″ inches screen is known to be 25x larger than the straight 60 inches of flat TV panel like covering the whole of a blank wall or the screen. Even the smaller rooms would give turn to become a real problem for the consumer to set the projector, and again the whole 300″ of projection size forcing you to increase the size of your room first. 🙂

Equipped with the 3LCD technology that is innovative enough to curtail the rainbow effects for the spectators, and especially those who are not seated to face the screen in the upright position but got the chance to sit on the sides, so that is the one significant fact to like Epson HC1060 of not causing the rainbow effect to be detected as the scenes play.

Bright like a moon on its 14th day, the projector got the power of up to 3,100 lumens operating to provide the idealized results to contain and work into a variety of lighting conditions by deal with the delivering the truer color format and the white brightness not to have your eyes to take all the hardship to determine what’s being played up on the screen.

The contrast ratio to 15,000:1 brings the immersive balance to emit the scenes with the quality that is acceptable by the many TV lovers to view through the darkest settings without feeling strains causing to their eyes.

  • Built-in speakers.
  • Impressive contrast ratio.
  • Integrated with innovative 3LCD technology.
  • Somewhat heavy.

3. BenQ HT2050

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Projector

Ideal for the numerous cause starting with home theater and the gaming, idealized for delivering the superior picture quality as it is backed by the full HD 1080p projection lamp that emits out the unmatched brightness powered by 2,200 lumens that does comparatively best at delivering the images and videos to best match to your eyes and makes it capable of operating even in the well-lit rooms reinforced with the ambient light without having you to turn them off.

But wait… that is not gonna perform that well in the outdoor conditions with the sun beaming with the highest of its intensity, so this BenQ HT2050 would not function with the up to par quality during the daylight but waiting for the evening with the sun setting off would do wonders.

Responsive as high that turns it to become the LOVE of the gamers to enjoy playing the game sessions on the relatively larger screen, it comes with a lower input lag of 16ms and the uniquely integrated game modes, which do ensure the deliverability to provide an ultra-smooth gaming experience to feel real different at playing than the standard TVs.

Goes to as much high to gain over 300″ inches of screen, placing it just on the distance of over 8 feet from the screen would result in attaining the projection size of around 100″, so the total 300″ screen would take about 24 feet of throw distance that might not be possible to achieve the full of it by placing indoor but is feasible to attain in outdoor conditions but that seems quite impossible to get the full capacity of the screen the users would want to gain from the convenience of playing inside the room. 🙂

Equipped with the award-winning DLP technology that is widely used in 90 percent of the modern-world cinemas and from 100 percent of digital IMAX theaters known to be performing beyond the expectations and the lasting and slimmer design ensures to deliver the sharper and the crisper images at your service, making it almost the maintenance-free projector where you have a greater chance of calling in for the spare parts in case of anything worst happen over time.

Flexible to have the modern devices connected with the projector, it comes loaded with the connecting ports from HDMI, USB, VGA, and more, supporting the media players, gaming consoles, mobile devices, PCs, and Macs without an issue or finding an alternative to make them work.

Compatible with HDTV, video modes, and with 3D; enjoy all the resolution and color schemes to view through the content (static or motion) streamed right from the devices to increase its operational functionality to assist all sorts of the users coming with the different devices.

  • Best for home theater and gaming.
  • Compatible with 3D and HDTV.
  • Has to lower down the ambient light a bit.

4. VAVA 4K LT002 – Best Ultra Short Throw Projector

VAVA 4K Home-Theatre Projector

Purely designed for space-saving principles, this VAVA LT002 solves countless troubles for you to gain a bigger screen size by setting it up from mere inches.

More precisely, we can label the core of its feature, and we would opt for picking it and entitling it to become the best ultra-short-throw projector into every situation you need the projector for.

Contains the luminary light source to the exceedingly powerful than the many high-end projectors, it happens to get over 6,000 lumens that are known to be intensively incredible to the 4K projector to handle the light that produces increased-brightened images even if the ambient lighting is on and without having you yo pitch down the room to turn black with the misconception of getting the highly-viewable content with the best of its quality.

Surprisingly, it gets to adopt the three-segment of the color wheel, which is designed to display the truest and most accurate colors to delivering the enhanced purity and the clarity with the increased brightness ensured by having integrated with 3,000:1 of vivid contrast ratio that brings the deepest blacks to surface with its most detail as well as the brightest whites without fading the image AND without having to lower the brightness to detect the clear whites.

Equipped with the laser light, which is known to live an ultra-long lifespan which really does well than the standard projector bulbs and the lamp as it is good to live up to guaranteed 25,000 hours where operating the projector for straight four hours every single day would make it to last for 17 years so that the replacing of the bulb would be known as a thing of the past conversing you off the burden to put on your wallet.

Fun staying at home without ever visiting the cinema theater as it comes with the advanced ALPD 3.0 Cinematic Technology that is going to open the full theater-like experience to feast your eyes on watching the 4K UHD clarity right from home.

So, get up to the projection size of 100 inches by just placing this extravagantly blissful 4K UHD projector from mere 7.2 inches away from the wall with the concept of space-saving design and the capability of adjusting the projection screen size from as low as 80 inches to the maximum of 150 inches to fully enjoy the pure cinematic experience from the comfort of your home premise!

And the built-in Harman Kardon soundbar system with the power of 60W to provide the high-fidelity sound to increase your audio experience to hit up the bar without having to add in the external speakers (another expense.)

  • HDR10-supported.
  • Portable design.
  • Built-in Harman Kardon soundbar.
  • Has to lower down the ambient light a bit.

5. Optoma GT5600 – Best 3D Compatible Projector

Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Projector

With the boom of technology, staying updated and upgraded in this prime time is unavoidable. And sadly, the upgradation requires the money to get involved, but that has to be done on the right sort of devices and the technology, and that is all we believe to NEVER waste the capital over the products that do not come close to your requirements.

And Optoma GT5600 is the sort of projector (the device you have been looking for) that should be taken as the wisest move to invest the money on.

Comes with projecting the larger 100″ of the diagonal image projected by placing it just 10 inches away from the wall; the makes it one best of the ultra short throw projectors out and available in the market, so do not fall for the trap of sellers without knowing the fact for yourself which one of the projectors have this level of the acclaimed fact that fits for being an ultra short throw projector because only a few has this functionality.

With being the ultra short throw projector, you can converse owning the bundle of cables in feet and meters, providing you with the easy cable management that allows projecting the content without the obstruction to cause the foot traffic and anyone could pass through without breaking the image.

It comes with incredible of the picture quality brining the brighter, razor-sharp images with the power of up to 3,600 lumens that act to provide enough lumination not to have the room to turn darkened and pitch black to view the content projection out of this projector even in broad daylight when you tend to operate it in outdoor situations coupled with the greater contrast ratio ranging up to 20,000:1 to view with the best you can expect.

And the support of 1080p resolution with the display technology used from DLP has transformed it to be the outstanding home theater to set up inside the home to experience the full-fledged cinema projecting right onto the wall with full HD display having a native resolution of over 1920 x 1080p to enjoy everything with the utmost clearest form.

Fully 3D-compliant to stream the 3D content from every single 3D source that includes 3D blu-ray, broadcasting, and the latest gaming consoles with the modern generation that comes with the support for over 144Hz of the rapid-refresh rate that brings the ultra-smooth and flicker-free images (3D glasses required at all cost.)

Longer the lamp-life of up to 15,000 proves to be saving you much more money than the expectation as you would not want to replace the whole of the light engine in a decade, even though the projector operates for a couple of hours every day with emitting the best out of it.

  • Auto keystone.
  • Comes to delivering incredible picture quality.
  • Compatible with 3D.
  • Products a lot of heat.

6. Epson HC-LS100

Epson Home Cinema LS100

No less than a fact, the Epson HC-LS100 ensures to be providing the transcendent viewing experience only the high-end ones are capable of.

Just that you need to place it as close to the wall to get the full widescreen display with the sharp and clear life-sized images in full HD resolution to up to well over covering 10 feet of the diagonal screen without needing to run through the long cables to set up the projector with and not causing the production of shadows and glare that drastically fade the content quality to the utmost bitter.

Installed with the ultra-bright last technology with the power of bearing over 4,000 lumens, not all of the projectors are rated to gain the same luminous intensity, which actually brings up the equivalent color combination with the increased brightness made possible with 100 percent of color brightness, but that does not mean to turn the white spots increasingly white making it hard to view what got there and forcing to dim the brightness to a bit.

Proves to be providing the deeper blackish contrast ratio featuring the extraordinary and crisp of picture quality dealing with the black scenes as it comes with 2,500,000:1 without breaking the vivid colors.

Having the advanced 3LCD chip design loaded with the technology that ensures it does not need to have the color wheels without having the white segments and causing no rainbow effect to have every one of the spectators to watch without losing the quality and no one ever detects the degraded performance.

The comfortable and flexible installation comes with up to 3x HDMI ports to connect up multiple devices through the single hub to have most of the cable and satellite boxes, gaming consoles, and the latest streaming devices connected with it, and that does not have to be mounted over the ceiling or too far from the wall conversing you from purchasing the bunch of cables that not only put a strain on your wallet but turns out to be causing the lousy cable management which can destroy the whole experience of watching the screen in clutter-free form as it just takes a little place of the table to get settled for years.

  • Extraordinary contrast ratio.
  • No rainbow effect of spotting.
  • Quite an expensive projector.

7. LG HF65LA

LG HF65LA Ultra Short Throw

Another in the market to be called the real and ultra short throw projector that comes right from the reputed brand, LG with the name LG HF65LA that is really compact in size, getting it to become the portable short throw projector as it takes the operating power by having 2 AAA batteries that come included into the box.

Immersive viewing quality ensured by having it backed with the support of full HD resolution that takes along the native resolution to hit the mark of 1920 x 1080 never to make you feel the blown and static pixels no matter what projection size the projector gains.

Fitted with the projection screen size to up to 100 inches to the max which does not take enough of the space off your already-a-filled-up-room giving all the problem to place the fully-operational projector comes up with the best of quality to emit out the content with by placing it just 4.3 inches for over 60 inches of projection size and merely 15 inches from the wall to gain the maximum of its projection size which is no less than a good and wide 100 inches without making a lot of amendments and the adjustments out of the tiny room.

Good to be placed over the tabletop, that is one less of the headache you do not need to get dealt with so that it is always in your sight without obstructing anything and making the cable management super flexible.

Installed with an LED light engine that is known to be surviving for longer than expected, and this one from LG HF65LA is good to last for over 30,000 hours without ever causing an issue to run into the maintenance.

And the 4-corner keystone technology makes the screen adjusted from all of the four corners to set the image aligned without spotting the screen veering off.

  • LED lamp.
  • Full HD.
  • Best ultra short throw projector.
  • Includes no dust cover.

8. BenQ W1080ST

BenQ W1080ST 3D Short Throw Projector

For the ultimate home theater experience (and not just ordinary), the market offers only a few of the compatible and supported home theater projectors under 1000 known for doing extensively well in delivering the quality content projected over the screen/wall.

Get to showcase the full HD content in the simple sharp form; the supported 1080p HD quality allows you to enjoy watching your best content streaming out through blu-ray extensively, videos gaming consoles, HD broadcasting devices along with the high-contrasting quality that never ever has you to take the step to downscale or compress the content OR falling back to the low-end of the screen setting to be able to view the content.

Comes with the plug-in support the HDTV to gain the various screen quality depending on the devices you got connected with the projector and the picture modes to select through dynamic, standard, 3D, cinema, and more to pick what suits you well.

Thankfully like the most modern projectors available in the market, the lamp to operate with the lower power is entirely made possible by switching to SmartEco Mode that cleverly deals with downscaling the ability to maximize through the extreme of it never to consume the increased power resulting in lasting even more than what it claims and without causing the issue with downing the best contrast and the brightness to underperform by receiving the light that is needed.

And the EcoBlank mode that is able to let the lamp cut the power consumption of over 70 percent as soon the activity is paused and the projector left unattended for a few seconds.

  • Installed with energy-saving modes.
  • DLP lens.
  • Non-adjustable lens angle.

9. ASUS S1 – Cheap Short Throw Projector

ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector

Included with the built-in 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery that is easy to last up to 3 hours of protection time while connecting with the power bank would double its charge power to charge your mobile devices effectively, ASUS S1 does not mean to lag in the performance.

And calling it not the cheap short throw projector would not be a lie in our case.

Bearing the advanced DLP technology with the fitment of an LED lamp increasing its lifespan to live up to 30,000 hours coupled with the light engine with the power of 200 lumens of brightness and providing 854 x 480 as the native resolution scale to cover over the big screen sizing to 100 inches (required little to no light conditions to operate the projector to view with the best of it got.)

Fits under the palm and weighing just around 0.75 pounds, make it the real short throw projector, super lightweight and, of course, portable enough to take along anywhere you go.

Having the ports from HDMI and MHL comes with the increased compatibility option to get connected with a variety of sources along with a USB port that is exclusively used for the charging only. And the built-in ASUS Sonic Master speaker is meant to deliver the enhanced and authentic sound reproduction that is able to compete even with the high-end speakers without having to purchase the external speakers EVER.

  • Runs with built-in 6,000 mAh battery.
  • Palm-sized design.
  • Comes with no keystone correction.

10. BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector

Truest and the unparalleled projector proving to be providing the never-experienced picture quality by having the native 1080p full HD content to stream and that too with the widescreen resolution of 1920 x 1080 to beat the most in the performance, and that got the name BenQ HT2150ST!

Powered with 2,200 ANSI lumens owning to be much brighter than the many projectors available from the market with the contrast ratio and 6x RGBRGB color wheel that combined to deliver the rich colors along with the crisp details calibrated to out beat the movies and the gaming experience by the good margins where every darkened and whither scenes do not create trouble in viewing without straining the eyes.

Placing just from the distance of 3 feet, resulting in gaining over 100 inches of projection screen size allowing you to fully enjoy the games on the bigger screen with the immersing details. And the maximum of gaining the screen size to over 300 inches can have you join the multi-players to enjoy the game at its best!

Highly responsive with the low-end input lag with the unique game modes provide the gamers with the ultra-smooth and the comprehensive gaming experience that you could not enjoy out of the standard and typical TVs.

Flexible at installation, the vertical keystone correction with 1.2x zoom takes the content to fit in no time, happily saving you from all the post-installation processes and the hurdles where it would consume and waste most of the time figuring out what angle would deem fit to gain the right screen size without breaking and slipping the images from any corners.

  • Flexible installation.
  • Lower input lag to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Troubling fan noise.

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11. Optoma GT1080

Optoma GT1080 Short Throw Gaming Projector

High-powered with the energy-efficient technology used to converse off the power, Optoma GT1080 bears 2,800 lumens of power and supports full HD 1080p along with the native full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 to upscale your gaming experience beyond the imaginations.

And designed exclusively for the games, the brighter lamp engine delivers the stunning gameplay to play with selecting the highest of the graphics settings and without breaking the color accuracy through a 25,000:1 contrast ratio that proves the maximum image detail while improving the visibility to the best.

Connect as much of the devices to up the gaming gears to always work with the projector to play them over the bigger screen using dual HDMI ports, MHL connectivity, along with VESA 3D sync port having razor-sharp 0.5:1 short throw lens to sustain in delivering the larger than the life images under the space-constrained environment to turn into the game-only space.

The integration of the exclusive Gaming Mode provides over 12 msec of latency that ensures the lightning-fast response time and the maximum contrast to project the images with the vivid colors to showcase every detail so that you are not forced to focus on the screen but keep focused on the winning.

Induced with DLP technology with the exclusive BrilliantColor technology that superiorly processes to push the colors matching with the exceptional contrast ratio to see everything with pin shart and the crystal clear to love what you see.

  • Best installed with the game-centric mode.
  • Support full 3D.
  • No lens shift.

12. ViewSonic PA503S

ViewSonic Short Throw Projector

Last in the quest to find the best short throw projectors, ViewSonic PA503S is what we offer to get listed here.

Comes included with the advanced visual features that make it an ideal selection for the education and small business environments to fit your convenience.

And the bigger screen projection size that goes to adopt over 120 inches from placing it feet 15 feet and 8 inches through 3,800 lumens brightness to showcase every detail with crisp and brighter that works well to emit the images even with the full lights on.

Longer than the expectation, the lamp life is good to last over 15,000 hours by enabling the SuperEco Mode and the easier setup with the full control where you just need to have it plug and play to operate at its fullest of performance in mere seconds.

Flexible with establishing the connectivity through the modern devices to hook with the projector using HDMI, VGA, and USB, supporting the latest media players, PCs, Macs, and the mobile devices to stream your favorite content right away.

Owns up to 3-years of limited parts and the labor coverage warranty and 1-year coverage awarded for the lamp to get it replaced if anything wrong happens.

  • Highly brighter.
  • Wrapped with 3-years of warranty.
  • Fade a bit under the ambient lights.

Unriddling FAQs for Best Short Throw Projectors

Let’s get hands-on by resolving the basic and the most-FAQs better to understand the best short throw projectors and their operation.

Q1. Are Short Throw Projectors Better?

Of course, they definitely are.

Living in the apartment and the condos where space is the foremost of an issue, the best short throw projectors are no less than a blessing to possess.

The smaller apartments meaning the small-sized rooms that are adequate enough to get placed with the little bit of compact-sized furniture and such.

And the short throw projectors not only take a little space to get it placed over the tabletop surface and projecting by merely setting it inches away from the wall/screen would have you to gain the increased projection screen while requiring you to not entangle with the bunch of cables.

All in all, the super-intelligent piece of technology in the shape of ultra short throw projectors is awaiting you.

Q2. What is the Best Short Throw Projector?

Optoma GT1090HDR is a great choice when it comes into the best short throw projectors.

Q3. What is the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector?

VAVA LT002 is the best ultra short throw projector on our list.

Q4. How Do I Convert a Normal Projector to Short Throw?

It is as simple where it seems quite impossible to get it done all by yourself, i.e., a DIY process that allows you to convert the normal projector to short throw.

Just follow;

  • Purchase a wide-angle lens converter
  • Bring a short-squared aluminum pipe to the sizing of 15x15x~300mm
  • Screws and the bunch of bolts

Now, combine to assemble the pieces all together, and once done, it is the prime time to test out your work.

When the system is all mounted, you should be going through the different adjustment levels to place the lens right in the center of the projector light of ray to display the image that comes to use the whole illuminated surface and further adjust the lens to show the pictures in the rectangular form.

Once thoroughly done to find it off in up and running format, the lens should be covered more than 125 percent of the added surface, and with the whole system at work, the image size would jump around 40 to 50 percent in display ratio to see the broader and closer content projecting on the wall/screen.

Conclusion of the Best Short Throw Projectors

Exclusive, detailed, and giant of over 12 best short throw projectors that we already listed for you bearing all the best of the projectors available out in the market.

Varying by the price and the technology, the one thing you should be seen as the common factor is working as the short throw projector to converse off space out of the limited places.

So, get one and enjoy watching the content streaming on the bigger screen without trouble or two! 🙂