How to Use a Projector as a TV: Follow These Simple Steps

How to Use a Projector as a TV
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It seems rather peculiar how to use a projector as a TV believes in involving a lot of techie stuff in action to get the desired task done.

Yes, that does precisely sound real kinky, but in its truest reality, it is NOT.

If you happen to find yourself trying the unusual, but that is not just it, there are a couple of reasons that allow using the projector wholly as a TV just the way like any normal thing to do.

We would clear in a bit what uses it got but how to really use a projector as a TV inclusive of the easy-to-follow steps.

Let the fact cleared up, the TV always lacks to cover the bigger space to deliver the large image, and trying to do so would add to your bill to acquire a TV with a bigger size against the price that is entirely not affordable for everyone.

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So, a solution deems required here to turn the projector into a full-fledged TV against the less investment to make.

How to Use a Projector as a TV

Well, that few-steps-long setup requires you to get assembled some of the stuff first in order to work on getting the TV connected right with the projector.

So, what does that involve, let’s screen ‘em out?

1. Cables & Ports required

And can you expect to bypass this step to call in whatever of the cables and ports to make them work in projecting the TV right through the projector?

Of course, NO! A clear NO!

You just got two types of cables and the ports to have embedded on both; the projector and the TV should be necessities with them in order to make the connection to work.

  1. RCA port & cable (older formula)
  2. HDMI port & cable (modern formula)

a) RCA port & cable (older formula)

Since I hate going through the tweaks the older devices require to establish the connection with the modern devices to hook with, they are headaches and demand the associated external devices to make them work.

And the same goes for the RCA port if you find it the only way possible to bridge the older TV set with a projector.

Luckily, the modern projectors do come with many of the ports (whether you use them or not), but not all the TVs do.

To establish the connection through the RCA port, your projector should own a port/jack stating ‘Video In’ while the TV should contain a ‘Video Out’ jack first.

Connected the RCA cable through the two devices (projector and TV), and you are done.

Now, go to the projector’s Menu using the remote controller and select projector input as RCA to successfully watch the TV content right through the projector with projecting it over the wall/projection screen.

This step is the one you should possibly be following when having the modern projector AND the older TV lacking with the contemporary ports and getting the Video Out port, in most cases.

b) HDMI port & cable (modern formula)

Feel super glad if your projector and the TV contain the HDMI port because that does not let you fiddle too much and cause a headache.

The set up is super simple; get the HDMI cable inserted into the ports found on the projector and the TV.

Then turn on the TV and navigate to the input to select HDMI as the channel. If you happen to see the content displaying through the projector, you are all set.

2. Alternative ways to connect projectors with older TVs

In many rare cases when you do not find the HDMI port up on the TV, and you own the projector with the HDMI connection, do NOT worry at all.

There is a simple but cost-associated method to connect your older TV with the projector embedded with an HDMI port.

To proceed with that, your TV should at least contain either the RCA or VGA connectors, and they can avail VGA to HDMI adapters OR the RCA to HDMI adapters out from the market.

The benefits of using a projector as a TV

Well, that seems quite advantageous to transform your regular and oversized projector under 1000 to act like a standard TV to watch the news, sports, and all on the real wide-screen display if you got;

  • At the railway station to keep the travelers at wait engaged with the news
  • Airport to accommodate the travelers watching the movies and dramas to kill their time before boarding the plane
  • At motorways to see through entertainment content streaming right from the cable to get refreshed and be on the road feeling ready and energized
  • Projector covering to provide larger image size without costing much whereas the TV of around the same size would cost a little too much spanning beyond the borderline of affordability
  • And the projectors are way easier to achieve the best portability
  • You got to view the content over TV on a bigger screen that is something unusual to experience and would look odd for a few days 🙂

Conclusion of how to use a projector as a TV

We expect not to hit the issues with how to use a projector as a TV as it goes with the streamlined steps following the process because they are NOT likely to turn into the complete headache-oriented method.

Just gotta ensure you got the right ports and the right cables, and everything would happen naturally.

Yes, the concern you may run into when you are provided with the option only to use the limited connectivity method (adapters for either RCA or HDMI) where you should be first hanging around to find the best out of the market (which should really work as well) but by the majority of the time, hitting any issue over this part in such rare cases.

All in all that is going to be one hell of an exclusively fun-oriented experience to watch the TV on the extensively-oversized screen thanks to transforming the projector to work as a TV!