Best Projector Under $600 in 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Projector Under 600

It is always the best practice to go with the allocated budget. When you are open to purchasing the projector, it is actually the valid allocated budget decided for the best projector under 600 mark line.

To either get a projector for the clear and widened home theater OR fit it into your office to display the presentation, this $600 budget is the guaranteed barrier to get the feature-rich and equivalent to full-fledged expensive projectors.

Just you got to go carefully to pick one of the best projectors available in the market, which we eventually and attentively gathered after conducting the whole in-depth review of the countless projectors.

Be known with the fact, the projectors are a little bit heavy in the weight and are advised to handle carefully, but who cares?

I meant, why make the complaint about it when you can find some best options under the $600 mark? Yes, the projectors do eventually are overweight, so that is one reason to ignore the fact happily.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the top ten projectors under 600 dollars and preserve your money to the ONLY invest in the reputed and known projector brands.

List of the Best Projector Under 600 – Updated picks for 2021!

ProductsLumens PowerLamp LifePrice
Optoma HD146X3,00012,000 hours Check Price
Anker Nebula Capsule100 ANSI30,000 hours Check Price
Epson VS3553,30010,000 hours Check Price
BenQ TH5853,50015,000 hours Check Price
Epson EX32603,30010,000 hours Check Price
ViewSonic PA503S3,80015,000 hours Check Price
InFocus IN114XA3,80015,000 hours Check Price
ViewSonic M1250 ANSI30,000 hours Check Price
Epson EX52603,60010,000 hours Check Price
BenQ MH535A3,60015,000 hours Check Price

1. Optoma HD143X – Best Projector Under 600

Optoma HD143X

It is NEVER too easy to get a lock on the nice and fancy projector. If you want to experience the same opting for Optoma HD143X would not shatter your set and expected emotions idealized for a projector.

Nice and affordable, this projector is known for the ultimate high-end performance, starting with the display quality of 1080p having the resolution of over 1920 x 1080, which portrays the greater display emitted right to your eyes without downscaling the quality to your notice.

More into the technicalities, it brings the perfectly-stunning picture set up with the high contrasts of over 23,000:1 and RGB combined to deliver the accurate and bright colors aligned through REC.709 and REC.709b of the color space for correcting the projector to match the TV-alike colors.

It is super convenient to set up the zooming functionality of 1x zoom with a 1.47 to 1.62 throw ratio set in the perfect and crisp images without much of the trouble.

Longer lamp life is guaranteed to hit around 12,000 hours, making 4 hours of operating the projector to last up to 8+ years.

For the increased brightness, delivering over 3,000 lumens makes it the perfect combination to fit into home theaters or the living room to place in the backyard to enjoy the whole movie night with the barbecue on the side.

  • Built-in speakers.
  • Best projector for indoor and outdoor movies.
  • Supports 3D.
  • Louder fan sound.

2. Anker Nebula Capsule – Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Go modern, and that is what the Anker is famous for always bringing the unique designs up on the table.

And with Anker Nebula Capsule is the design-rich, capsule-alike smart Wi-Fi projector colored in the black-matter for winning the increased shine.

Loaded with the advanced brightness technology backed by the IntelliBright algorithm comes to deliver the high-end brightness to 100 ANSI-lumens images. Still, it would showcase the best of its result in dimmer environments. So, either using it at night or a need to turn it on the right in the middle of the day, you must conceal all the windows by blanketing the thick shades or the curtain.

Approved to deliver the vivid 100″ picture from the safe and recommended distance, but it got one fine 360° speaker fitted as the omnidirectional to pump out the perfect sound bashing all around the environment no matter where you are seated. You would still be hearing the sound resembling to be seated right next to this Anker’s wireless projector.

Installed with Android 7.1 Nougat version, you got nothing to overlearn before starting to use and operate this can-soda sized projector. You can directly stream into the digital content from Netflix, YouTube, and many other applications to unveil the endless entertainment right from your palm.

Attach it through HDMI, USB, and the plain phone, but if you do want to go hassle-free, get it connected either with AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Miracast to stream whatever you got.

Easy to control, download the ‘Nebula Connect’ app from the Google Play or App Store and fetch it in your command!

  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Hassle-free setup.
  • Soda-can sized capsule design.
  • DLP technology.
  • 4 hours of video playtime.
  • Automatic focus.
  • Somewhat poor sound quality.
  • Fan making a lot of noise.

3. Epson VS355

Epson VS355 Projector

Epson, the trust’s name, offers this feature-rich projector from Epson VS355 pre-loaded with the high-end technologies of today’s world demand.

Use it either in the home or the office; why should you be spending many thoughts over where to get it used? Just leave that as it is a good fit anywhere you plan it to use.

Accurate and holding the vivid color, it brings up the white brightness with 3,300 lumens to contain the corresponding color, which goes to be producing and delivering the best result even in the well-lit rooms and in the open outdoor space.

Not ordinary, but it got WXGA-based 1280 x 800 resolution that sends out up to 2x extra resolution than the traditional SVGA to project HD presentations and the video that fits perfectly for the widescreen laptops to handle the best viewing experience of all time creatively.

Supporting the HDMI connection, the kind of the standard connectivity port widely used for now, to stream the digital video with the audio just with one cable to enjoy the clutter-free experience to connect up with the latest laptops and other such media players you can find off the market.

Comes with the projection lens of the optical zoom with focus number remaining between 1.49 to 1.72 and focal length from 16.9 mm to 20.28 mm along with zoom ratio of 1.0 to the optical zoom 1.2 to align the pictures and the moving content (videos) to gain the best focus in no time.

Nice and precise visual quality, you are good to project the content up to 120″ or way larger than that if you happen to know how to really set it up.

  • WXGA resolution.
  • Convenient to set up in no time.
  • Works best in well-lit rooms.
  • Fan making little too much noise.

4. BenQ TH585 – Home Entertainment Projector Under 600

BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector

Well, just a few of the brands that are popular enough to be known by the folks associated with the same field and the folks who are in connection with the computer-related peripherals BenQ is the name that would never be unheard.

Backed by 1080p resolution certified to work to actually deliver the full HD image quality that emits over 3,500 ANSI-lumens with having 10,000:1 contrast ratio developing the whole ultimate gaming experience even in the well-lit environment to play the darkened games without pinching your eyes.

Absolute low latency of over 16ms ensures the low-input lag by the microsecond DMD and the faster response time to go with the ultra-smooth gameplay to enjoy the gaming pro-level.

Added to the technicality, it comes with the typical power consumption of a maximum of 340W to the normal of 297W and eco of 206W and the standby power consumption standing at 0.5W with the maximum of 100 to 240VAC, so wherever you meant to use the projector from BenQ TH585 requiring no electrical tweaks to make it running.

It is like taking the whole gaming experience to steam on the bigger screen of over 100″ to place it just 3 meters away from the wall or the projection screen for the best gaming immersion.

Ensured for 15,000 hours of lamp life with the LampSave mode extending the projector’s lamp life to live up to 15,000 hours that is good enough to keep playing the best of the game to get a hold of until the next-gen console hits the market.

  • Goes with ultra-smooth play game.
  • Extended projector lamp life.
  • Loud 10W speakers.
  • Noticeable rainbow effect.

5. Epson EX3260

Epson EX3260

Another one from Epson, this project, namely Epson EX3260 is known to deliver the accurate and the bright, vivid colors to hit over 3,300 lumens for the equalized color and the increased white brightness that lets it to provide the outstanding visual content quality that makes it work best in the well-lit rooms.

Being RoHS-compliant, the low-level of 800 x 600 SVGA resolution that would require it to set it correctly and as close to the wall to not shatter the quality, so it indeed is the excellent addition to get it for your office work to display every day’s presentations and the graphics to live the productive meeting sessions.

Being simple at the job, it comes with the simple functionalities to get it set up with the added convenience requiring no complicated settings to follow while adjusting the image to gain the best quality while keeping it all in your control in your hand.

Compatible to connect up with the latest available laptops and the media players come with the support of HDMI so that the cables are as far from getting it cluttered.

Lamp it through 10,000 hours along with the plug ‘n play USB to bring the content fight from the PC or Mac to project the moment it gets entered and having the instant off to power it on and off in no time.

What is more exciting despite all the features it got? The free carrying case for the portability to take it along with you wherever you go. 🙂

  • White brightness.
  • 3LCD-based projector.
  • SVGA resolution.
  • Not high-quality speakers.

6. ViewSonic PA503S – Best 1080p Projector Under 600

ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector

Something nice for the education and use for the small business to grow like a professional and giving the perfect pro touch to inspire the people visiting you, this ViewSonic PA503S would surely bring the immense pleasure added into whatever you do.

For the drastically best viewing results, it is loaded with 3,800 lumens power that lets the projector project the images and the videos widened by well over 120″ of the screen if it is set correctly at the distance of 15 feet and 8 inches (yes, you heard it right!) Anything less than that would break the visual quality by the higher degree.

As with the setup process, it is not too complicated of the task because of it got the standard connectivity options that are widely used worldwide using HDMI, VGA, USB ports, Bluetooth, and more to simplify while giving you enough options to hook up from PCs, Macs, smartphones, media players, and more without having you to compromise ditching your favorite device.

For the best compatibility, it is always the plug ‘n play away from DVD players, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Chromecast, Mac computers, Windows computers, and Blue-ray players to enjoy the countless and endless entertainment experience to hook in whatever you got.

  • High-brightness-rich projector.
  • Works best for home and office.
  • Longer lamp life.
  • Underperforming speakers.

7. InFocus IN114XA

InFocus IN114XA Projector

Getting the batter (not battered) image quality, you need to own InFocus IN114XA as your next business presentation to facilitate the whole team in one room to display the outstanding and crisp content readable format even from the longer distance.

The lasting lamp duration of well over 15,000 hours of viewing through this projector to only display the crystal-clear content to use for the business purpose and classified to be transforming to enjoy the best 3D home cinema experience right from the convenience of sitting next to the couch.

Works on every single of surface, it meant only to deliver the better with the brighter images to project on any the surface included with the lumen lamp power of more than 3,800 and 26,000:1 of contrast ratio to deal with the brighter, darkest, and the sharper images to enjoy the visual content even in the lit rooms.

Go from 28″ to over 300″ viewing size, which is, of course, too much of the projector to handle, but it just takes from 1 meter to 12 meters to set away from the projection screen to emit the display without breaking and shrinking the visuals.

Awarded with two full years of warranty, so that Anything worse you experience happening with the projector, you are just a phone away to deal with the situation without facing any hurdle AND question being asked.

  • 3D viewing experience.
  • Goes to as large as 300″ of viewing size.
  • Minimal zoom levels.
  • Takes a little longer to shut down.

8. ViewSonic M1 – Best Portable Projector with Dual Harman Kardon Speakers

ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector

Portable and just power-button-away to turn it on, the built-in table stands making the projector to do all the adjustability only with your push of hands does not make it one hell of the portable but the best ultra-portable projector backed by the display technology of WVGA LED with having the resolution of more than 854 x 480p to fit in under any of the room to transform the whole unheard viewing experience.

Flexible connectivity which gets to support aligning with many of the media players, smartphones, PCs, Macs, and any other such devices which uses HDMI, USB, and any such input options always keeping it ready to bring the entertainment displayed up on the projection screen as well as the business presentations to deliver to the full-packed of the meeting room.

Powered by the built-in battery, it operates the power to more than six hours while providing options to charge the mobile phones using USB Type C, so it works in the reverse format for you to charge the dying phone.

And the built-in dual Harman Kardon speakers are meant to deliver the never-heard and the room-filling audio to feel like being in the middle of theater enjoying your best movies.

With the purchase, you are entitled to receive an M1 projector, remote controller, projector case, USB Type-C cable, quick start guide, and a power adapter saves you from spending a dime to purchase any of the external tools to turn on this projector.

  • Portable projector.
  • Built-in battery to power it up for straight six hours.
  • Charges smartphones.
  • Shortest throw lens.
  • Remote works by taking it near to the unit.

9. Epson EX5260 – Wireless Projector Under 600

Epson EX5260

Sleek and stylish body, Epson EX5260, has the heart-throbbing design to actually like more to purchase it by seeing its look than its features.

The power of the mighty 3,600 lumens makes the whole displaying process streamlined with the accurate and vivid colors to even perform at the best of its proposed quality in the well-lit rooms. And backed by XGA resolution of over 1024 x 768p is exceeding by 1.5x ratio delivering more resolution than the standard SVGA projectors to showcase the text-heavy presentations with the greater detail to read them even from a distance.

It is recommended to operate under the temperature of 41F to 95F or 5C to 35C, so if the set up does not have the AC chilling the room, you are still good to operate it for hours without switching it to cool it down.

Specifically for the color accuracy, it delivers up to 3x of higher color brightness and 3x wide color Gamut4 aligned with Epson. It quickly dominates the DLP projectors to feel like viewing the content right on the expensive and high-end TV screen.

Totally wireless setup takes the mobile devices to hook up with Epson EX5260 using the on-screen QR code right from your phone and the tablet to stream the content directly from your fingertips.

  • XGA-backed resolution.
  • One best wireless projector.
  • Not that good sound emitted out of the built-in speaker.

10. BenQ MH535A – Projector for Home and Office

BenQ MH535A 1080p

And comes the last entrant in our list of the best projector under 600, you got every right to flench about having BenQ MH535A listed on the very latest.

Designed for the bigger and better viewing quality, this projector sets to deliver the outstanding 120″ of images by placing it not too away from the wall as it goes with 11 feet and 11 inches with emitting up to 15000:1 of contrast ratio increasing the clarity to the unimaginable levels with reducing the eye strain to get a good lock on the screen for minutes.

No matter if the room has the increased brighter ambient that is hard to conceal and the lights bleeding it from anywhere, ideal for dealing with the higher brightness backed by 3,600 lumens to ready and watching your best content streaming and viewable even in broad daylight.

Convenient to connectivity, it holds 2x HDMI ports, 2X VGA, audio in and out with the display colors of 30 Bits (or 1,07 billion of colors) to feel like watching the scenes in its original nature.

Able to last up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, this BenQ MH535A projector is good to last up to years of operation without needing to change on the way.

Committed to 3-years of limited warranty for the parts so that you are good to replace them without any associated cost if they ever give you any trouble over time.

  • Works well in bright-ambient rooms.
  • 3-years of limited parts warranty.
  • Reduces eye strain.
  • Weak audio, sadly.

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Conclusion of the best projector under 600

Okay, so what have you got down here? Indeed, the best projector under 600 topped up with ten of the best collections we brought up, didn’t it?

Equipped with all the best features and the designs convenient to carry along and set up, the collection would NEVER be gone in the vain, and that is the promise from our end! 🙂

Get one and enjoy the home and professional life to add the sort of the projector you were looking for, and under the budget that is too affordable to spend any time.

Let’s become the proud owner of the best projector you cannot find from anywhere! 🙂