How to Watch 3D Movies on a Projector at Home?

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How to Watch 3D Movies on a ProjectorIt’s been more than a year since the cinemas are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, watching 3D movies at cinemas has become impossible. What to do now? Is it possible to watch 3D movies at home? Yes, you can watch 3D movies at home with a projector.

If you are thinking about how to watch 3d movies on a projector? Then don’t worry, the guideline is here.

Things You’ll Need

Below are the things you will need to set up the projector for 3D movies. Before you get straight into the process, keep in mind this below comprehension may prove beneficial to you, while for others, it may not. The reason is that every projector has a different function. Not all fall in the same category.

A 3D Viewing Device

The first thing you will need to start the game is a 3D viewing device. The market is full of these kinds of devices, so it will be easier for you to find one. However, the most used option is OLED or LED. While selecting the OLED or LED, you have to keep the room size in mind.

Another viewing device you can have is a 3D-enabled projector. The 3D-enabled projector is an expensive yet reliable option.

3D Glasses

How is that possible that you can watch 3D movies without wearing 3D glasses? Of course, you need a pair of 3D glasses before you sit on the sofa to watch the 3D show. But the thing is that they are on the expensive side. Two types of 3D glasses are available in the market; Active Shutter 3D Glasses and Passive Polarized 3D Glasses.

Don’t consider these as the Active and Passive noun we learn in English Grammar.

Active Shutter 3D Glasses: The active shutter glasses are heavy with a battery and transmitter. The transmitter present in the glasses syncs the moving shutter. It then set the shutter according to the display rate on the screen and arranges it according to each eye. Active shutter glasses are expensive as compared to passive polarized glasses.

Active shutter glasses are more reliable than passive 3D glasses. They work on both projectors are TVs. The image quality of the active shutter 3D glasses is way better than passive 3D glasses.

Passive Polarized 3D Glasses: Here is the second 3D glasses type. Passive polarized 3D glasses are the same as the sunglasses in looks, that if you wear these, no one can distinguish between sunglasses and passive 3D glasses.

The frame technology displays a full HD 1080p image to the eyes. The 3D glasses we use in the cinema are also passive shutter glasses. Passive polarized 3D glasses don’t require external power to run. They are inexpensive and lightweight.

The working procedure of passive 3D glasses is simple. They use polarized lenses to block the horizontal lines to break the image. The right eye only sees objects on the right side, and the left eye sees the left side images.

What is the difference between active and passive 3D glasses? 

The only difference they have is the technology. Active shutter 3D glasses are modern glasses, while passive polarized 3D glasses are the basic ones.

The active shutter 3D glasses block the darkness of each eye for a 3D view. While passive polarized glasses display a 3D view without using any sassy technology.

3D Media

The next thing you will need is 3D media. The choice of 3D media is yours. It is up to you that either you want to use Blu-Ray 3D media, DVD, or any other.

Give the Final Touches

All things are ready on the table, and you are still thinking about how to watch 3d movies on a projector? Well, now is the time to give the final touches for the 3D fun. Follow the following tips to enjoy the most fun watching 3D movies at home.

Optimize the Picture Settings

Since you don’t have a 3D projector, you aren’t having the option of 3D picture settings. In ordinary short throw projectors, there are two picture settings; gaming or cinema. First, try both these picture settings. The one you found according to your taste and type, set it.

Check the 3D Settings

By 3D settings, we mean to talk about the lens and syncing power of the projector. The lens should be clean. Do check that the picture is sharp, not blurry. Not every projector has the settings to set the image. You may need to adjust the pre-set settings.


Are you sure that the brightness is according to the 3D viewing? You might be thinking that the brightness is just perfect, but once you wear the glasses, the brightness will decrease. For this, you need to set the brightness high. Remember that the fun of 3D movies is only when the brightness is at its peak.


Set the room in a dark mode. Darker than night. Also, check the lighting of your LED. Some recent LEDs have the option to set the lighting of the device. It will help you to increase the brightness or a better view.

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Summing Up!

Without a doubt, watching 3D movies at home is fun and affordable. No need to worry: Cinemas are open or close, call your friends, decide on the movie, grab popcorns, and start watching. No restriction, no tension. Watch as long as you want.

Also, you will need 3D via satellite for the projector. This satellite will provide you convenience in setting the projector settings and selecting 3D movies.

The negative point about watching 3D movies at home is it gives a headache. We noticed that many users complain about this issue. But in the end, everyone is not the same. Make sure to enjoy the fullest while watching 3D movies on a projector.