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Projectors are a great way to enjoy theatre-like vibes at home or give presentations related to your office statistics and development. A good projector always saves your day. Projectors are versatile gadgets that can come into use for everything like movies, games, streams, and much more. But the main thing is to get you on the best 1080p projector because not all of them are the same in results.

To solve your problem, we will be discussing the ten best 1080 projectors with amazing quality and visual results than any other projectors.

Guide to 10 best 1080p projectors:

A projector is a small device that emits different light rays of various colors through a lens which form a visual image or video when targeted on a plain wall. These are vastly used in-office presentations and in homes for movie times. If you have a plane white the wall in your house, you can use the projector to make a mini cinema out of it.

1080p projectors are best for home and office requirements as they give very satisfactory and clean results with pictures and videos. But this can only come true when you buy the best projector. Following are the best 1080p projects that we have reviewed for you after much research that are a perfect match for your requirements.

10 Best 1080p Projectors to Get Your Hands on:

Best 1080p Projectors
Contrast Ratio
Maximum Screen Size (Inches)
Maximum Lamp Life (Hours)
#1. BenQTK850
BenQ TKM800M 1080p
Editor's Choice

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#2. Epson Home Cinema
Epson Home Cinema 1080p

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#3. In11a by Infocus
InFocus IN119HDXA Projector 1080p

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#4. HW45 ES by Sony
HW45 ES by Sony 1080p

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#5. Optoma 27HDR HD
Optoma home entertainment projector 27HDR HD

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#6. BenQHT215 1080p
BenQHT215 1080p

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100 (5ft)

#7. Ohderii projector
Ohderii projector 1080p

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#8. Viewsonic HD PX700
Viewsonic HD PX700

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#9. Epson 1795F Powerlite
Epson 1795F powerlite 1080p

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#10. Optoma HD 243X
Optoma HD 243X 1080p

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All of these projectors are explained with pros, cons, and other options to make it easy for you to choose the best 1080p projector.

1: BenQTK850– Editor’s Choice

BenQ TKM800M 1080p

  • Brand Name: BenQ
  • Brightness (Lumens): 3,000
  • Contrast Ratio: 30,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 100
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 15,000

This is a projector manufactured by BenQ, which was made available in online stores in 2019. It is a projector with a 1080p resolution that can be upsized to 4k, giving HD quality to your videos and images.

It has a brightness of 3000 lumens, with a lamp life of 4000 hours at normal mode. When upgraded to eco and smart eco mode, their lamp lives are automatically upgraded to the seven thousand and fifteen thousand hours, respectively.

It is aided with a contrast ratio of 30000:1 with the upgrade of a motion enhancing technology that retains the sharpness and defining quality of a video without any blurs. The manufacturers have built an attached sports mode, in which you can watch your favorite sport with no less than HD quality.

It contains a dynamic type of iris with a premium quality projector lens, giving bright and beautiful visual results that car sharp and clear enough to differentiate everything. You can even change the height of the projection with the inbuilt lens shifting tool.

  • High contrast ratio
  • Sharp images
  • Smart eco mode
  • Long lamp life
  • Inbuilt sports mode
  • A little fan noise

2: Epson home cinema

Epson Home Cinema 1080p

  • Brand Name: Epson
  • Brightness (Lumens): 2,200
  • Contrast Ratio: 70,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 134
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 7,500

This is a premium quality projector made by Epson released on the online stores in September of 2015. A 1080p projector with a contrast ratio of 70000:1 makes every visual defining. It makes it of fine quality, giving you a real-life experience in a video due to its high-quality resolution and sharpness.

It has a brightness of 22000 lumens, which can provide you with a visible screening not only in the dark but also in proper lighting, both visible images. So, if you have usage of projectors under little or more lighting, this might be a perfect choice for you.

This small projector gives you a screen with the size ranging from ninety inches to one hundred and thirty-four inches when placed right to twelve feet away for the screen, respectively, so what’s to ask when you are given all the amazing qualities that a 1080p projector should have.

It gives HD quality display, but it also contains an eco mode that can increase the lamp life form 4000 to 7500 hours. In this mode, the projector goes on standby when not given input, saving a run of battery and energy.

It comes with a wide variety of inputs and outputs, giving a ton of ways to connect to the projector with minimal 29dB of projector noise, making your experience smooth and almost soundless.

  • Built-in stereo
  • Exceptional contrast
  • Variety of I/O options
  • Minimal fan noise
  • Eco-mode
  • Bright images and videos
  • Low lamp life

3: In11a by Infocus

InFocus IN119HDXA Projector 1080p

  • Brand Name: Infocus
  • Brightness (Lumens): 3,600
  • Contrast Ratio: 28,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 300
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 15,000

This projector comes under the brand name of focus. It is also a projector with a resolution of 1080p with high color variations, giving it a high definition quality display which makes it suitable for any kind of resolution ranging from Blu-ray technology to games, movies, etc. It has a bright light of 3600 lines, proving that you can use this projector even under ambient light.

Its lamp can last up to fifteen thousand hours without the need of changing any type of filter while giving vivid and luminous images side by side. It has a range of ports, making it suitable for connectivity through different input and output options. It also contains built-in speakers, so you don’t have to worry about the sound.

My other projector costs 3 fold the amount and it makes this gadget seem as though a costly child’s toy. I simply must be substance to zero in on one piece of the screen and acknowledge whatever I get somewhere else (which is extremely close). The greatest disadvantage of this projector is the modest controller and the controller’s absence of battery. Of course, I could expect a ton at a screen in this cost range.

Heavenly light, great photograph. Superior to projectors under $ 100. This will turn out great for most new projector purchasers, however, once you have a 1080p screen, you’ll never need to return to the 800 x 600 goal again. I can’t center edge to edge.

In any case, I stopped the earphone jack into my intensifier and speakers and it looks great. I need to caution you that when I associated it with a sequential link, the image was low. I supplanted my link with an HDMI link and the image is clear.

Astounding quality at the cost. Expectation has top-notch sound yield. It has just a single simple jack yield for earphones. The included speakers are awful, yet that will be normal. No one purchases a projector for the sound quality.

Generally speaking, it is done, extraordinary menu alternatives, a rest clock, a profoundly adjustable picture, and the distance works incredibly in any event when pointed at the outside of the gadget. The fan is extremely calm and the inward speakers aren’t excessively incredible. Indeed, this projector and ViewSonic PJD828HDL (nearly $ 100 more) were the lone two screens to fulfill my guideline.

Another cool component that I wasn’t searching for is that this projector is 3D prepared. Haven’t attempted it yet, yet it’s ideal to realize that it has power.

Generally, this was the awesome just projector for me at this value point, and I would 100% suggest it. I purchased two LED/LCD projectors prior to understanding the splendor doesn’t coordinate with my DLP. At the point when I introduced the projector, the picture was pretty much as fresh and clear as I anticipated. The lovely astonishment was the point from which it was dispatched. Lee hung extremely near the roof and the projection came out square without utilizing a cornerstone. This is a pleasant element since you’re not gazing straight toward the light as the gadget looms over your amplifier (9 feet for my situation).

I went through hours investigating projectors in this value reach and this was the one in particular that met my benchmark regarding toss proportion, lumen, shading, viewpoint proportion, and local goal. I needed a projector fit for making a screen of around 140 crawls from a scope of 12 feet and that is actually what I did.

  • Amazing brightness
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Vivid images
  • Good lamp life
  • HD
  • It can heat up if used for long.

4: HW45 ES by Sony

HW45 ES by Sony 1080p

  • Brand Name: Sony
  • Brightness (Lumens): 1,800
  • Contrast Ratio: 60,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 300
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 6,000

It is a 1080p projector released in 2016, and it is still one of the best projectors out in the market. It is a high-resolution projector embedded with motion flow technology, giving the picture ultra 3d and HD display, making you feel like you are on the screen.

It has a brightness capacity of 1800 linens which is appreciable with the lamp life of six thousand hours. It has a 1.6 times manual zoom ratio with high color contrasts that don’t affect the visual quality.

It is very easy and adaptable to install and can provide a screen size from forty up to three hundred inches with manual focus and a lens shift mechanism. So you can enjoy a big screen time with fewer complications. It contains a low fan sound of 22 dB with optimum performance.

Love this projector – it surpassed all assumptions. It’s calmer than anticipated (I can hear the hard drives in my media focus, not the projector fan – it’s astounding!) It’s a lot more brilliant than anticipated (I truly need to turn down the splendor, in any event, during the day) It has two HDMI sources of info and two fashioners An appropriately controlled controller doesn’t outrage the client with a ludicrous plan – the capacity is thoroughly examined and wonderful to utilize.

The 2D to 3D change was not what I had expected – my assumptions may have been unreasonable from the start, however they were fine. I still can’t seem to grandstand custom 3D substance on PJ. The suggested 3D glasses are ineffectively intended for those of us who wear glasses.

Improved differentiation. The shadow detail in different motion pictures like The Hobbit Trilogy is plainly better compared to the 40ES. I see subtleties that I have never seen with the 40ES. The dark level is greatly improved.

The picture quality has improved essentially contrasted with the past 40ES. The picture is more exact and point by point. Shading consistency is improved. Out-of-the-container picture quality with the new 45ES appeared to be more adjusted and refined than it had seen on the 40ES in the wake of being expertly aligned.

  • 8+ customized picture modes
  • 3D
  • Low fan sound
  • Amazing screen size
  • Super-resolution
  • Wide lens shift
  • Not such found.

5: Optoma home entertainment projector 27HDR HD

Optoma home entertainment projector 27HDR HD


  • Brand Name: Optoma
  • Brightness (Lumens): 2,400
  • Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 300
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 15,000

These are the latest upgrade in October projects. They are 1080p resolution projectors with a brightness of 2400 lumens which can last up to 15000 hours, so you can enjoy your movie or games without any fear of projector shut down.

They have yet; the most amazing contrast ratio of 50000:1 that ultra defines and sharpens the video up to maximum. Because of these upgrades, they can support all 3D techs when combined with optimal 3D glasses.

It possesses DLP technology with an RGYCWB color wheel with different rays of colors filling the picture with energy. It can stay active for 10000 hours in eco modes 6000 hours in their brightest version.

These are also installed with ultra 3D gaming mode in which you can enjoy your gaming with the full-screen display up to 300 inches. It comprises of splendor of 3300 lumens giving the light of dreams. These splendor units are consequently constrained by the projected itself.

The color scheme is expanded where there is a prerequisite of it and bad habit refrain. Due to its completely mechanized control, it can give you a light existence of up to twelve thousand hours.

  • Ideal for gaming
  • Big screen display
  • Extraordinary color contrast
  • 3D support
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Built-in speakers
  • Absence of lens shift.

6: BenQHT215 1080p

BenQHT215 1080p

  • Brand Name: BenQ
  • Brightness (Lumens): 2,200
  • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 100 (5ft)
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 7,000

If you live in a small apartment or a hostel but still want to enjoy the euphoria of playing games on a big sized screen, then do not worry. We got you with our BenQ HT215. It is a high-resolution projector that can provide you with an amazing screen size of one hundred inches only from three feet away, so if you live in a compact place, it’s perfect for you.

It is an HD projector with a brightness of 2200 lumens that can last up to seven thousand hours without glitches and errors. It is a projector of the short-throw range especially designed for gaming purposes. It was released in mid of 2016 having a mount ceiling type of installation.

It contains a color wheel of RGBRGB quality so that you can enjoy every color and tone of your game with perfection. It is a quiet, soundproof projector with a fan noise of only 28dB, letting you enjoy your gaming experience without any disturbance. It contains inbuilt 20W speakers and different I/O ports options, making it user friendly.

  • Built-in speakers
  • 15000:1 contrast ratio
  • Optimum screen size
  • Soundless
  • Short-range projector
  • Gaming type
  • Brightness fluctuations

7: Ohderii projector

Ohderii projector 1080p

  • Brand Name: Ohderii
  • Brightness (Lumens): 5,500
  • Contrast Ratio: 12,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 200
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 40,000

It is a 2019 projector that has an ultra HD resolution of 1080pixels. It is an elegant and compact projector that can throw a picture or a video with a screen size of up to two hundred inches. It has a contrasting ratio of 1200:1, defining every nook and corner of a visual with the brightest light and darkest shadow.

It is a led lens projector with a brightness of 5500 lumens that can last up to forty thousand hours which is surprisingly durable compared to other normal projectors. They have built-in speakers and gives low systemic / fan sound, preventing any other sound distractions.

It has multiple connecting options with different kinds of ports and scariest that connects it with a USB, Android, laptop, and other versatile options. This projector is usually controlled and operated with remote help, which requires 2AAA batteries to function.

Due to its small size, it has enormous mounting alternatives that you can select according to your need. If you want to have a projector that occupies minimum space with good visuals, the order is the projector of your choice as it can even fit on a small coffee table without the chances of failing.

It is an HD projector with a splendor of 2200 lumens that can last up to 7,000 hours without glitches and mistakes. It is a projector of the short-toss range particularly intended for gaming purposes. It was delivered in mid of 2016 having a mount roof sort of establishment.

  • Compact size
  • Amazing lamp life
  • Quiet
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Good connectivity
  • Multiple port options
  • HD display
  • No Bluetooth
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity


8: Viewsonic HD PX700

ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p

  • Brand Name: ViewSonic
  • Brightness (Lumens): 3,500
  • Contrast Ratio: 12,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 300
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 15,000

Made available in the mid of 2017, view sonic HD PX 700 super easy and user friendly 1080p projector that supports ultra HD, Blu-ray games and other screen qualities without any decrease in its quality. It is installed with super color technology complemented with a high contrast ratio of 22000:1, giving the visual quality you desire on your home and offices.

It has a brightness of 3600 lumens which means that you can play the screen even in the presence of normal light with the same quality and clarity that comes in the darkness. It is a smart and easy projector that shuts itself down when there is no input for the time being.

It is upgraded with two kinds of modes eco mode and super eco mode.
Super eco mode it the technology that makes this projector efficient by minimal power consumption when on standby. It can increase the lamp life up to 15000 hours without any excessive heating or damage, making it a good projector that not only saves energy but retains a good sourcing environment.

It gives a projection up to 120 inches when places fifteen feet away. It has a variety of connectivity options with build speakers that give extraordinary sound quality. Is has a soundless system with only 27dB with which you can enjoy your movie experience without any other disrupting noises

  • Easy to use
  • Different color modes
  • Super eco mode
  • Installed sleep timer
  • Built-in speakers
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Not such found

9: Epson 1795F powerlite

Epson 1795F powerlite 1080p

  • Brand Name: Epson
  • Brightness (Lumens): 3,200
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 300
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 3,000

It is an ultra HD projector with a 1080 resolution released in 2017. It is a wireless projector with a brightness of 3200 limes making its pictures visible when in the brightest of lights. It is installed with three LCD chIps which enhance the colors, brightness, sharpness and allover quality of pictures and videos.

It has a lamp life of your thousand hours which can be extended up to seven thousand hours when changed to eco mode. It gives the screen size of three hundred inches with a contrast ratio of 1000:1, giving all the defining details to an image.

It contains different connecting options that are suitable for everyone with 1.3 time’s manual zoom. It produces a fan sound of 30dB with for some people, can be disturbing. It is a driven focal point projector with a brilliance of 5500 lumens that can last up to 40,000 hours which is shockingly solid contrasted with other ordinary projectors. They have inherent speakers and give low fundamental/fan sound, forestalling some other sound interruptions.

  • Complete HD
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Three chip tech technology
  • Expo mode
  • Digital zoom
  • Average lamp life

10: Optoma HD 243X

Optoma HD 243X 1080p

  • Brand Name: Optoma
  • Brightness (Lumens): 3,300
  • Contrast Ratio: 24,000:1
  • Maximum Screen Size (Inches): 100
  • Maximum Lamp Life (Hours): 12,000

People’s favorite choice, Optoma 234x HD, is a 1080 pixels resolution projector with a high contrast ratio of 24000: 1, giving the picture an ideal appearance that calls your attention. It is upgraded with a black lamp dynamic type of modulation, giving all the visuals a high-definition display.

It consists of brightness of 3300 lumens giving the light of dreams. These brightness units are automatically controlled by the project itself. The brightness is increased where there is a requirement of it and vice versa. Because of its fully automated control, it can give you a lamp life of up to twelve thousand hours.

It gives a screen display of one hundred inches from ten to eleven feet distance. It is induced with DLP technology which contains a color wheel of RGBCYW type, putting life to visuals with striking colors.

It comprises 3300 lumens giving the light of dreams. These splendor units are consequently constrained by the project itself. The splendor is expanded where there is a necessity for it and a bad habit section. Due to its completely computerized control, it can give you a light existence of up to twelve thousand hours.

  • Dynamic modulation
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • Built-in audio system
  • Advanced color wheel
  • HD display
  • Lens shift absent

Our best choice

All of our mentioned projectors are the best in their features. But the one which offers maximum specifications with optimum rates is BenQTK850. So we are crowning it as the winner of the best 1080p projector that you can buy.

Our runner-up in the top 10 best projectors would be HW45 ES by Sony as it gives beautiful results and is highly suitable for any kind of usage.


Things to Consider When Buying a 1080p Projector – Buying Guide

Before buying a 1080p projector, you must know about its specifications and important parts and features that should not be left unattended. Here is a basic buying of a 1080p projector for which you don’t need to be a tech expert.

1080p Projector on a desk

Screen inch and throw ratio:

The real purpose of a projector is to give a bigger and better visual experience than a TV. That is why it is vital to consider the screen size and throw ratio as a top priority. Go for the projector, which has a maximum screen size that can be up to three hundred inches with the most efficient throw ratio to give maximum result in a small space.



If you use projectors in institutions or share your projector with your friends. Then go for the projector, small and compact with no extra cables or complex connections. So it can be carried away easily without any irritation or confusion. For this preference, we would recommend you to opt for a wireless projector to lessen knottiness.



Projectors are considered an alternative for smart TV as they give bigger images but never compromise on their resolution quality, or else it will be useless to buy them. People mostly go 1080p projectors that have ultra HD resolution making pictures and videos fine and toned.



When you are spending the money on a product, then it becomes obligatory to utilize the maximum out of it as long as you can. Select those 1080p projectors that have a sturdy body with strong systems do. If there is a trauma, they remain safe from damages. Also, consider warranty years and separating facilities that a company provides with its product.


Space and place:

Projectors are often portable, but they are mostly placed in a specific room, either in a home or a presentation room in an office. Take your room’s measures and buy a projector with the appropriate screen size and throw ratio that components your room. Moreover, also consider the mount type of a projector if you want to mount on a ceiling or place it on the table. It all depends on your preferences.


Good Contrast ratio:

A good contrast ratio means defining every brightness and darkness that helps increase the visual details, making it a big definition. So if you want a projector for movies or gaming, select the ones with a good contrast ratio so you can enjoy every element of the video or photo.



Brightness plays an important role in the selection of projectors. If you have the usage of projectors in the presence of ambient and adequate light, we will suggest you buy a project with high brightness.


Lens zooms of the projector:

Not all projectors can fit on every screen. So it gets vital to have a zoom mode in a projector so you can adjust it on any wall and enjoy it. This feature is minimal but very important, especially when your projector is portable and is used from place to place.


Final verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned out ten best 1080p projectors that you can buy. These included all of the amazing qualities and features with minimum price points you can get in a projector. Whether it’s for your house or office, these high-definition projectors will never fail to disappoint you as they are suitable for every option.

We hope that this article was informational for you and will help you to buy the 1080p projector of your choice. Thanks for reading this article.


Frequently asked questions:

  • What type of projector should I use during visible light?

Answer: prefer projectors that have high brightness and contrast ratio so your picture or video is visible even in light.

  • Does every projector make annoying noises?

No, although all projectors have a fan that works to cool down the system and therefore, makes noises. Some of these noises are not audible while domes are really loud like in small portable projectors because their fans are doing more work to lower the internal temperature.

  • What are short throw and long throw projectors:

it is basically a range in which projector should be placed for optimum quality. Some projectors are short-throw i.e. require short distance placement for the best quality and vice versa for long throw projectors.