How Good Are Short Throw Projectors?

How Good Are Short Throw Projectors
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If you have ever gone to a market to buy a projector for your home theater, then you must have an idea of how wide the range is. From ultra-short-throw to long-throw to short-throw, the competition is getting wide with time passing.

You can’t underestimate the throwing factor of a projector. Your single mistake can waste all your investment. When deciding on the projector’s throwing capabilities, the thing you should consider is your room size. If you have a small room, then a short throw projector is what you need.

Okay, so you are thinking that does it worth investing in a short-throw projector? Or how good are short throw projectors? To this, many questions like this. The detailed comprehension is below. Scroll down to read.

What is a Short Throw Projector?

While buying a projector for your home theater, the most influential decision you will ever make is the choice of a long-throw projector or a short-throw projector. If the term short throw projector is new for you, then let us explain it to you.

We all know that the throw distance is the crucial factor in the image quality of a projector. Short throw projectors are those that have a short projector to wall distance. Short throw projectors display quality images by reducing the human eye glare and shadow.

But why go short?

Your space issue is forcing you to go short. It is okay to have a long throw projector in a small room, but don’t expect it to deliver you high-quality crystal clear images. A long-throw projector, without a doubt, is a rock star in performance but only for big rooms.

The same goes for a short-throw projector. If you put a short-throw projector in a large room, then there will be no concept of high-quality images.

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Benefits of Short Throw Projectors – How Good They Are?

Do you remember the 90s when our grandparents used to bring giant box-size projectors, and the whole family watches the movie together in the living room? It was the invention of short-throw projectors. When it comes to watching movies in small areas, the short-throw projector is the priority.

The ultimate benefit of using a short-throw projector is that you can enjoy cinematic fun at home.

Big Images

The moment you use the short-throw projector for the first time and see the large-high-quality images on the screen, you will be like OMG! That is freaking crazy. To better understand this, you need to know the standard throw distance of projectors.

Projectors other than short-throw have at least 10 feet throw distance. At this distance, these projectors produce images of 16:9 or 100 inches. But do you what the throw distance of short-throw projectors is? The throw distance of a short-throw projector is around 4-8 feet.

In this short throw distance, short-throw projectors produce high-quality eye-catching images by eliminating the shadow factor.

Occupy Less Space

Are you one of those suffering from space issues but want to enjoy cinematic fun at home? Then waiting for what? When short-throw projectors are here, there is nothing to worry about. Nowadays, either it is about TV, mobile phones or projectors, the majority of the people prefer compact items? Do you know the reason why they do so? That is because compact gadgets are pretty comfortable to carry and use.

You can not enjoy home theater fun until you are comfortable in the environment. By having a short-throw projector, you can save much of your room space. Simply set the projector on the shelf near the projector screen, and start watching the movie. No need to worry about irritating shadows, your short-throw projector knows how to kick them out.

Build the Best Home Theatre

Why are you interested in investing in long-throw projectors when they can not give you high-quality images and consume enormous space? When it is about building the best home theater, your premium priority should be a short-throw projector.

The standard lumen rate of the short-throw projector is around 3000 lumens. But wait! Now, what this lumen rate is? The measured brightness rate is termed lumen rate. Determining the lumen rate while considering a projector is HELLA important.

So if your room has high brightness rate than usual, then a short-throw projector is what you need. The short-throw projector will display you a crystal clear image at this brightness rate. We guarantee that by having a short throw, you will double up your Netflixing fun.

Suits Many Educational Institutes

We all know that school and college classrooms are small, and in small rooms, you can’t put a long-throw projector. Due to this, the short-throw projector is a must need for educational institutes.

We know the nature of kids. They love to investigate and interrupt new items they saw. If you put a long-throw projector in a classroom, then the whole time, you will be scolding them to stay away from the projector. The ultimate solution is to put a short-throw projector, eliminate the shadow big, display on a large screen, and enjoy crystal clear images.

Another chief advantage of having a short-throw projector is the screen size selection. You aren’t restricted to using a standard screen size. Want large or small select according to your desire. In most educational institutes, short-throw projectors are used with big projector screens.


For the sake of high-quality images, you have to invest in a short-throw projector. The best part about these projectors is they are pretty affordable in range. No need to worry if you have a tight budget, you can have a projector under $500 and can enjoy your home theater. You can also use a large projector screen with a short-throw projector for cinematic fun. While deciding on the projector, measure your room size first.