Epson 1060 vs 2150 – Which One You Should Need to Get?

Epson 1060 vs 2150
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We live in a world where technology is continuously changing and improving. The same is the case with projectors. Every day a new projector is released in the market and makes it difficult for us to choose from. However, we are able to cut down to two most capable and extraordinary projectors: Epson 1060 vs 2150.

Let’s compare the two best projectors of the recent times Epson 1060 vs 2150 and you can decide later which one is better for you. Also, don’t forget to read our buyer’s guide about these projectors which is given at the end.

1. Epson 1060 – Projector With Built-in SpeakersEpson Home Cinema 1060

Epson great projector, however, I saw a similar issue with utilizing an outside intensifier with 3.5mm information or optical link input. An exceptionally clear and brilliant picture can be utilized for business introductions, yet there is no sound jack (3.5 or optical) other than your HDMI. Well, I found the arrangement I utilized with the HDMI sound extractor and it works. I figured out how to utilize a 3.5mm sound link in a working speaker and it looks extraordinary on the monitor.

You can utilize the HDMI sound extractor. The HDMI sound splitter parts the sound station and you can even utilize the fiber optic link in a good projector. The typical force turns the light on to the normal brilliance at the full limit, and it’s an incredible shot! If you need sensible calm in the room, you will be compelled to run the unit in ECO mode, along these lines working with low light yield.

There are a ton of beneficial things occurring on this projector. The picture quality is great, simple to introduce and fits completely under the correct conditions. At around 60 feet, it’s around multiple times more brilliant than the average front room around evening time with all the lights on, and about 25% more splendid than the standard office with all the lights on. Haven’t attempted it in a dull film scene yet, yet I can disclose to it was somewhat cleaned out dark on dark.

I discover this totally worthy contrasted with the brilliant picture in surrounding light conditions, as I can comprehend if somebody with the ideal darkroom may lean toward DLP or something with better dark levels. Loads of encompassing light. In this specific circumstance, this unit works superbly. I particularly like the shading balance it doesn’t clean out colors like different DLPs. He works superbly watching sports or doing business shows.

So, tuning in to the fan isn’t an issue. I can hear this, however not in any way at the ordinary degree of TV sound, so I can’t stress over observing it. With respect to the clarity, not over the top expensive.

  • Has a variety of connecting ports.
  • It has built-in speakers.
  • Full HD widescreen with 1080p.
  • 3 LCD technology and design.
  • A warranty of 2 years.
  • No audio output for the external sound system.
  • There is a high input lag of 52ms.

2. Epson 2150 – Wireless 1080p Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2150

Picture quality is extraordinary once you remove it from the crate. We use film mode inside and I don’t want to modify it by any means. I turn it on and lose all sense of direction in the true to life experience. For extra focuses, substitution bulbs cost just $ 50 from Epson.

I think at the cost it’s one of the most flexible. It has great differentiation and adequate dark levels for indoor use in low light, yet brilliant enough for open-air use. The long-range focal point and vertical move mean its position isn’t as basic similarly as with some different projectors.

I painted my divider in a pale white shading and it fell on the uncovered divider and the photograph was astounding. It resembles having a 125-inch level screen and it truly gives the stage feel I was seeking after. It’s not extremely noisy but rather I strongly suggest getting yourself a speaker. I am utilizing Amazon Fire Stick with this and it works impeccably. I was incredulous about purchasing a projector since I didn’t think a lot about them and pondered the projectors that were utilized when I was in primary school. Accepting the image won’t be fresh and clear, this monitor was a major stun.

While the UHD 60’s substance had further darker colors and more extravagant colors, the distinction, seen more than 7 feet, was just negligible. I chose to check out it, however, needed to think about how extraordinary the shading, differentiation, and picture quality is when playing 4K content. I secured half of the focal point on each monitor so I could see the yield of both simultaneously. I have perused an assortment of 4K content.

I was truly intrigued by the picture nature of the Epson 2150 simply fresh. Rich striking colors and overly quick change. So, following a month I considered changing to a 4K monitor in the wake of viewing YouTube recordings for 1080p versus 4K shows. Subsequent to doing a ton of examination, I have seen the Optoma UHD60 as the best 4K monitor for under $ 2,000 dependent on specs and audits.

A couple of focuses to note

  1. The left 50% of the picture is from Epson and the correct half from Optoma.
  2. Both are shown on the exposed divider
  3. Both utilize 4K fire sticks. Expectation this wipes out Delima 1080p over 4k spending plan for some of you.

Another significant contrast is that Keystone remedy and 3D support is available in Epson yet ailing in this Optoma model. Epson is likewise about a large portion of the size of Optoma, so now and again it will be simpler to utilize outside. In general, I think the Epson 2150 isn’t simply the best monitor in this value run, however, contrasted with close 4K value projectors, the distinction in picture quality seen with the unaided eye is very negligible.

For me, the distinction in shading and detail/sharpness was negligible to such an extent that it was so difficult to see except if everything you do is attempt to analyze. Another distinction I saw is that Epson can show a somewhat bigger picture at a similar separation contrasted with Optoma in any place when both help 1.6x amplification.

  • It has an amazing dynamic contrast.
  • Wireless Connection.
  • Easy set up with built-in speakers.
  • Lens Shift.
  • Provides a bright and colorful image.
  • It is fairly noisy.
  • It has average black levels.

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Epson 1060 Vs 2150 Buying Guide

This buying guide has been written to help you decide between Epson 1060 vs 2150.

Some Features and Specifications of Epson 1060:

Let us begin by first discussing the qualities of Epson 1060. So, without any further moment, we jump into the specification of Epson 1060!

Color Quality and Brightness:

Epson 1060 is an ideal projector that can be used in a range of lighting conditions. It features 3100 lumens of color brightness along with 3100 lumens of white brightness. Moreover, Epson 1060 has remarkable color accuracy that any projector lover will wish for and this color accuracy is further enhanced by color gamut.


Epson 1060 bears 1080p resolution that allows it to display the content in full HD. Due to this, you can enjoy an enhanced quality of the image with spectacular details. Moreover, a quick corner option allows the user to adjust the corner of the picture independently which will aid you to set up a rectangular image on the screen.


Epson 1060 has a lot of connecting ports which will help you to use the projector with almost anything. It has a couple of HDMI connections along with VGA and those old RCA ports for composite video and audio input. You also have options for plugging in USB; hence, you should not worry about anything. Just Plug and Play.

Brightness Uniformity:

As you will see that Epson 1060 offers its user the most uniform brightness among its competitors. Its Brightness uniformity is about 79 %. This is what makes this Projector stand-out among different projectors in the market.

Quick Controls:

Epson 1060 has quite convenient controls that anyone can use without any prior knowledge. There are instant OFF, Direct Power On/Off, and sleep mode which makes your use of the projector easy and efficient.

Why Do You Need to Choose Epson 1060?

As you have read all of the above features of Epson 1060, you might be lured into choosing Epson 1060. It is one of the best projectors in the market at a decent price. Nobody will wish to throw such an offer where you can get the best projector in the market. Moreover, we believe Epson 1060 might be a perfect fit for you.

Some Features and Specifications of Epson 2150:

Epson 2150 is another fantastic projector to keep an eye for. Here a couple of the features of Epson 2150!


Epson 2150 has a maximum light output of 2500 lumens and this amount of brightness is far more when compared to more such projectors. Such a high brightness will allow you to use the projector in many rooms with different lighting conditions. Is this not a bonus?

Lens Shifts:

Epson 2150 also has a vertical lens shift which allows you to adjust the screen on the wall easily without any difficulty. You will not need to move the projector as a whole to adjust the image. Just use the vertical lens shift option of the projector. Furthermore, it also accompanies 1.6 times zoom which is a lot more when compared to other projectors in this price range.

Lamp Life:

Well, lamp life depends on numerous things but we guarantee you that this projector will give you a decent lamp life of 7500 hours in ECO mode and 4500 hours in normal mode. But the actual length of time depends upon the environment and usage. Lastly, note that lamp brightness will decrease with time.

Different Modes:

Epson 2150 has numerous modes through which you can use and have an enjoyable experience of watching things by using your projector. Some of these modes are Cinema, 3D Cinema, Bright Cinema, Dynamic, and Natural.

Picture Quality:

We have observed that Epson 2150 has a good picture quality which is exceptionally bright. However, we have noticed that the black levels of this projector are a bit less than expected.

Moreover, the image produced by this projector does not have any rainbow effects.  

Why Do You need to Choose Epson 2150?

If you are wishing to transform your home into a cinema, then you should go for Epson 2150 as it supports wireless connection as well. It has all the amazing technology which a person can wish for. It has 3 LCD technology, along with a vertical lens shift, a good zoom, and a widescreen. This is a perfect piece of equipment to equip yourself with.

Epson 1060Vs 2150 Table Comparison

SpecificationsEpson 2150Epson 1060
Color Brightness2,500 Lumens3100 Lumens
Contrast Ratio60,000:115,000:1
Resolution1080pFull HD 1080p
Item Weight7.7 pounds5.60 Pounds
Item Dimensions12.2 x 11.2 x 4.8 inches11.90 x 9.80 x 3.40 inches

So, this is a comparison table that you can use to compare both, Epson 160 Vs Epson 2150. You can easily compare them and decide for yourself and purchase that one.

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It is time to recapitulate! We have discussed the features, pros, cons, and provided a comparison table. You can easily go through this and choose the projector that fits your needs.

Lastly, we hope that this article was helpful and all of your doubts are cleared.


Is Epson worth buying?

Well in our view, Epson builds great projectors that you can rely on. They have the best technology and they provide the best features.

Which one is better, Epson 1060 vs Epson 2150?

We cannot say which one is better because both of the projectors are equally good but we will recommend you purchase that one which is in your budget.