15 Best Projectors Under 1000 (including 3d) – 2021 Reviews

Nowadays any professional institution is incomplete without a state of the art projector. Whether you are a working professional who has to deliver a precise pitch to your prospective clients, an administrator at a school or university where interactive learning has become the order of the day or simply wish to buy an affordable and reliable projector for your home theatre, finding the best projector under 1000 is tricky.

Best Projector Under 1000

You have to consider aspects of the device such as image quality, brightness, battery life and mobility to name a few along with many other technicalities that may confuse a layman. That’s where we come in to help you so read on for more information!

There are so many projectors out there in the market today and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and price ranges, however, this list will be for the best projectors under 1000 dollars so that your bank account does not suffer.

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Most of these are professional-grade products so you do not have to worry about spending big bucks and not receiving superior quality.

If you’re on the lookout for the best affordable item on our list we recommend the Optoma X304M that not only has excellent picture quality but is also affordable and portable.

If you are a newbie who doesn’t know how projectors work out? You can read our guide about things you need to keep in mind before choosing a projector.

For those of you not yet convinced, there is a whole lot more so stay tuned!

Top 15 Best Projectors Under $1000 of 2021 – Updated List

#Best Projector Under 1000Price
1View Sonic Pro 8400 Check Price
2Hitachi CP TW2505 Check Price
3View Sonic PX7474K Check Price
4BENQ Insta Show Check Price
5Optoma X304M Check Price
6ViewSonic PS 700X Check Price
7Optoma UHL55 Check Price
8BENQ MH760 Check Price
9AAXA 4K 1 Check Price
10Optoma WU416 Check Price
11Optoma GT1080HDR Check Price
12Epson Pro EX9220 Check Price
13BenQ TH671ST Check Price
14Epson Home 2150 Check Price
15BenQ HT2050A Check Price

1. View Sonic Pro 8400 (Best Projector Under 1000)

View Sonic Pro 8400

Starting off with the first product in today’s list we’re looking at the View Sonic Pro 8400 which the company states that it’s from their “Precision Series.” This would mean that this device which has been exclusively marketed as a home-based system would also provide a certain high-end performance to your home based entertainment system.

The device itself reminds you more of a corporate product, however, we don’t mind the contrast of the matte grey and glossy black body. The design is simplistic and that makes a product less daunting to the average user.

Now, let’s move onto the features, shall we?

Great Optical Zoom– The 8400 hosts an impressive 1.5x optical zoom option that allows for great image quality, however, what sets it back in terms of ease is the fact that there is no vertical image shifting feature that enables the screen to appear with crisp and clean straight edges. This can be corrected but must be done manually.

HD DLP- This feature is quite nice as it offers the latest in digital light processing capabilities which is a newer type of image processing that employs fast pixel switching of its microscopic mirrors thus giving great image quality.

4500 Lumens- This feature is quite surprising since the brightness level on this device is outrageously bright which is great for a projector but makes one think about the contrast imaging which leaves the darker parts on the images more grey than clear.

Multiple USB Options- Along with the standard and low tech LAN port and two PC inputs, the 8400 also offers the option of an additional two v1.3 HDMI sockets which are perfect for your home entertainment system, the12V trigger port and the added feature of a USB port which allows you to play slideshows without the help of a PC.

  • Lots of USB Options.
  • Full HD DLP.
  • 4500 brightness.
  • 1.5x Optical Zoom.
  • Black Contrast Lacking.

2. Hitachi CP TW2505 (Best Full HD Projector Under 1000)

Hitachi CP TW2505

The Hitachi CP 2505 is next on our list because of its generally fantastic performance, long battery life and several more cool features such as finger or stylus interactivity. We picked this device because of its popularity online as a durable and easy to use device.

Let’s dig straight into the features.

Fully Interactive- This is one of the greatest technological advancements in projection technology as it offers a fully immersive experience to the user whether it is for educational purposes or for entertainment. The included interactive pens can be used or you can simply use your finger to make commands.

High Powered Lamp- The expected operating time for this device is varied over three distinct modes, i.e. the normal mode which lasts up to 5000 hours, the eco mode 1 which gives you up to 8000 hours and the phenomenal eco-mode 2 which can give up to 10,000 hours of lamp life!

Multiple Output Choices- The CP 2505 offers not only the standard digital, analogue and audio-video output but also offers everything from a Wireless LAN, an RS-232C Control and both USB type A and B.

It also has an automatic digital keystone correction option which enables the projector to showcase a perfectly aligned image output every time. It also comes with these accessories included: a 5m computer cable, 2 AAA batteries, 2 interactive pens, a 4.5m power cable, a CD user manual, an adapter cover and an application DVD.

  • Interactive Display.
  • 5000 Hours of Normal Use.
  • Multiple Output Options.
  • 5000:1 Contrast.
  • Wall mount is extra.

3. View Sonic PX7474K (Best Projector For Home Theater Under 1000)

View Sonic PX7474K

Herewith another wonderful product from the View Sonic range, the PX747 4K is a pretty powerful home entertainment projector that is both portable and compact. With tons of raving reviews online, this is the best and most affordable in the 4K range.

3500 Lumen- No matter where you place the PX747, within the confines of your home there can never be completely pitch black settings because there will be some background light seeping in from somewhere even if it is in your basement. With promises of 3500 lumens of brightness, the PX747 is designed to cut through even the brightest ambient light.

DLP/RGBW- This is a digital light processing projector that provides the clearest and sharpest image quality but what’s even more exciting is the fact that it is equipped with an inbuilt RGBW colour wheel that essentially allows enough light to pass through that results in the brightest image by enhancing the number of white lumens the projector can output.

Best Black Contrast- Since it has a 12000:1 contrast ratio, the PX747 which enables the best black level performance including the amazing dark shadow detail feature that allows the user to view the darkest of scenes in the sharpest image.

Special Silence Mode– This product also features a special silence mode that allows the user to turn off pixel shifting if they are simply playing content at the 1080p option. This means the projector will be the quietest although the 4K option will turn off.

  • Extra Bright.
  • DLP and RGBW.
  • Best Dark Contrast.
  • Silence Mode.
  • Still Pricey.

4. BENQ Insta Show (Best BenQ Projector Under 1000)

BENQ Insta Show

The trouble with business presentations and slideshows is the complicated adjustment of wires and having to disconnect your device so another person can use it next. However, this has become a problem of the past as the Insta show from BenQ makes this proves lag free and efficient using one main receiver that connects to multiple transmitters.

Multiple Presenter Option- Gone are the days when presenters had to have their device waiting for their turn during a presentation as the Insta Show allows for seamless operation with multiple transmissions at one time. The two insta show buttons also allow for a concise team effort.

Excellent design– The device is not only compact but it can also take on any journey without any scratches or wear as it is durable and sturdy.

Video Mode– Although the device is exclusively marketed for business experience, it also provides a handy video mode that allows you to stream videos via a wireless connection which allows for a lag-free experience as there is no need to disconnect anything since there are no cables.

However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with the Insta Show as it is quite pricey as compared to some other options and it also lacks a diverse output options range. If there is no USB port or full-size HDMI cable, you will need extra attachment wires to get anything done.

  • Video Mode.
  • Multiple Connectivity.
  • Excellent Design.
  • Limited Output Options.

5. Optoma X304M (Our Best Pick)

Optoma X304M

The next device we are going to give a quick over view of is the Optoma X304M which is one of the most portable projectors on our list today at a mere 2.8 by 7 inches. However its size isn’t the only thing that has people excited and impressed. It comes with its travelling case and a handy pouch for all its cables and accessories.

It offers:

  • 5x zoom which is not the most impressive but still gives the user some throw range.
  • It doesn’t have a USB A ports option and is a bit limited in that department with just an HDMI, video ports and VGA. So that makes this product a bit low tech and outdated.
  • 3000 Lumens of brightness.
  • It has an amazing colour balance with mostly impressive colour quality. Well saturated and dark when needed, all modes featured great colour balance and quality.
  • It did, however, have the issue of what is commonly referred to as rainbow artifacts where the lightest parts of the pixels start breaking up into flashes of green, red and blue which is a problem common in DLP projectors. However, the real let down was that in video mode, this was a consistent issue.
  • Bright.
  • Good optical Zoom.
  • Great Colour Balance.
  • Portable.
  • Rainbow Artifacts.

6. ViewSonic PS 700X

ViewSonic PS 700X

This device is perhaps the most advanced piece of technology we are about to review today with so many features that it becomes hard to keep track of all the user friendly and impressive capabilities it provides.

There is no wonder why this device is the most super popular projector for an educational setting as it is advertised especially for the classroom setting.

Let’s look at a few of its best features.

Wireless sharing- Wireless dongle technology means there are next to no wires for this device. The user can then stream content via their own devices onto the projector with ease. It also allows for a certain kind of portability as you can access and view your content without having to worry about wires or the device disconnecting.

Keystone Correction– This device features 4 corner keystone adjustment including both vertical and horizontal correction thus getting rid of distortion or misalignment of pictures on the screen.

SuperColor™ Technology– the company’s patented super colour technology enables the user to access a more diverse colour range as opposed to conventional DLP projectors. This eliminates the rainbow artifacts issue and allows for a much clearer dark contrast image to form.

  • Great Colour.
  • Wireless Sharing.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Bigger Speaker.
  • Keystone Correction.
  • Expensive as compared to the rest.

7. Optoma UHL55 (Best 4k Projector Under 1000)

Optoma UHL55

As the name suggests this is a purely 4K picture display projector with quite a host of unique features although it lacks in the sense that it isn’t quite as good with other displays such as HD. However, what it lacks in versatility, it makes up for in cool technology and a compact design.

Let’s find out why this product has so many positive reviews from around the world.

Alexa enabled- This device is fully compatible with all smart home systems such as Alexa and Google Assistant as it has a built-in voice control feature

It also allows the user to view Android applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and YouTube, BBC News, Spotify and a browser for easy access to the internet.

Bluetooth speaker- It provides the dual feature of turning into a Bluetooth speaker for connection with any device that has Bluetooth enabled for the best sound quality.

Output Options- Along with optical audio, a 3.5mm jack, and two HDMI ports for gaming and built-in speakers. Added is the blue tooth option to connect easily to your mobile phone devices.

There is some letdown, however, such as the fact that since this is a 4K enabled machine, viewing any other display will cause image quality to deteriorate quite quickly.

  • Compact.
  • Smart System enabled.
  • Bluetooth option.
  • Doesn’t work as well on HD.

8. BENQ MH760 (Best Office Projector Under 1000)


If you are looking for the best image quality, the best black contrast ratio and the best performance, the BENQ MH760 might just be the device for you. With Full HD imaging despite of whether the projector is in light or dark environment which is also in part due to its 5000 lumen of brightness, it is pretty popular online. Whether in the classroom or in the conference room, this device gives high quality performance every time.

Great Contrast- It provides what the company class the truest blacks meaning that no matter what the level of ambient light or brightness in the room, the contrast ratio of 3000:1 will ensure your dark area on the screen are well lit, sharp and clear. Reduction of eye strain, an increase in readability and clarity for both black and white content.

Eco- Friendly- The machine’s EcoCycle System drastically reduces any electricity waste and automatically lowers the power-up time which reduces the need for overall maintenance.

Perfect for Bright Rooms- with 5,000 lumens of brightness, even the most well-lit conference rooms which seat many people will be able to clearly view content on the MH760 due to high brightness power, the vibrancy of colour and crisp colour quality.

20W Speakers- The ultra-strong 20W inbuilt speakers give the user crystal clear sound quality and also means that no extra sound system or device must be purchased.

Corner Fit Technology- Like the Keystone correction feature, this device has what it calls the Corner Fit system that automatically realigns and corrects picture dimensions from the four corners of the image onto the screen. So even if the projection is done on uneven surfaces, the quality won’t be compromised.

  • 5000 Lumens.
  • 20W Speakers.
  • Corner Fit Technology.
  • Truest Blacks.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Pricey.

9. AAXA 4K 1 Projector

AAXA 4K 1 Projector

As far as size goes in the list we have gone through today, the AAXA 4K1 is by far the most compact and lightweight. It is what is called a “pocket” sized portable projector. Great price range, 1500 lumens of brightness and a good enough picture quality makes this a formidable home entertainment system but not the best for more corporate settings. It also holds the honour of being the tiniest 4K DLP projector which is certainly impressive if portability and compactness is what you want.

Brightness- With an LED light engine and a promise of around 1500 lumens of brightness, the 4K 1 definitely holds its own in a very brightly lit room ad that makes it perfect for small spaces even if the lights are on. It’s certainly bright enough to handle conference rooms and small classrooms without difficulty. Although the optical zoom might not be the best which is why small rooms are recommended.

4K- It employs similar 4K basics that some of the more expensive digital light processing projectors have including the pixel shifting option. Which is impressive since it is providing the same heavy-duty performance while being so cheap. Tiny but mighty should be this device’s slogan as it is sturdy and durable as well.

Sound- The device’s two tiny two-watt front speakers surprisingly are loud enough on their own without needing any additional help although there is no treble or bass options. However, it comes with an audio headphone jack option that will allow you to stream content at much higher volumes.

Although this is marketed as a home-based entertainment system, it doesn’t have the same power that many home systems have especially in the picture quality and sound department but nevertheless, at the price range it’s on, the features this device provides are exceptional. Along with the audio headphone jack, it also comes with a USB port for an inbuilt media player and two HDMI inputs.

  • Great Brightness.
  • 4K Display.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Not as strong speakers.

10. Optoma WU416 (Best 3D Projector Under 1000)

Optoma WU416 Best 3D Projector Under 1000

We are wrapping up this list with another product from Optomo’s range called the WU416 which is ideal for professional settings and for educational institutions where there may be a number of background light sources to disrupt image quality.

However, the device will offer high resolution even if there is a lot of ambient light. This is the perfect printer for those who demand a portable projector that is both sturdy and lightweight with the best features.

So, let’s find out why this model has such high ratings.

It consists of various output and input modes such as VGA, MHL, HDMI and other easy to connect apps such as Chromecast to project wirelessly via the USB Power. It also features a 10 W speaker.

Flexibility– The device hosts an optical zoom capability of 1.6x which is the highest we have seen today in any device and allows for easy flexibility via its vertical shift lens which allows for a range of placement options. Therefore you can position the projector anywhere you desire with multiple screen resolutions.

Great Colours– From presentations to installations to even classroom sessions, the Optoma uses sRGB technology that makes for clear, crisp and loud colours that give life to whatever content is on screen. From textual graphics to video modes, it gives the best colour balance and quality.

Contrast- One of the biggest problems with DLP projectors is the presence of rainbow artifacts due to a bad black colour contrast but the Optoma allows for greater depth and detail to your darker content making for sharp and clear images.

3D Technology- Compatible with all forms of gaming consoles, Blu Ray technology and 3D broadcasting systems means that this device can project 3D content from almost any source.

Eco- Friendly- This feature provides many energy saving features such as a better lamp maintenance which reduces your overall consumption and footprint. This means that the total consumption gets reduced down to 70 percent via the uniquely designed lamp modes. The modes also limit the effects on the lamp life.

  • 3D enabled.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Colour Contrast.
  • The flexibility of Installation.
  • Not the most user friendly.

11. Optoma GT1080HDR – Best Short Throw Projector Under 1000

Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

Just by the name, Optoma GT1080HDR comes with an impressive viewing. It comes compatible with throwing HR qualitative images with 4K input to deliver the image with the brighter whites and enough deeper black levels.

And not just that, but it got the finest six-segment color wheel (RYGCWB) that guarantees to produce the more-than accurate colors mixed with sRGB and REC. 709 profile.

Take the brightness to another level, comes equipped with 3,800 lumens, and the widest contrast ratio of 50,000:1. It portrays it over the full HD 1080p screen compatible to deliver the highest resolution to 1920 x 1080 to enjoy highly-diversified crispy and the clearest image.

Faster response time of 4ms along with a 120Hz refresh rate turns out to react as the lightning-fast gaming mode to change the frames swiftly without blurring the images AND breaking the pixels to give the perfect and uninterrupted gaming session all day long.

Guaranteed to offer the longer lamp life of up to 15,000 hours takes the projector to last for over 10+ years, having it projecting for complete four hours, resulting in saving you from running into frequent maintenance.

Integrated with 10-watt dual speakers that emit the best sound quality to fill in the family rooms, gaming rooms, home theater rooms, tailgating, camping, and the backyards without having you bring in the external speakers ready all the time.

3D-ready and gains the screen to hit over 120″ in no time by just placing the projector 4 feet away, made possible with a shorter throw lens to get fitted into the tiny room without much of the trouble.

  • Impressive contrast ratio.
  • Full HD display.
  • Longer lamp life.
  • 4K HDR input.
  • Somewhat louder to emit the noise.

12. Epson Pro EX9220

Epson Pro EX9220

More accurate, more vivid, and enough brighter than the most available in the market; Epson Pro EX920 serves the best quality images having equipped with 3,600 lumens dealing with the equality of colors and the white brightness to enlighten the well-lit rooms even with the natural sunshine piercing through the different angles.

Top of the class pro-quality projector supporting 1080p and the screen technology of WUXGA having the resolution of 1920 x 1200 that brings 4.5x more of the resolution than SVGA-backed projectors to emit out the content on full HD 1080p.

Equipped with wireless screen mirroring that mirrors most of the devices to project the photos, videos, and the apps using Miracast software (compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices.)

With that, the wireless connection brings the added convenience that allows it to quickly hook up with tablets, smartphones, and laptops without plugging them right into the projector so that you do not have to place your favorite devices closer to the projector all the time.

Setup without hitting a problem, the image adjustments with the convenient control take beyond the limit requiring just a little bit of play to better screen quality.

Charge and mirror using the MHL-enabled devices to watch through your favorite content without fear of running out of charge as it would keep going on for hours-long operation.

  • Best projector for streaming using Miracast.
  • WUXGA screen type.
  • Compatible with MHL.
  • No HDMI output.
  • No Bluetooth functionality.

13. BenQ TH671ST – Best Projector for Xbox One and PS4

BenQ TH671ST Projector

KNOWN to be the best amongst the gaming projector, which you could not generally find off the market under the price range; BenQ TH671ST tops in the list of being into the best project under 1000 by many aspects.

Portable and lightweight; this projector weighs just around 5.9 pounds and compact, which ensures it does not have to be large enough, which overkills the purpose of being portable and lightweight.

Enjoy the unparalleled and unsurpassed picture quality that offers the native full HD 1080p viewing quality with having the resolution of 1920 x 1080p and having the contrast ratio of 10,000:1 along with the finest technology used to assure the best and accurate color deliverability using 92% Rec. 709 and the lumens power of up to 3,000 which works best under the darkened room providing the immersive cinematic and the gaming experience.

Adapted for the best gaming experience, the really low input lag synced up with ultra-fast refresh rate matches the maximum output to play the uninterrupted games using Xbox One X, PS4, and other top-of-the-line gaming devices without the motion blurring and fading pixels.

Go projecting the bigger screen of up to 100 inches with a throw of mere 5 feet, but that is not just it; go for over 300 inches as the maximum gain for projecting your best content to accommodate the larger gathering without an issue. Just raise the throwing area and get your desired projection screen size in no time.

  • Best projector for gaming.
  • High-end lumen power.
  • Entitled to 3-years of the limited warranty.
  • The fan emits louder noise.

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14. Epson Home 2150

Epson Home Cinema 2150

Looking for something impressive to add to your home cinema, Epson Home 2150 would be the nicest decision of all to bring in your home and upscale you are viewing together with the whole family.

Assured to be providing the widescreen-compatible screen with full HD 1080p displaying backed by 3LCD technology that fights off the rainbow effect and delivers the correct form of the color emitting out of the screen.

Compatible to stream your favorite content through the latest stream devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more to never find the alternative to hook in to make the streaming device enabled with Epson Home 2150.

Projection-perfected viewing quality on the bigger screen, the fun just begins the sooner the projector turns on.

Throughout the mirrored content on the devices’ projector using Miracast, which does the Android and Windows-enabled devices to throw out photos, videos, and the apps without hitting any discrimination.

Supports MHL-enabled devices to either mirror the HD TV, movies, and the games that require nothing external to purchase to enable such a feature.

Mount on front, rear, or ceiling per your own preferences. Still, the lightweight construction allows you to take it along with you to power it on even in the backyard or the outdoor locations being on the picnic or elsewhere.

  • Wireless projector.
  • Equipped with 3LCD technology.
  • A little high in price.

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15. BenQ HT2050A

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

Coming right from the reputed and recognized projector brand, BenQ HT2050 that is known to be one best projector under 1000 offers this exclusive sort of projector that fits well to become the perfect home theater and relish for superb game playing.

Provided with 2,200 lumens power that deals with increasing the brightness to the excellent level and equipped with the high native contrast ratio along with 96 percent Rec. 709 to confirm the color accuracy calibrated.

Highly responsive engineered for the lower input lag with 16ms (somewhat high) to play the games with ultra-smooth refresh rate, but we do not believe it is going to be one of the best gaming projectors as the lagging should be way too down for causing NO blur and breakage of pixels.

Backed by DL technology widely used in the modern world of projectors, you would easily find up to 90 percent of cinema and 100 percent of digital IMAX theaters that confirm to deliver the crisper, sharper, and brightened images.

HDTV-compatible allows different resolutions to easily switch and watch with the best of it and be 3D compatible and diversify your viewing experience to watch through a series of resolutions with compelling graphics.

  • Goes with flexible setup.
  • DLP one.
  • Compatible with HDTV.
  • Only got one HDMI port.

Buying Guide: Best Projectors Under 1000 for This Year

It is not just the buying guide, but the whole-lot of professional advice to follow and get your best projector in your possession.

Let’s get unveiled with that! 🙂

  1. Do not go with the brands
  2. Reasons to get the projector for
  3. Screen sizes
  4. DLP or LCD?
  5. What core projector technologies to look for?
  6. The sort of connectivities
  7. Mounting options

1. Do not go with the brands

As much as I eventually hate to say anything about it, I would suggest that not go with the brands but go with the experiences.

Picking the projector out of the brand, the users often compromise upon what they are looking for out of their projector.

So, do the in-depth research before locking on your favorite projector. When you find something pops out from the newer brand, look for the satisfied customers’ reviews to ensure that it will be your one dream projector of a lifetime.

2. Reasons to get the projector for

It is simple; either it is going to serve you for home theater, gaming, business, or cinema.

That is the first step forward to deciding why you need the projector and deciding upon it before locking on it.

3. Screen sizes

By default (in most cases), the projectors’ screen eventually rises from 50 inches to well over 300 inches and takes up the range of different aspect ratios from 4:3, 16:9, and 2.4:1.

4. DLP or LCD?

Not the technology that most people would care about when purchasing the projector but hey! Do not really drop caring about it as it would come with the advantages that provide excellent results based on the sharpened image quality and the accurate color.

DLPs are;

  • Significant to stream DVD, Blu-ray, and the HDTV content.
  • Smoothened motion to watch through the fast-action scenes.
  • Higher color contrast.
  • Truer and deeper delivery of blacks.

LCDs are;

  • A bright source of projection that works even best in the well-lit rooms.
  • Delivers the vibrant 3D images without the image ghosting.
  • Energy-efficient and quieter than DLP.
  • 3LCD technology to process the high-end images with the immersive quality.

5. What core projector technologies to look for?

Lamp life: They are prone to last between 3,000 hours to up to 8,000 hours (doubles in the eco mode.)

Laser: No accumulated hours. The longer it would last until the laser lens breaks down and tops in every aspect than lamp ones.

LED: The bulb lasts over 20,000 hours and has been used in most of the advanced projectors.

Brightness with lumen power: Eventually, the projector’s brightness is evaluated through the power of lumens. The more lumens the projector adds, the brighter it would be to deliver the outstanding graphics even in the brighter atmosphere and well-lit rooms.

So, buy for the gaming purpose, and you need a fair amount of lumens to view through the dull and faded gaming scenes.

Purchasing for business, the projector should equip the brighter output to increase and mingle between white and color to go bright to view through the text-based and graphical presentation to run with the optimum quality.

Getting the best projector for the home theater has the advantage of controlling the brightness to a larger extent, and only we have to deal with the ambient lightning coming out of the windows and other areas.

Not necessarily a challenge though, but you are an avid movie lover who tends to watch without falling the blinds to turn the day look like an entire night; pick one of the projectors that offer higher lumens to get to deal with the increased ambient light.

Contrast ratio: More, more, and more. Look for a more increased contrast ratio to ensure the crisper and brighter image quality to view in life-alike experience.

6. The sort of connectivities

To have it working with the latest devices starting from laptops, computers, Macs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and more using HDMI, USB, VGA, DisplayPort, MHL, WiFi, and more.

7. Mounting options

And it actually depends on what you aim to use the projector for.

Whether you have it purchased to utilize for the core home theater experience, mounting it on the roof/wall would be the nicest option.

If you happen to move it in and out the outdoor, you cannot really place it as the permanent solution, and the portable ones would be a good option here to get it set over the table for a few hours before taking them inside.

Placing them right on the table could be disastrous; a sudden jerk could let the projector tip over and fall on the floor. So stay cautious for safety as such an event could leave the projector to go out of order.

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Now that you have all the information regarding best projectors under 1000 dollars, its time to make a decision according to your preferences. We have done our job of providing authentic information to help you make an informed decision, it’s up to you to take action now. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with others.

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