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Every hardworking human being has the right to enjoy their kind of entertainment, in a big, bold and quality fashion. Should they choose to do so at a camping destination, in the outdoors, in their home or on their terrace, they should have every right to do it. Having the best projector under 100 makes it possible for you to be that person.

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It allows everyone to enjoy in peace. You can choose from a variety of portable options as well as fixed home theaters that can be moved every once in a while. You can also decide between various sizes, distances offered, battery and HD options. This guide has been created to help you find the right one from these eccentric, popular and quality options for the best projector under 100 seen in the markets.

16 Best Projector Under 100 Dollars of 2022

#Best Projector Under 100Price
1Paick Video Projector Check Price
2DBPOWER Projector Check Price
3COFUN Video Projector Check Price
4Vamvo Home Theater Projector Check Price
5Miroir M20 (Renewed) Check Price
6TUREWELL H3 Check Price
7Weton Portable Projector Check Price
8CASEMATIX Portable Projector Check Price
9CiBest Video Projector Check Price
10Pansonite Portable Projector Check Price
11Meyoung Mini Projector Check Price
12iDGLAX iDG-787W Check Price
13DBPOWER RD810 Check Price
14Vankyo Leisure 3 Check Price
15TENKER Q5 Check Price
16DracoLight Mini Projector Check Price

1: Paick Video Projector (Best Cheap Projector Under 100)

Paick Video Projector

After hours of energy-draining efforts at your office, it is time for some refreshment. Whether you want to watch the darby match, the big game or even a movie with your kids, you have earnt it. To give you quality entertainment as you deserve it you can invest in the Paick Video Projector.


The Paick Video Projector offers about 20% Brighter and more vibrant image than the older versions and many high priced market competitors. It offers 20% lumens that brighten up the screen making it crystal clear and beautiful to watch. The projector basically uses advanced LED technology and emulates that into a mini projector.

The video projector offers a large screen size that is fit for a family of four plus their friends. It can be kept at an ideal distance of 7ft and a distance range of 4 ft to 16.5 ft. This means you can take it to your lawn, backyard, camping trip and terrace without any worries.

It comes with 2 built-in speakers. These are high quality and allow a superb cinematic experience. Not only does it provide good physical features, but it is also great in terms of functionality. You can use it with absolutely any regular cable you can think of. You can use an HDMI cord, a VGA, USB, AV, and even gadgets to console cables. You can attach external speakers with this as well, through its earphones jack. You can make it wireless if you invest in a dongle and an adapter.

The Paick Video Projector has an in-built cooling system designed to decrease disturbance and distortion in the form of the noise of the fan, but it speeds up the cooling experience.

  • Large and clear screen.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • 100% Hassle-Free Warranty.
  • The dongle and adapter is not included but can be bought separately to make it wireless.

Final Words:

It is at least 70% stronger and more potent in terms of the picture quality as compared to the Mini projectors seen everywhere. It is just perfect for home-usage.

2: DBPOWER Projector (Best Cheap Mini Projector)

Best Projector Under 100

The DBPower Projector is another great option. It is a mini projector but has the traits of a full, large-sized projector. Firstly, and fore-mostly, it offers 1080 pixel support. This means you can enjoy great high-quality images and videos on a large-sized home projector without buying a full-sized one. Additionally, this will give you more value as it is portable and fit for carrying it during travel to camping trips, remote areas, lake houses, and farms.


It offers 120 ANSI. This allows very clear images and better-defined image quality. It is 80% brighter than most projectors. It is also predicated on LED technology and it is yet more vibrant. It offers a contrast ratio of 2000:1. It also allows the built-in speakers to give you a 50% louder and clearer audio quality. The noise reduction technology makes the audio crisp and enjoyable each time. Despite no or little noise from the dual-fans, the projector does a great job of keeping itself cool.

The brand offers up to 50,000 hours of the lamp life of the DBPower projector. This translates to about 32 years of use if it is used for about 4 hours every day.

Although it is a mini projector optimized for home it can be used in offices and schools too. The projector can show about 32 inches to 176 inches diagonal images. This is possible from a distance of 1.5 meters to 2 meters.

Compatibility is a must for a good projector. This one offers multimedia compatibility with TV Box, Firestick, Chromebooks, PC’s, Mac, Laptops, Tabs, USB’s, DVD players and even SD Cards.

  • Highly compatible.
  • Excellent Fans and no noise.
  • The crisp and colorful image projection.
  • Loud sound options.
  • Some screens are larger than this.

Final Words:

The DBPower is an easy-to-install projector. It is space and energy-efficient. You can put it up in about any room for your own choosing or the outdoors against a garage wall or something. It is a great mini projector.

3: COFUN Video Projector 2800 Lux

COFUN Video Projector

The Cofun Video Projector 2800LUX is a super HD projector. It offers a massive 170 inches screen projection size and it allows 1080 pixels of its HD video display.


The Cofun Projector’s image happens to be 4.0 inches TFT LCD that are True 800 x 480 Pixel picture quality. It gives you a quality 1920×1080 pixel display. It also offers you a contrast ratio of 2000:1. However, it is not a formal presentation tool or a fit tool for office usage.

The Cofun Video Projector 2800Lux has multimedia compatibility across devices such as personal computers, notebooks, flash drives, SD cards, tablets, even phones and gaming consoles.

This is an ideal and value-added option because it offers ±20° Keystone Correction. This can help you adjust the angle of viewing without skewing your image. It also has an advanced cooling mechanism and a built-in cooling apparatus required to keep the projector long-lasting and problem-free. It comes with an easy to use ceiling mount. This can be installed quickly and spotlessly by yourself.

  • Super crisp HD.
  • Multimedia Compatibility.
  • HDMI cable is free with this device.
  • Noise reduction in the fan.
  • The brand offers a 3-year warranty.
  • Not fit for presentations or offices.

Final Words:

It is compatible with the majority of multimedia devices used in our households these days, as well as some rare ones. It is a great add on to your house and social life.

4: Vamvo Home Theater Movie Projector (Best Projector For Home Theater)

Vamvo Home Theater Movie Projector

Vamvo makes amazing projectors. The Vamvo Home Theatre is a specially engineered piece of equipment designed for your house. It offers you the ultimate viewing experience.

It offers you a unique contrast ratio of 1000:1. It has a built-in audio system like any great projector. You can enjoy a cinematic feel with this one in small rooms as well. It is fit to be used with gaming consoles and Tv devices, dongles, boxes, and even other smart devices. You can use it with Roky and firestick as well.

The lamp offers a long-lasting life. The lamp may require to be replaced after 30,000 hours of use. These hours will come after 20 years of daily usage of 3-4 hours which is highly improbable to run out of.

  • The brand allows a 24-month manufacturer warranty for this projector.
  • 50% Noise cutting technology.
  • 1080 pixel image quality support.
  • Built-in sound system.
  • Connecting smartphones requires a special adapter cable that is to be bought separately.

Final Words:

You can make the right investment into your family life as well as personal life with this home movie theatre solution. If you have a spare room in your house you can just toss this in there and add a few loungers or sofas. Make kettle corn and you will be ready to enjoy your own private cinema with the rules of your choosing.

5: Miroir Micro Projector M20 (Renewed)

Miroir Micro Projector M20

Miroir Micro Projector is also a good option for the Best projector under 100 options.


It is backed by a 90-day Amazon Guarantee. All its specs are still intact and it has a long-lasting Lamp that will last you till generations. You can enjoy a simple plug and play through various devices and HDMI cables. It has a built-in battery construction and audio system.

  • Plug and play.
  • HDMI support.
  • Used.

Final Words:

If you do not mind a refurbished or renewed item then the Miroir Micro Projector can be a fascinatingly simple option for you.

6: TUREWELL H3 Projector

TUREWELL H3 Projector

If you want a simple-to-operate projector with a 2k HD resolution then the Turewell H3 Projector is your best bet.


The Turewell H3 Projector offers 1280 pixels x 720 pixels worth of display. It offers a bright lamp of 3600 Lumens. The contrast ratio is vivid and bright, 2000:1. It offers a massive 180 inches projection size. It is predicated on the technology of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens.

The Turewell has a great air duct and ventilation system. It has been engineered to self-clean and allows ample airflow to keep it cool and avoid overheating or overworking. The cooling system is super quiet and you will barely notice it. The vent keeps 92% of the dust and dirt particles out of the device keeping it safe and longlived. The extended lifetime of these products totals up to 55,000 hours.

Supreme connectivity is offered by the Turewell H3 Projector. You can simply connect multimedia to it through an HDMI/USB/SD/AV/VGA cable. There’s also an Earphone slot. You can enjoy it with other android devices, Mac and Chrome notebooks too. There are no limits, you can connect a firestick to it to bring all your subscriptions to it or to your gaming console to play live games and battles with friends and family.

  • 2k display.
  • Quality cooling system.
  • Bright screen.
  • No in-built sound system or speakers.

Final Words:

The great 2k resolution makes it a great fit for your daily home entertainment needs. The screen is going to lit up your home and you can enjoy it with everybody you care about, add this to your life now!

7: Weton Portable Projector

Weton LED Wireless Mini Projector

If you love to travel around and have fun-filled memories in nature you can take the Weton Portable Projector and make it a part of your routine. It is wireless and offers the latest technology among projectors yet, especially travel ones. You can enjoy numerous new and vital features such as WIFI connectivity and USB direct connection.


It offers you to enjoy movies, videos, pictures, audios and games on the screen. You can connect any device such as an iPhone, iPad, tablet, android phone, laptop, notebook or even personal computers to it. You can enjoy this and no extra cable or wire will be required for Apple devices. You can simply use Air to send the data to the projector. This makes it highly smart.

The Weton Portable Projector offers an increased 75% of Lumens on a 1080 pixel display. It is a full high definition projector. It is best operated in the darker areas. The viewing options range from a distance of 2 meters to 8 meters.

Weton is making great portable projectors. If you want a top-notch quality loaded with features then this is the brand that most fans are rooting for.

  • Wirelessness.
  • High Definition.
  • Large screen that is expandable to 180 inches.
  • Optimized for night time and darker areas.

Final Words:

Wirelessness makes it a perfect add on for any trip. You can make magical memories with the addition of this simple trip buddy. Or you can make your home extra comfortable with this one.

8: CASEMATIX Portable Projector

CASEMATIX Portable Projector Case

If you want a quick and easy way to operate a projector and carry it around then the mobile projector is a great tool to add to your life. This one comes from Casematix. It is highly durable and user-friendly. It comes with a hard carrying case. The portable projector is great for on-the-go demonstrations and usage.


Safe against all kinds of falls. You can drop it and it will be safe and spotless. The hard case allows it to be impact resistant, shock resistant and even dustproof. You will not ruin it by throwing it in your luggage with rough and tough items like your hairbrush and even razor.

It is rugged like you are. The hard exterior shell is made through plastic injection moulding. The polymer composite makes it superstring and well gelled together. It has a triple foam construction. It is cushioned internally to allow the projector to be safe from external damage.

This device is a smart way to carry your multimedia projection unit. It is super travel-friendly. You will not waste any extra space with this one. It is super comfortable to use and reach for. You can slide to unlock. It has tiny holes to keep the padlock safe and tight unless you want it open.

You will be surprised about how easily it fits into your pocket, suitcase, carry on bag and even your shoebox. It has usable dimensions of 11.0 inches x 7.25 inches x 2.75 inches. It is made in the USA.

You can enjoy High definition videos with this one without making a fuss about storage space and portability.

  • Multimedia connectivity.
  • Strength in the carry case.
  • Requires a battery and charging.

Final Words:

If you want an all-rounder that can be used at any time of the year then this is a great portable projector fit for your car, luggage or pocket. Additionally, you can use it in your home as well.

9: CiBest Video Projector

CiBest Video Projector

The Cibest Video Projector is a quality name in the range of home video projectors.


What this does is it offers you a great beautiful display size that ranges from 33 inches to 170 inches. The projector is portable. It offers an HD display of 1080 pixels. It offers you a great quality and feature range for the best projector under 100.

The new and fresh models offer crystal display. They also support big and small areas alike. The Cibest Video Projector is a model designed for 5 feet of distance to 16.4 feet. This is a versatile range fit for outdoors and even indoors.

You can use a ±15▫ manual, hand-operated keystone correction to meet your different angles and distances. The ideal recommended image size with this one is 80 inches to 90 inches.

The ideal and suggested projection distance is from anywhere near 6.6 feet to 8 feet. It has a built-in stereo system. However, it does not support Dolby Surround audio sound system. The cooling system is all internal. It is designed to reduce sound distortion and noise. It is great for MAC compatibility as well as Windows, Ios and Android.

  • Flexibility in distance and image size.
  • High definition display.
  • The brand also offers a 2-month free return for a full refund in case of an issue.
  • Wireless dongle not included but can be bought separately.
  • Does not support Dolby Surround.
  • Does not come with an in-built battery.
  • Not recommended for business presentations and formal PPT formats.

Final Words:

You can connect this to so many diverse devices. You can play games on it with a gaming console, can enjoy big league matches and sports. Also, turn it into a home entertainment center. It has been created to work well with MAC, Windows Laptops, PCs, Samsung and Android Tablets, Sony PS4, Microsoft’s XBOX, TV Box, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Blue-ray DVD players, SD Cards, USB Flash Drives and headphones.

10: Pansonite Portable Projector

Pansonite Portable Projector

Pansonite Portable Projector falls under the category of those projectors, who are offering a larger number of Lumens comparing to the Competition for making your viewing experience much better than before. Manufacturers have mentioned 5200 lumens, which is pretty cool for rendering the brighter objects on the screen. These lumens join hands with its 4.0 LCD technology for ensuring you the natural yet comfortable projection in every situation. Moreover, the Contrast ratio of 3000:1 has an equal contribution to the better rendering of objects.

Being a portable one, the projector is lighter in weight and can be taken outside anywhere conveniently. More interestingly, while taking it out to the office, or to a friend’s home, you will never have to worry about the connectivity. As it is featured with almost every connectivity port, you can expect in the projector.  Either it is a VGA, HDMI or USB, every port could be found in it.

Apart from this, the stereo speakers are also good enough to serve you with a better sound experience as well. There will be no need to have an external speaker if the room is smaller. But might not be suitable for the spacious room.

Relative to other projectors, it is fairly easy to understand, and easy to use. If you are planning to have a projector for the first time, you will never face any issue in understanding the controls of this projector. And can easily navigate to the desired option, right after taking a glance at the entire controlling system.

  • 5200 lumens.
  • 0 LCD technology.
  • Versatile connectivity port.
  • Easy to use.
  • The resolution could be better.

Final Words:

Pansonite Portable Projector is the featured pack projector, which is equipped with almost every feature that you might be required to have a better experience.

11: Meyoung Mini Projector (Best Mini Projector Under 100)

Meyoung Portable LED LCD Projector

Meyoung has captured the market by introducing the uniquely designed projector with the minimal possible dimension and the weight of just 1.2 lbs. you can easily take it along with you to any place, where you want to, without burdening your shoulder. 1.2 pounds is nothing to carry along with all other stuff. But despite the smaller projector with the lesser weight, the projector has the ability to project the object on screen with better lightning, brightness, sharpness, and contrast ratio. Along with the LED lighting, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 also makes it possible for you to turn the room into a theater with this smaller gadget.

The connectivity of this projector is not similar to others, but the basic required ports are included in it.  Although, you will have to purchase some of the cables separately to connect them with external devices. For instance, an HDMI adaptor for connecting your smartphone. But all of these things are justifiable when it comes to the price tag. You will never be able to find such a best performing yet mini projector at such a price.

In spite of the smaller size, the projector can serve you with the experience of the larger cinema. Built-in speakers produce enough stronger sound that, every person in the room can easily understand. While the projection on the screen will be enough clearer that, everyone will start considering himself in the cinema if the lights are turned off.  For having a better projection, we would recommend you place the projector at a distance of 2.5 ft. to 10 ft.

  • Easy to carry out.
  • Affordable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Better screening.
  • Have to purchase an HDMI adaptor separately.

Final Words:

Being affordable does not mean that the manufacturer has sacrificed on the quality. If you want to have the best every smaller projector of time, while considering using it for at least 15-20 years without any issue, then there would be no better option other than Meyoung mini projector.

12: iDGLAX iDG-787W Portable Projector

iDGLAX iDG-787W Portable Projector

There are many affordable projectors available in the market, but all of them does not worth buying. You might end up wasting your money by choosing an affordable unit. But that’s not true for iDGLAX iDG-787W projector as they are known for serving the user with top in class features at a reasonable price.

The overall weight of the projector is around 2 pounds, with a smaller dimension. Therefore, taking it to college or a friend’s home would never be an issue for you. While the resolution of 800 x 480 with the contrast ratio of 1000:1 makes it possible to have a better screening experience even on the family trip.  But bear in mind, the projector is not suitable for presenting business documents or reports over the screen due to the relatively smaller specification.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the projector allows you to get it attached to almost every external device. Either it is mobile, Xbox, console, you can easily start viewing the data of these devices on the screen as soon as you attached them with it. Moreover, the built-in speakers of the projector are also up to the mark, and eager to make your screen experience much better, by producing quality sound.

There is nothing to doubt when it comes to performance. But there is only one downside associated with this model that the focus knob of the projector is difficult for some folks to adjust.

  • Lightweight.
  • Smaller.
  • Perfect contrast ratio.
  • Connectivity above the mark.
  • The focus knob is not easy to deal with for some folks.

Final Words:

iDGLAX iDG-787W falls under the category of those projectors, which provide the perfect value for money. If you are on the budget and looking for investing your money on the projector, which could make you realize that it deserves every penny, you had invested in it, then you should put iDGLAX iDG-787W into your cart list instantly.

13: DBPOWER RD810 Portable Mini Projector

DBPOWER RD810 Portable Mini Projector

Comparing to the same category projector, DBPOWER RD810 is the one that provides a 50% brighter screen along with improved sharpness. Even though, the rendering output of the projector is not suitable for presenting the data, presenting in class or business meeting. But for turning the room into a tiny cinema, this projector is the perfect bet for you.

The contrast ratio of 2000:1 is neither too higher nor a lower one. Hence, can be considered as the sweet spot for producing better quality images on the screen. But that’s the only thing which is making the image quality better, the resolution and aspect ratio along with the enhanced brightness, all are working together so that you can have the mesmerizing memories with this projector.

Unlike other mini projectors, this one does not produce an annoying sound while spinning the cooling fan. It keeps eliminating the heat out the sound, without making noise. So that you can keep focusing on the sound that the speakers are producing instead of the sound of a fan.

Moreover, similar to all other recommended projectors, this one also does not bother you to worry about the connectivity. The port for attaching multiple media at the same time is also featured in this projector.

  • Premium quality experience.
  • The cooling fan does not annoy you with the sound.
  • Versatile media attachment options.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Dolby digital is not supported by DBPOWER RD810.

Final Words:

DBPOWER RD810 would be the best investment for having a clear screen on the front while getting a clear sound from the speakers. There is nothing that could convince you, more than the 3-year warranty, which reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in this projector’s satisfactory performance.

14: Vankyo Leisure 3 Upgraded Projector

vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector

Vankyo Leisure 3 projector uses LCD technology for presenting the higher quality visuals on the screen. But the higher quality visuals come only as of the result of the top in the class specification. The resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD display), contrast ratio 2000:1, and the enhanced brightness of lens, are the core behind, which is making it possible to visualize the images with the quality results.

Apart from the visual performance, this projector is scoring well for other checkpoints as well. For instance, ease of installation is something that has made it popular among home theater enthusiasts. You don’t have to put some serious effort, just choose the distance, place, and angle, that’s it after placing it on the tabletop all done. Whereas, portability has made it part of an adventurous soul’s life.

Vankyo Leisure 3 is second to none, even when it comes to durability. The sturdy construction will keep it a part of your essentials for years to come. More interestingly, you will not even have to spend any cost on maintenance, as the projector is featured with a light source that could be used for 40,000 hours without any disturbance.

  • Excellent visual performance.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Can be connected with versatile media.
  • Speakers have to be improved.

Final Words:

Connect whatever you want to, take it outside wherever you want to, keep having a better screening experience for years to come at the most reasonable price, what else do you need?

15: TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector

TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector

There are many portable projectors available in the market, which are useless, as they can’t be used outside during the sunshine. They all want you to have a dark locked room for having a clear image on the screen. But that’s not the case with the Tenker lumens Q5 projector. It allows you to keep enjoying and having cinema feeling all the time, regardless of the day and night, or dark and light.

32-176 is the screen size that can be achieved with this projector, by adjusting the projector between the distances of 1.8 to 2.0 m. No matter, either you have a smaller room or the larger one, this projector will be the perfect suitable one for you. Along with all these, the projector also holds the credibility to be used with the versatile media, without any issue.

The noise-less fan operation is another plus of this projector, which does not let you, be distracted from the annoying sound. Play the game, watch the movie, do whatever you want to. The distraction will not happen to you as long as you will have Tenker mini projector.

  • Can be used in the sunshine as well.
  • Suitable for both smaller and larger room.
  • Can be used with versatile gadgets.
  • Dolby audio is not supported by Tenker projector.

Final Words:

TENKER projector is the featured pack model, which is highly recommended to you for affordability, noise-less cooling fan, smaller distance placement, versatile use, and satisfactory image quality.

16: DracoLight Mini Projector

DracoLight Mini Projector

DracoLight projector support 1080p, which reflects that the projector will visualize the objects on the screen with FULL HD resolution so that you can have a clearer image. Either you want to use it for playing a game, or for turning a room into a cinema, this projector will show you every minor detail on the screen. Whereas, the contrast ratio 2000:1 also let the projector throw the image with a better color combination and accuracy.

Besides the visualization, the projector is also satisfying customers with built-in speakers. The sound, its speakers produce is enough audible, that you will not have to attach external sounds. But this statement is only true for the smaller rooms.

Connecting it with the external gadgets is the fun play, you will never have to worry about your device connectivity. As it is constructed with versatile ports, which allow you to attach any gadget conveniently, without causing any issue.

  • Better visualization.
  • Best performing speaker in a smaller room.
  • Have versatile connectivity port.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Not better for an online meeting.

Final Words:

For better visual performance, cost-effective solution, long-lasting construction, better connectivity, and satisfying speaker performance, we are confident that you will be loving to have this projector in your home.

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We have done our job of providing you with the right information for buying the best projector under 100 dollars. It’s time to make a decision according to your preferences. I am sure you will be able to choose one right product for your needs and if you do so, don’t forget to share it with others.