Epson 4010 vs 5040 – The Ultimate Comparison 2022

Epson 4010 vs 5040 Comparison
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Both Epson 4010 and Epson 5040 have marked an amazing transition from previous HD quality to 4K and, believe us or not, this is the evolution in the world of projectors.

Projectors have become essential for meetings in offices, and to watch movies and play games. The reason for this is that the projectors provide you with a big screen which enhances the watching experience. Moreover, it also makes sure that a large number of audiences can witness what is being displayed.

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Epson 4010 vs 5040

Epson 4010 – Best Home Cinema Projector

Epson Home Cinema 4010

We can’t generally say from an image quality point of view that this 4010 isn’t correct 4K. The picture is acceptable and as regular the light brightness diminishes as you use it. Additionally, it will show all DCI color space when I set the color mode to advanced film mode.

Strikingly, upgraded HD shows aren’t generally 4K. They are fooled into changing over 1080p to look like 4k. Essentially, it has 4.15 million pixels rather than 8.3 million pixels for a genuine 4K show. In any case, screens normally start at around 4K estimated at $ 5,000, offering a compromise and great incentive for cash.

I discover the projector disposes of a great deal of hot air. Hot air releases in the front of the projector. Depending upon the light mode: economy mode – 283 watts and high mode – 373 watts, you will require ventilation If you need to be decent in a similar room. I think this is the situation for the meeting with regards to projectors.

You can interface the projector to your LAN (Ethernet) with the goal that you can send it from your PC or cell phone. They have both versatile and work area applications calling Epson iProjection that permit you to do this. There are additional 3D includes that require separate dynamic 3D glasses. I didn’t have these, so I was unable to check the usefulness of the 3D projector.

There are 4 projection modes: front rooftop, front and back rooftop, and back rooftop. This covers all projector arrangement/establishment alternatives. Epson 4010 is a classy model that suits everyone. It is user-friendly as well and produces quality results with HD resolution.

A larger-than-average controller with huge buttons can be turned on. There are far-off sensors on the front and back of the projector, which is helpful whether your arrangement has the projector in front or behind. Perhaps you need to pick another screen If you need to have a superior gaming experience given by a 60p/60Hz screen. A bit of caution here. The HDMI attachments despite everything have all the earmarks of being the old 1.4a norm, as they do boost HDCP 2.2 and hence can’t boost higher edge rates for the more current variant 2.0. It is secured at 24p/24Hz when utilizing 4K HDR.

You should pay significantly more and move to the following level if you need something increasingly exact, differentiating, and brilliant. Be that as it may, this value classification offers the best image quality and the best features you will discover today.

At last, the Epson home performance center 4010 is an extraordinary incentive for cash for those searching for a home projector equipped for tolerating 4K UHD sources.

  • Epson 4010  supports 1080p 3D.
  • Optional Wi-Fi Dongle for connectivity.
  • Free from any rainbow artifacts.
  • High-quality 15-element glass lens.
  • 10 different lens memory positions.
  • The input lag of 28.4ms might affect gamers who prefer fast gaming.
  • No support for 4K.

Epson 5040 – 4K Enhanced

Epson Home Cinema 5040

Epson 4K improvement innovation conveys dazzling image quality each inconspicuous multifaceted nature is caught. It has 2500 lumens of brightness (color light yield) and 2500 lumens of white brightness. Accomplish amazing color execution with the full RGB color space, in addition to DCI in computerized film mode.

Preset with up to 10 mechanical center modes, zoom in/zoom out; it has 2.1x zoom and ultra-wide focal point change. Appreciate HDR content, with a wide scope of brightness levels for similar color images. It acknowledges 4K information and supports HDCP 2.2 for genuinely vivid scenes with 4K content.

It gives a splendid HDR image. Differentiation can be improved and it takes a darker room, the darker the better. Once more, you don’t generally improve differentiated specs until you drastically change the cost.

The projector itself is extremely enormous and substantial, around 25 pounds. The two things you’ll likely be supplanting are the air channels ($ 19) and the light ($ 300). Both are simple to manage without requiring specialized information. A programmed focal point that permits you to move the shown focal point and image up to 96% vertically and 47% evenly. You can modify the vertical deviation vertically up to 30 ° and amplify the image up to 2.1x. This gives you colossal adaptability in the circumstance. So I suggest that you set the lock setting with the goal that somebody doesn’t incidentally transform it. The projector will likewise permit you to store it in memory, in one of ten presets, which you will recall whether you do.

The mechanized focal point permits you to utilize the controller to change center, zoom, and move the focal point rather than the manual plates on the projector. As to be reasonable, if you have a home theater arrangement for a fixed projector, this is something you set once.

Truly, it is better than when utilizing 1080p. If you live in the San Diego territory and need a show, I’d love to show it to you. It’s an incredible projector! Unbelievable 4k! No distinction to my $ 10,000 Sony companions!

You can accomplish 100% adjusted color brightness, with 2500 lumens proportional to 4 color/white brightness and Ultra Black differentiate proportion of 1000,000: 1. Propelled structure, 3 slides, 3LCD methods no color wheel or clasp White or the rainbow impact. With HDR10 and a wide color range, films are remarkable.

Epson PRO-UHD 3LCD home projectors convey a mix of color, difference, and goal for an unmatched diversion experience. Everything about existence with 4K improvement innovation, which acknowledges 4K UHD substance and yields non-4K content. Get outstanding color execution and vivid pictures with Home Cinema 5040UB. You need to try this projector as it is very powerful as compared to the previous models.

  • It is sharper and more accurate.
  • It is bright.
  • Stunning Image Quality.
  • 4K Enhancement.
  • Excellent Color Performance.
  • Input lag is similar to Epson 4010 so gamers might again find some problems.
  • Has Only one HDMI port.

Buying Guide of Epson 4010 vs 5040

In the buying guide, we will compare Epson 4010 vs. 5040 so that you can choose from the best and have no worries about mistakenly opting for the wrong item.

Essential features of Epson 4010:

So, in this Epson 4010 vs. 5040, let us begin by describing some amazing features and advantages of Epson Home Cinema 4010.

Without further ado, here are the features of Epson 4010.


Epson 4010 also has different modes and some of those modes include Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Natural, Cinema, B&W Cinema, and Digital Cinema. You can choose from any according to your own preferences.


In Dynamic Mode with contrast set up at maximum, Epson 4010 will provide you with 2621 lumens which is more than its rated brightness.

3D Video:

Another thing that will put you in awe is that this Epson 4010 automatically recognizes any 3D signals and changes to 3D Cinema or 3D Dynamic.

Picture Quality:

Epson 4010 has now 1920 by 1080p imaging chips and an improved 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shifting. It can now accommodate input signals up to 4096 by 2160. So you can expect good quality from Epson 4010.

Why do you need to choose Epson 4010?

There can be a couple of reasons why a person will want to opt for choosing Epson 4010. The number one reason is that Epson 4010 has a better HDR and is equipped with a much better optic engine. The menu interface of Epson 4010 is also easy to navigate and its lens memory, as mentioned above, allows you to use ultra-wide cinemascope as well. The wide color gamut, balanced color brightness, stunning resolution, and myriad of other features are the reasons which convince a person to choose and purchase Epson 4010. Choose Epson 4010 for an exceptional experience.

Essential features of Epson 5040:

As we move further in this buying guide of Epson 4010 Vs 5040, we will put forward to you the most wonderful features which Epson 5040 accommodates.

The Following are features of Epson 5010!


Epson 4010 also has different modes and some of those modes include Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Natural, Cinema, B&W Cinema, and Digital Cinema. You can choose from any according to your own preferences.


The color accuracy of Epson 5040 is so on point that your jaw will drop just by looking at the colors and picture quality of Epson 5040. The rated brightness of Epson 5040 is 26,000 lumens.

HDR Compatibility:

Along with all this, Epson 54040 also possesses HDR compatibility and Dramatic Ultra Levels which will surely improve your viewing experience and you will be completely immersed in whatever is being shown on the screen.

Enhancement Technology:

Epson 5040 works on Epson Image Enhancement Technology and 4K Enhancement Technology which makes this piece of equipment different from other projectors out there in the market.

Why do you need to choose Epson 5040?

Again there can be a plethora of reasons that you might want to choose Epson 5040 after reading this buying guide of Epson 4010 Vs 5040 but in our opinion, both of these projectors are manufactured by a well-known company. Moreover, the features of both projectors are more or less similar, so you can choose from anyone. We will recommend Epson 5040 because it might come into your budget easily.

Comparison Table for Epson 4010 Vs 5040

SpecificationsEpson 4010Epson 5040
Color Brightness2,400 Lumens2,600 Lumens
Lens TechnologyEpson Precision lensEpson Precision Lens w/Shift
Color Space100% of DCI-P3100% of DCI-P3
Dynamic Contrast Ratio200,000:1200,000:1
HDR SupportYes (Full 10-Bit)Yes (Full 10-Bit)

So, this is a complete comparison table that you can use to compare both, Epson 4010 Vs Epson 5010.


So, in this buying guide of Epson 4010 Vs 5040, we compared both projectors and told you about their details. We hope that this article was helpful and addressed all your questions.

For further information, refer to FAQs!


Which one is better in, Epson 4010 Vs 5040?

Epson 5040 provides you with higher contrast and deeper black which is only advantageous in dark rooms while Epson 4010 shows a little more confidence in HDR rendering. So the choice is yours. Both are equally equipped and better to work with.

Which one is expensive, Epson 4010 Vs 5040?

Well, the market price of both projectors is almost the same and both of these projectors are the current best in the market. We think the price might not be a big issue!

How much Brightness a person may need?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and we believe that this question is the most important one to be answered properly. The brightness requirement solely depends on which room you are going to use or install your projector. If it is a room with windows and has good lighting, you will need a projector with good brightness. However, if you have a room that is dark compared to other rooms, you will need to have good contrast and care a little less about brightness.

Which throw distance and screen size are good for a person?

It again depends on the use of the projector. If you are installing projectors to present presentations and meetings to a large group of people, then you will need a good throne and a good screen size for your projector.