Top 10 Best Projector Under 500 Dollars or Pounds – 2022 Reviews

Best Projector Under 500

Looking for the best projector under 500 dollars? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will cover top projectors under $500 to help you choose the right one. Choosing the best projector is a challenging task when there are a plethora of options to pick from.

Many people get frustrated with so many options in front of them. Keeping this thing in mind, I have done the hard work for you and crafted this list of 10 best projectors under 500 to help you make an informed decision.

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Each review selected for this product is explained with pros, cons, and features to help you figure out the right device for your needs.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Best Projectors Under 500 in 2022 – Updated List

#Best Projector Under 500Price
1ViewSonic 1080P Check Price
2Optoma HD146X Check Price
3Optoma ML750 WXGA Check Price
4Epson Home Cinema 760HD Check Price
5Mini Portable Projector Check Price
6Wowoto P5 Check Price
7Wowoto CAN Check Price
8Optoma WU334 Check Price
9BenQ MH535A Check Price
10Wowoto H10 Check Price

1. ViewSonic 1080p DLP Projector (Best Projector Under 500)

Best Projector Under 500

For satisfying the projector needs in the business meeting rooms, this best brightening projector from the ViewSonic is the perfect bet. But the features and technology that is used in its manufacturing make it the best companion for experiencing the home theater as well.

The 3000 lumens of the projector produces the brightest and sharper images on the screen, where the 3000 lumens feature makes it capable to deal with almost every second display screen without any restriction. Although it is noticed that to experience the best performance of this unit, you must have an ambient lighting room.

The contrast is the thing that was not the main focus of the manufacturer, but still, it falls under the category of those projectors, which satisfy the customer with a decent quality of photo and videography.

For gaining accurate and balanced color output, you will be required to set it in the darkroom mode. Otherwise, on the standard mode, you will have nothing other than under-saturated colors on the screen. In spite of the 1080p projection capability, you would also be able to use it on other input signals frequencies. Because its conversion ability from non-native to native signal is remarkable.

The best part of this projector is the shortest projection time period of 10 milliseconds. You will never feel any delay while enjoying the screening with your family members. Even this non-delayed projection ability makes it a perfect fit for the gamers as well.

The only constraint that comes with this projector is associated with its lamp life and replacement cost. On the Eco mode, the lamp could last till 3000 hours and 2500 hours if used at full power, which is pretty shocking. Because there are none of the brands that are offering this much-limited duration, and it’s the shortest one among all of its peers. Apart from that, the cost of replacement is also something that could make you think twice before buying it.

  • Full HD resolution.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Better brightness.
  • Accurate color output.
  • 10 Milliseconds displaying time period.
  • Lamp’s life is shorter than its peers.

Final Words:

From the resolution to the technology that was used in this projector, everything translates it into one of the promising yet best-serving projectors. You will hardly find any flaw in the performance and features of this projector. It would be the best fit for you, only if you can bear with the lamp replacement cost and satisfied with its shorter longevity.

2. Optoma HD143X Projector

Optoma HD143X Projector

Optoma HD143X has a track record of serving budget users by offering the best quality output image along with the best in class color’s accuracy and contrast capability. If you are on the budget, then this comprehensive review might help you to make the final decision.

Bear in mind before moving forward, don’t expect the same from this model that you usually expect from other similarly priced models because it has a lot to offer you without burdening your wallet too much.

3000 lumens is the thing that was advertised by the manufacturer, but we had noticed a slight difference. However, it throws the best brightness and accurate color on the screen without making you feel the lumens deficiency. The output quality is fairly similar to other expensive units and far better than the competition.

Unlike peers, adjustment is something that you would not have to do frequently because the projector holds the credibility of throwing out the natural colors on the screen without any adjustment. Along with the natural colors, the contrast for which it got fame is also the feature that has to be acclaimed.

Either you are using it for watching movies, or for satisfying the appetite of the hardcore gamer, the persistent delivery of quality images will leave you amazed. Even though the quality of the image in the cinema mode is not 3 dimensional but the quality is up to mark as compared to the price.

The add-on of this projector is the Mono Speaker, which is eager to serve you with the best quality sound along with a better viewing experience. It could fail to show its presence, in the larger rooms. Therefore, relying on its sound only in the smaller room would be a prudent decision.

Some of the limitations that belong to this unit include the delayed sync signal ability and the heavyweight. But these limitations have nothing to do with the performance directly, you can keep enjoying the home theater all the time without any distortion.

  • Satisfying contrast.
  • Color’s accuracy.
  • Full HD resolution.
  • Affordability.
  • Heavier in weight.
  • Syncing could be better.

Final Words:

Overall, the projector has the ability to score well when it comes to performance. But the main reason behind the popularity and widespread fame is the value that this projector is eager to serve you with. Settling down with the heavier weight and adequate signal syncing power is your decision, then there would be no better option that you could avail at such a price.

3. Optoma ML750 WXGA Projector – Best Home Projector Under 500

Optoma ML750 WXGA

Here’s another projector from the same Brand Optoma, which is eager to serve the business community and home theater enthusiasts as well.  The DLP technology is used in this unit, which is reputable for producing smoother images with a higher level of accuracy. The main philosophy behind the usage of DLP technology is to serve users with quality output and better contrast ability at the most affordable price.

Optoma ML750 is available in the market with 800 lumens, which translates it into the best companion for those who love to experience the screening in the darker room. If you are the one, who has the love for the lightning room screening, then you should never look back at it. Otherwise, the frustration would only be your fortune.

As far as the quality is concerned, the WXGA resolution, contrast ratio, lumens and DLP projection ability to join hands together to serve you with the top in class image quality on the screen. After getting convinced with the quality, you might be thinking about the suitability of this projector with your room space. Thanks to its shorter distance throwing capability, regardless of the room space you can opt for this model without any hesitation because it could produce the bigger images even from a distance of 1 meter.

The lighter weight and compact design enhance the portability feature of this model. And being portable, the connectivity of the projector is also at its best. To communicate the data, you will have every sort of port in it ranges from the SD card slot to the USB port.

Lamp life of this DLP projector is also far better than the competition, which is nearly 20,000 hours. In simple words, the power consumption will be reduced and you will not have to spend any maintenance cost frequently on this model. Ultimately that saves you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Quality image production.
  • Featured pack.
  • Portable.
  • Shorter throwing distance.
  • Mirror scaling could be better.

Final Words:

The portability and easy configuration along with the quality image production are the things that make it able to steal a position on our recommended list. The features comparing to the price are more noteworthy than any other option. Grab it right now, to have a better home theater experience.

4. Epson Home Cinema 760HD – Best Epson Projector Under 500

Epson Home Cinema 760HD Projector

Epson 760HD projector is a compactly designed projector that is lighter in weight and easy to carry out. The portability of this unit is not only because of the lightweight construction, but a variety of connectivity ports also contribute evenly to make it the best ever portable projector.

Communication of data between devices would never be an issue for you with Epson 760HD projector. Moreover, for streaming purposes, there would be no restriction of any device, you can attach it with any of the devices that is spare at the time of use.

The brightness of around 3,300 lumens produces the brightest images on the portable screen. Hence, the darker room is not the best placement for these projectors. The room with ambient lighting is the best place that you can opt for this projector. Even the use of this projector in the daylight will never cause you any issue.

Along with the brightness, the contrast ratio of 15,000:1 also ensures you the quality and best color combination on the screen all the time. Apart from that, the resolution of the projector is 1280 x 720, which is pretty decent. However, it does not produce the same quality that the Full HD produces, but still, the output of the projector is satisfying.

The 2-watt mono speaker is also included in the projector to serve you with the sound along with the quality image. The speakers are powerful enough to produce an adequate level of sound in the smaller room, but using them in the larger rooms or outside is not a good idea.

The longevity of the lamp is also the feature that sets it apart from the competition. Around 10,000 hours is the noted time period of the lamp life at the full power, whereas it could last for 6,000 hours at the ECO mode.

  • HD resolution.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best contrast ratio.
  • Brightness.
  • Few unit’s HDMI Port lose signals.

Final Words:

Like other models of Epson, this projector also has the guts to make the user satisfied with the best performing features. The main thing that makes this recently launched model a favorite of all home theater enthusiasts is the image quality, portability, pricing, and lamp life.

5. Mini Portable Projector  – Best Gaming Projector Under 500

Mini Portable Projector

Here’s comes another versatile projector that could be used for many purposes. Either you want to play a game on a bigger screen, or have a plan of turning a room into a cinema, this projector is the answer to you.

DLP technology of this mini projector provides the promising 3,500 lumens of brightness on the screen. So, you can’t expect anything else other than the sharpened images. The contrast ratio of the projector blends perfectly with the lumens to produce crystal clear objects on the screen.

Being a portable projector, it is lighter in weight and comes up with a rechargeable battery so that you can opt for this projector to use during traveling and camping. Converting any room into a theater would not be an issue for this projector in any sense. But bear in mind, it should only be used in the ambient lightning room for a better experience.

The resolution of this projector is 1280 x 800, which also has some contribution in making your viewing experience much better than other projectors. And the coverage area of 300 inches is also something, where most of the mini projectors are lacking.

Lamp life of this projector is around 20,000 hours, which is pretty cool. In simple words, you can keep using this projector for the next 5 years without spending any money as the maintenance cost. Yes! It will save you a lot of money.

  • Lamp life.
  • A higher level of Brightness.
  • The perfect Contrast ratio for better quality.
  • Portable.
  • Value for money.
  • Flimsy.

Final Words:

If you want to have a projector that could satisfy the needs of versatile users including gamers, business professionals, and home users, then considering this minim projector should be your top priority. Either it is a display quality or longevity, this portable projector scores well in all areas.

6. Wowoto P5 – Best Office Projector Under 500

Wowoto P5 Best Office Projector Under 500

With a sleek and almost cylindrical design, this projector reminds you of a handy and portable Bluetooth speaker rather than a powerful projection device. However, looks really can be deceiving as this machine is super powerful.

With its built-in battery of 15,600 mAh and its capability of 3500 lumens of brightness, this device is a formidable one, competing with some of the larger non-portable devices. It costs a bit more than normal projectors but with the features it offer, that is to be expected.

It has a built-in speaker, a built-in headset jack, 2 multi-function USB ports, an HDMI port and also connects to Airplay, Bluetooth and other wireless connection options. It also is equipped with the super convenient multi sharing screen option that enables the user to use multiple devices to project content.

Additionally, the digital light processing technology that powers the device ensures that the display is the sharpest and cleanest. It offers an impressive resolution of 1280x800p meaning you get the best quality and colour balance portable projectors have to offer.

It is perfect for your home entertainment system, for educational institutions and even for the work environment. What’s even better is that the fan is super quiet making for a very comfortable viewing experience.

  • Powerful Battery.
  • Multiple Connection Options.
  • DLP Technology.
  • Noiseless.
  • Super Expensive.

7. Wowoto CAN – Best 1080p Projector Under 500

Wowoto CAN Best 1080p Projector Under 500

This portable projector has a standard resolution of 1280x800p but is also capable of displaying HD 1080p resolution images which means it is right up there with the larger counterparts when it comes to great picture quality. Its 3500 lumens of light means that the display will not only be super sharp but also super vivid with the best colour balance. The battery is inbuilt and rechargeable, it can be used for long periods of time without the need for a recharge.

Along with the super necessary auto keystone correction capability which ensures there is no picture distortion or imbalance, the CAN device also has the special feature of auto-zoom and digital focusing allowing for a more personalized experience. It also can be controlled via either your PC or laptop’s mouse or by its remote control. Can be operated by a remote control/mouse.

This is a list of devices and options of connectivity that this device offers:

  • Mouse
  • TV Sticks
  • HDMI
  • WIFI
  • AV
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • All Android and Apple devices
  • USB
  • All laptops and PCs
  • All audio devices

The device comes with an inbuilt speaker, is equipped with a 4.4 android system, has about 8GBs of storage space and gives the viewer an option of screen size from 19 to 300 inches.

The Wowoto CAN device is powered by the DLP technology which means it is powered without the presence of any potentially harmful features such as filaments, glass mercury, radiation or UV lights which means that it is easy on the eyes for 50000 hours of screen time it offers.

Its greater storage capability offers you the chance to download and stream videos and content from sites like YouTube, Netflix and other streaming apps with a much smoother experience as compared to other products.

The fan which is built-in not only reduces heat build-up but is also super quiet and noiseless. The temperature control feature monitors the overall temperature of the device and then readjusts the fan as needed.

Other than all the above-mentioned features, this device is super portable and super lightweight as it only weighs around 500 grams and is the absolute best option for any situation or environment it is used in.

  • Great Battery.
  • Portable.
  • Eye Protection.
  • Connectivity.
  • No rear installation.

8. Optoma WU334 – Best Portable Projector Under 500

Optoma WU334 Best Portable Projector Under 500

If you are on the lookout for a device that is best for a more professional or educational setting, then we recommend the Optoma WU334 device as it runs on WUXGA technology which means it is perfect for all smaller rooms such as conference rooms, classrooms, installations and meeting rooms.

With 3600 lumens of unparalleled brightness and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, it gives you only the best and sharpest image quality. With vivid imagery and the perfect colour balance as it supports sRGB that makes it compatible with all handheld and PC based devices for the best colour support.

It delivers a 1.3x zoom and its installation type ensures that it can project the brightest projection onto a diverse set of walls and surfaces. Its 10W enabled speaker is inbuilt and means that there is no need to purchase any extra sound equipment.

It is compatible with VGA, HDMI and connects to a wide array of devices. Along with a 15000 hour of lamp life which means this device only performs at high performance.  HDMI,

Digital Light Processing ensures that the machine delivers the best pixel quality, faster response times, minimal colour degradation and the darkest contrast.

This device has the ability to display REC.709 from the colour scale which ensures the best reproduction of the cinematic colour in all movies and films. Along with keeping up with HDTV standards which allow for the best movie experience especially for gaming and sports.

What most projectors lack is the ability to distinguish the darkest part of an image from the brightest ones, this is not the case with the Optoma WU334 as it has the highest contrast feature. This enables the device to produce smoother and more depth in the images. The high contrast ratio creates clearer and sharper images with excellent shade detailing.

  • Best Contrast.
  • Best Colours.
  • Pricey.

9. BenQ MH535A – Best HD Projector Under 500

BenQ MH535A

The BENQ MH535A is the most versatile portable colour projector that is perfect for any job whether it is at the office or at schools. This projector may seem like a lightweight contender but it has the best resolution and image quality in its price range.

It is compatible with USB and HDMI connection options, has a very user-friendly interface, is easy to set up and can be easily installed by even the most newbie users. Equipped with a full HD 1080p resolution and a brightness that would put larger models to shame, this is a fuss-free device.

Whether you mean to attach it to your home entertainment system or use it to present your best pitch in a meeting, this device does it all! Multiple ports and connectivity ensure that team-based presentations will be a seamless affair. While most projectors of its size are best for smaller rooms, this is one heavy duty device as it works great in large settings for many people.

Since it projects images at a throw of 11 feet, it is probably best for larger environments. That does not mean you cannot use it within the confines of your home but a shorter projection distance might decrease the image quality.

3600 lumens of brightness means you will receive unparalleled display and resolutions for indoor settings at both low light and natural light based environments. However, that does not mean this won’t work great in your dark lit room at home for watching the latest movies and videos with ease.

Whether it is due to the advanced digital light processing technology or its 1080p resolution, the MH535A produces a 15000:1 contrast ratio that provides exceptional imagery and picture quality. The impressive clarity means that you can view all text and images with ease without having to put any strain or effort on your eyes. Truest blacks mean there will be no rainbow artifacts which are usually associated with DLP technology and you will have the best cinematic experience.

The device provides a 1080p quality resolution that gives you the best picture sharpness and clarity at a great price. Whether you zoom in on content for presentations or as a teacher imparting valuable knowledge, viewers will be more than impressed at the superior quality of images and videos.

The promise is an unbelievable 1.07 billion colour display! Unbelievable right? Well, believe it because this feature ensures that no matter what you look at, the images will appear real and true to life. Crisp, clear and sharp are the best ways to describe this display.

From a normal mode of 5000 hours, an eco-mode of 10,000 hours and a smart eco mode that helps you get 15000 hours of the unparalleled viewing experience, you will be able to get the maximum time and viewing capability out of the MH535A. All of this while playing your part to protect the environment? Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

It is also a highly intelligent and smart system in place which automatically tunes the eco mode on after 3 minutes of potential inactivity from the user’s part. Furthermore, if in case you forget to power the device off, it will shut off after 20 minutes, saving your energy for future meetings or sessions and your electricity bill!

The device features 2 VGA ports, a vertical keystone feature that decreases the chance of distortion, 2 HDMI ports and audio output and input options.

More often than not the main issue that arises with many projection-based devices is that if the setup or installation conditions are not the best, there is something called the trapezoidal effect that occurs. If the placement is in a room that is not adequate for the optimum viewing instructions, if the balance is off the center or if it is at a certain height, it really decreases the overall performance of any device.

However thanks to a feature such as the vertical keystone option, this imbalance is corrected by automatically placing the four corners in an aligned placement. So you can expect perfect and reliable alignment each time!

Most devices will only ever offer one or two adjustment feet at the bottom for the angling or placement of the device on a preferably flat surface. However, there are times when one’s conditions are not ideal and therefore this product offers 3 feet instead that give the perfect balanced viewing experience each time.

So this means how your device will be placed or angled will be up to you as a user and any imbalance that occurs from a less than flat surface will eventually be corrected by the vertical keystone option. This gives the MH535A a considerable advantage over its competitor’s ad makes it a superior device.

  • 3 adjustable feet.
  • Vertical Keystone.
  • Best Contrast.
  • Vivid Display.
  • No cons for this product.

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10. Wowoto H10 – Best Home Cinema Projector Under 500

Wowoto H10

Equipped with DLP technology and smart LED light source, the H10 gives out an impressive 4500 lumens of brightness which is a whopping 30 percent brighter than its other products. It also is compatible with both 4K and Full HD 1080p resolution for both normal videos and 3D technology.

It offers the strongest connectivity options including but not limited to HDMI, USB AV, TV stick, Flash Drive, all media from laptops and PCs and all android and Apple smartphones. It also features compatibility with WLAN, UShare, AirPlay and other Bluetooth based devices for both gaming options and videos.

Its LED source of light makes its battery life 10x as bright as long-lasting as any normal source. The cooling fan and temperature control features are inbuilt and monitor and control the heat build-up.

  • Great Brightness.
  • Lots of options for connections.
  • Battery Life.
  • Pricey.

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Now that you have all the information regarding the best projectors under 500, it’s time to make a decision according to your preferences. We have done our job of providing authentic information to help you make an informed decision, it’s up to you to take action now. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with others.

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