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Having a good quality home projector can change your living style. A good projector means better game nights, better Super Bowl nights, better movie nights, and perhaps loss of tailgating. You can enjoy a great projector at an affordable rate without breaking the bank. To know about the Best Projector Under 200, please keep reading.

A quality projector is a high definition, it has a good projection size, it comes with all accessories required and it offers great portability for camping and road trips. If this is the kind of projector you are looking for then you are in luck because we have got reviews on just some of them that match these needs.

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List of Top 12 Best Projectors Under 200 of 2022 – Latest Reviews

#Best Projector Under 200Price
1VANKYO Leisure 510 HD (Best Projector For Under 200) Check Price
2APEMAN Projector Mini (Best Outdoor Projector Under 200) Check Price
3Vamvo Home Theatre Projector 3600S Check Price
4DracoLight 4500 (Best Cheap Projector Under 200) Check Price
5Artlii Upgraded Movie Projector Check Price
6Pico Projector, AKASO Mini Portable Check Price
7WiMiUS P18 Projector (Best Movie Projector Under 200) Check Price
8GuDee Full HD Video Projector (Best HD Projector Under 200) Check Price
9Vamvo S1 Ultra (Best Mini Projector Under 200) Check Price
10Tainidi Full HD Projector 3600 Lux Check Price
11Artili DLP Projector (Best Projector Under 200 WiFi) Check Price
12Artili Energon Home Theater Projector Check Price

1: VANKYO Leisure 510 HD (Best Projector For Under $200)

VANKYO Leisure 510 HD

The problem with many low-priced projectors is that they look blurry and offer small projection sizes anyway. The Vankyo Leisure offers a great quality 510 high-definition display. It has a 4200 Lux, optimized for movies. It offers a video projection of 230 inches of purely good projection size. This is a versatile and easy-to-carry projection unit. It supports up to 1080 pixels of picture quality via its HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB cable ports. It comes with an included travel carrying bag.

Vankyo Leisure 510 HD offers brighter display settings as compared to other options in this under 200 class. The projectors are high-resolution friendly. It provides a native resolution of  1280*768 pixels and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. The projector will offer you a 4200 Lux LED light display. This shows a soft image without making the glare too hard or tiring for the eyes. This can allow longer movie nights and lesser grogginess in the morning after.

It also has an improved fan system. The cooling apparatus is built-in. This allows improved and consistent performance without the chances of it overheating and shutting down. It also means that the projector will have a longer life as it keeps itself cool during and after use to ensure all parts are kept free of heat and overworking damage.

It also improves your audio experience by reducing its own noise. The noise reduction allows the projector to be used with movies with quality background scores, and even great dialogues, nothing like noise will ruin your ambiance with this one.

The Vankyo Leisure 510 Hd fits with all your personal computers, laptops, iPad devices, tablets and the largest range of smartphones. It is also accessible through a TV stick. It supports Chromecast. You can also enjoy this versatile projector with Xbox and PlayStations.

It comes with built-in speakers so you do not need to carry additional speakers with you on the road trip. The 3W stereo speakers come in a pair. They are not as high maintenance and expensive as other additional or external speakers. The sound quality will give you all the cinema vibes that you expect from a good quality projector.

It will offer a smooth projection on screen, without distorting or clouding any movements upon projection. It is a perfect fit for home usage as well as offices, farmhouses, and restaurants.

  • Travel-friendly and includes a travel carry bag/case.
  • It already has built-in speakers for superior audio quality, it has noise reduction systems in place too.
  • Allows projection of a huge 230 inches sized display of around 1080 pixel visual quality.
  • Does not have wheels on the bottom.

2: APEMAN Mini Projector (Best Outdoor Projector Under 200)

APEMAN Mini Projector

If you want something smaller and even easier to carry, then look into the Apeman Projector Mini. This is a Portable audio-video solution for contemporary people.

The Apeman Projector mini is a video DLP pocket projector. It is great for homes and outdoors. This entertainment unit is lighter than many smartphones! And yet it offers a great picture quality and a screen resolution of up to 1080 pixels. It has an in-built battery, you can simply just recharge it. It also comes with a 360-degree tripod and a complete sound system.

You can enjoy the stereo with a high-quality image, there are no compromises with this mini portable projector by Apeman. You will get the tripod technology with this projector.

It is as light as 0.44 pounds. This means that you can basically keep it in your pocket and mistake it for your phone! The dimensions of this whole unit are 3.86×3.86×0.85 inches.

It is simple to operate and very easy to carry in case you had not noticed it already. While it is not suitable for a formal presentation for work or business,  it is fit for informal use with family and friends.

The Apeman mini has a pre-installed, fixed, internal battery. This can be recharged multiple times. The battery is large enough to support an extended use time of approximately 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours with each charge.

The movie can be enjoyed in the dark and in light. It has a great lamp. You will not require electricity or a plug to use this projector all along.

The lens of the projector promises to last 45,000 hours. This is a big number and perhaps fit for you to pass onto your next generations. Even if you use it tirelessly for 10 hours a day, every day,  it should last you for about 15 years.

The mini portable projector is compatible with all smart devices. You can connect it with a TV box additionally. You can also use it with your camera. The projector supports DVD players. You can use it with PlayStation if you are not into movies. It also is operational through your smartphone.

All of this is possible as it comes with a standard HDMI port. You can enjoy a large screen size of 100 inches. A 100 inches projection size for a portable projector is huge, larger than your LCD screens and other options available on the go. It uses state-of-the-art DLP technology. What this technology does it that it provides a 70% brighter, crisp and beautiful image than many other alternatives.

You can enjoy a 50% sharper image and use it with a 1000:1 color contrast ratio. The projector offers an 854 x 480 native resolution. You can enjoy at a distance of 1 to 4 meters. The display can be reduced to 30 inches depending on your needs.

The Apeman mini portable projector also offers noise reduction features. It will also include a proper tripod technology stand. The stand will offer you a very comprehensive and advanced 360-degree rotation and secure hold.

It comes with all the loaded features of a full-sized, larger device, but it is small and space-efficient. You can easily carry it with you on road trips, tailgating, festivals, camping nights and even simple BBQ’s around your own or your friend’s house. You will not feel lazy or laid-back as to pack it, it offers ease and comfort and does not demand much help from you.

  • It is lightweight and perhaps the best option for travel and portable projectors.
  • Great for home and personal usage.
  • Fit for converting any area into a cinema hall.
  • Offers noise reduction.
  • Includes a tripod.
  • Not very appealing as a business projector or meetings.

3: Vamvo Home Theatre Projector 3600S (Best Projector For Home Theater Under 200)

Vamvo Home Theatre Projector 3600S

The Vamvo home theatre is designed to perform well as a cinema alternative. You can enjoy up to 200 inches of a screen, you can view crisp and bright images on the projector without any distortion or fall in the quality of the lens over time. It comes with a Fire TV Stick compatibility which makes it smart! What more could you ask for in an advanced, modern projector unit?

The projector also offers you to connect your PlayStation and other devices to it through the use of simple cables and cable ports. It has access through an HDMI, VGA, AV and a USB cable.

The projector has a built-in apparatus of a Lux 4000 LED light. The Vamvo 3600S offers a competitive native screen resolution of 1280*768 pixels and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It can be used in under-lit areas and over-light areas alike. The projector offers you to enjoy high definition display without being interrupted by the fan noise, like many cheaper alternatives. You can enjoy noise reduction and a more delectable experience with this projector, please prioritize quality over everything else.

There are inbuilt HIFI level matches stereo audio units within this projector.

The projector can be sued with all standard devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones and TV sticks. You can also plug in your game consoles and USB for viewing. It can project a larger image with the same quality resolution. The projection size can go up to 200 inches and can be reduced to 44 inches as per your needs. The best viewing distance is a 5-18 feet range. However, a distance of 10 feet is optimal.

The brand offers a 3-month money-back guarantee and a 2-year factory support warranty.

Vamvo offers a great home theatre projector. It offers a medium to large display size. It is a high definition. It is highly compatible with mist gadgets and you can enjoy the projector with a platform pallet.

  • Customizable for small and large-sized places.
  • Optimal for night time usage, as well as indoor day time usage.
  • Complete warranty available.
  • Includes a platform pallet.
  • Does not come with a travel case.

4: DracoLight 4500 (Best Cheap Projector Under 200)

DracoLight 4500

If you are looking for a fancy and premium projector under 200 then the DarcoLight 4500 is a great option for you. This is based on real facts and you will be happily surprised by its quality. The Dracolight 4500 has a large lux led light of 45000 sized brightness. It comes in a BL68 model video. The display can go up to 250 inches which is huge, and also diverse!

The Dracolight is compatible with all modern technology and smart devices through its multiple plug ports and even fire stick compatibility. All of this and can still support a 1080 pixel display. This is at least 80% more bright than other options.

The lamplight has a life of more than 5000 hours.

The Dracolight also has a noise reduction function to provide crisp audio and a quality experience. You can enjoy it through HDMI ports, AV, USB, VGA and support most video formats. You can join a multitude of devices to it, or simply just operate it through your phone. The picture display is amazing, while ordinary projectors allow a 480 pixels display, this one offers up to 1080 pixels.

The size can be reduced for indoor viewing to 32 inches. It also offers perfect brightness for formal business meetings, conferences, and conventions. It has a standard in-built cooling system for optimal performance and long-term life.

  • Perfect light and display.
  • Great size and versatile usage for home and business needs.
  • Long-lasting.
  • No travel case included.
  • No built-in sound system.

5: Artlii Upgraded Movie Projector

Artlii Upgraded Movie Projector

Artlii Movie Projector is an upgraded and higher-end projector from the brand. It offers a large display size of 200 inches and a high definition display. You can enjoy theatre experience at the ease of your home. It does not compromise on quality, by offering a 1080 pixel display resolution.

The Artlii 2019 movie projector offers a bright 4000 lumens display. It can show sharp, crisp and colorful images without compromising on the picture quality or your experience. The Artlii 2019 has two massive in-built stereo speakers. These are loud enough and you will not require any amplifiers.

The projector is loaded with features including the standard quality noise reduction system. The lamp life offered is up to 4500 hours! This can last for years and even decades! It comes with two HDMI ports, a VGA port, and a standard USB port. Additionally, it has AV and Micro SD support. You can add a TV box on top of this and use it through your phone as well.

In order to produce quality images over a long period of time the projector uses an internal cooling system. This ensures that the heat produced during the viewing time does not affect the spare parts and components of the projector itself. This internal safety makes the projector smart and efficient. It also necessitates a consistent quality throughout its life.

  • Super bright and perfect for outdoors.
  • Can be used indoors too.
  • Highly recommended for resolution and screen size.
  • No travel case included.
  • No inbuilt battery included.

6: Pico Projector, AKASO Mini Portable (Best Pico Projector Under 200)

Pico Projector, AKASO Mini Portable

Pico Projector by Akaso is a great outdoor portable projector that carries the advantages of a properly fixed projector.

It is space-efficient. The Pico Projector by Akaso also offers a unique 1080 pixel display. It offers high definition picture quality and DLP technology. It has small 5.51 inches into 2.71 inches dimensions of the device. Whereas it amplifies a large image.

It weighs about 0.46 pounds making it a great option for travel and business meetings. You can connect multiple devices at once. It has all the necessary ports and compatibility features. You can enjoy a variety of devices to operate this such as a standard USB, HDMI or AV cable. It can also support a micro SD card.

You can attach any gaming console to it and operate it through laptops as well. The picture size can be expanded to 130 inches.

It has an in-built internal 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery. This can allow up to 2 hours of view time without charging. The RGB LED lights of the Pico Projector offer a large service life of as much as 30,000 hours. It suggests that your projection distance from the device should be 1.6 ft to 10 ft While it is optimal for 5 ft. It offers a unique 2000:1 high-contrast ratio.

If you are short on space you can use this. You can also connect this to your portable speaker and enjoy a proper cinema experience.

  • In-built battery.
  • Large service life.
  • No travel case included.
  • No stereos are inbuilt.

7: WiMiUS P18 Projector (Best Movie Projector Under 200)

WiMiUS P18 Projector

WiMiUS P18 is a great movie projector for the outdoors as well as indoors. It can support up to 1080 pixels of image quality. It has a large 200 inches display or projection size. It is compatible with all smart devices including the Fire Stick.

It offers a massive brightness display quality. It has been upgraded to 5200 Lumens of viewing ability. The contrast ratio is also beautiful, 4000:1. The projector comes with a crystal clear Hi-Fi sound system. This is installed within the unit and it requires no additional sound system for you to enjoy quality movies without any hindrances.

With a huge projection range of  50 inches to 200 inches and a 1.5 meter to a 5.5m projection distance, this can light up your entertainment life. Although its recommended viewing distance is 2.5 meters to 3 meters, it is still quite massive.

The projector prevents overheating through an internally built mechanism. The cooling system is basically advanced. It is designed to provide a faster heat reduction. The projector is up to 2 times more powerful than other LED projectors. It’s lamp’s life is more than 50,000 hours. If it gives any signal of error, it can be replaced by the brand.

The projector is loaded with all the right ports and outlets. Such as a standard HDMI port, A VGA port, a USB and an AV port. It is also able to connect to the firestick, to a TV box and computers. You can use Chrome-cast on it and also operate it directly through USB flash drives and tablets or any smart devices of your choosing.

The image is guaranteed to be 2x cleared than many counterparts of projectors of the same resolution. It is ideal for a movie, sports and game viewing. It can add value to your house or the place of installation. You can also move it to any place you like.

  • 50,000 years life of the led lamp.
  • Perfect size range for outdoor and indoor usage.
  • Money-back Guarantee.
  • In-built stereo system.
  • No inbuilt chargeable battery.

8: GuDee Full HD Video Projector  (Best HD Projector Under 200)

GuDee Full HD Video Projector

GuDee is an excellent business and home use projector. It is a fit for presentations and formal meetings. Like most projectors in this list, it will not budge. You can rely on it. You can allow it to project up to 1080 pixels of visual quality for you. This is a great home and lab video partner. You can enjoy movies, slideshows, videos, and multimedia on this with great ease. It is fancier than any television screen you might want to use before.

You can operate the GuDee projector through your laptop, smartphone, any smart device or your firestick remote. You can also attach many gaming consoles to it. It has additional HDMI and USB ports to supply the best in class features and extra safety.

The GuDee projector offers a proper display brightness of 4500 Lumens. It also offers a creative contrast ratio of 5000:1. And a screen size of up to 200 inches of diagonal length.  This supports all HD material. You can enjoy high resolution fit for home and office usage. It is highly versatile.

The projector has an in-built cooling system and an advanced heat management system. It has an Easy to adjust ±15°Keystone Correction and Focus loop to get a sharp and precise image.

This unique projector comes with a basic Gudee projector feature and that it is secured for usage by the FDA, FCC, and UL certified, and sustains regular security firmware upgrades in the US professional maintenance center.

  • Comes with a correction rim.
  • Does not come with an internal battery for road usage, but it can be traveled with.

9: Vamvo S1 Ultra (Best Mini Projector Under 200)

Vamvo S1 Ultra

The Vamvo S1 Ultra projector has built itself somewhat of a reputation as the sleekest and tiniest portable projector in the world as it is almost as compact as your smartphone or other handheld devices. But does that mean it is as powerful and high performance a machine as its larger counterparts? Let’s find out!

The design of this device is of a simple rectangular shape and it measures approximately 5 x 0.9 inches which means that if it were any smaller you could possibly fit it in your pockets. It is equipped with a bright and small LED which shows the remaining battery percentage and multiple touch keys for various commands and operations.

The Ultra Mini Portable projector uses a 5200mAh Lithium-Ion battery that is super powerful, especially if we take into consideration the size of this device. This means that although the device is smaller than its contenders, it packs the same powerful punch in terms of its performance.

Two hours of uninterrupted usage are guaranteed with a battery of this size. This is mighty impressive considering most projectors give in after 70 to 90 minutes and you can easily watch a full movie with a fully charged device.

For portable projectors or any projectors for that matter, perhaps the most important aspect is how well the content can be viewed by the user.

Brightness is a key factor in that performance. It allows for an impressive 1800 lumens of lamp life which can be lowered to extend the battery life if the surrounding ambient light allows it. The maximum possible resolution is of 1080p on this device and it can project the best image to a distance of 5 feet.

Since the device supports the latest connectivity technologies such as DLNA and AirPlay, the Vamvo mini projector allows the user to access the super convenient multi-screen feature. This means that you can not only use your PC or computer to project your content but can also use your smartphones, all Apple devices and other devices with connectivity options. Along with these features, there are also options for a USB port and a lightning cable.

  • Great display.
  • Multi-screen Sharing.
  • Great Battery.
  • Pricey.

10: Tainidi Full HD Projector 3600 Lux

Tainidi Full HD Projector 3600 Lux

Looking at the Tainidi 3600 Lux the first thing you notice is the interesting half-moon design and sleek black body which makes this a very attractive product to look at. The projector lens itself is a standard wide one which makes for a wide throw of the projection.

This device is famed to be strong enough in terms of brightness to overshadow any extra ambient light or background light in a room and is perfect for both day time screenings or in the most well-lit of rooms. With a contrast ratio of 2000:1, it provides the sharpest and vivid display thanks to its cutting edge colour technology.

Although it works best at 1280×800, it can go up to 1080p and till the aspect ratio of 16:9. It also has two unique settings, i.e. the noise suppression technology that allows for silent operations and a heat dispersing technology that prevents it from heating up.

This projector also has the option of projecting content of around 14 to 180 inches from a distance of 5 to 18 feet. It also contains a horizontal sliding lens cap that can be shut over when not in use which means you will never lose your lens cap again.  For connections, it as VGA, USB, AB and HDMI ports. It also connects with all DVD players, mobile devices, video systems and Chrome-cast.

  • Great Brightness.
  • Great Connectivity options.
  • Heat Dissipation and Sound Suppression.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • No rear support.

11: Artili DLP Projector (Best Projector Under 200 WiFi)

Artili DLP Projector

The Artili DLP device allows you to connect to any WiFi device in its surroundings with ease and features connectivity options with all iPhone and Android smartphones along with AirPlay. This means having to carry your laptop around whenever you need to project something is now a thing of the past.

Since it is wireless, there is no longer any hassle of having to travel with a bunch of wires and it provides a sense of ease. With both digital light technology and 3D functionality, you will always receive a clear and sharp image wherever you use this device.

The 5200mAh battery allows for an impressive 3 hours of unparalleled performance and uninterrupted viewing pleasure. The device has a super user-friendly user interface and can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its super-bright projection. Equipped with a keystone corrector, there will be no distortion in your viewing experience.

  • Great Connection Options.
  • Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Great Battery Life.
  • Not the best brightness.

12: Artili Energon Home Theater Projector

Artili Energon Home Theater Projector

What most devices get wrong is that they focus more on the brightness feature and less on contrast. It is the detailing of the darker and blacker part of the user’s content that makes for a clearer and sharper image, not just the amount of lumens the device offers. With the Artili Energon device, a higher contrast will enhance your entertainment experience.

This device features dual built-in Dolby speakers that give you the clearest audio and the cleanest sound no matter where you use the device. Since the stereo speakers are built-in and are powered with mega bass, there is no need to purchase extra sound systems.

With 4500 Lumens of brightness, this device promises a 20 percent brighter and clear content experience as compared to other products. The adjustment option allows the user to choose from a scale of 25 to 100 percent.

The double Dolby HiFi Sound System works great both indoors and outdoors providing ultra-clear sounds and its different features let you decide the pitch and sound quality as per your need. All of this is built-in so you do not need to purchase any extra home entertainment systems or speakers for your ultimate viewing experience.

  • Great Sound.
  • Contrast Enabled.
  • Quiet Mode.
  • Pricey.

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Now that you have all the information regarding the best projectors under 200, it’s time to make a decision according to your preferences. We have done our job of providing authentic information to help you make an informed decision, it’s up to you to take action now. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with others.