How Long Do Projector Bulbs Last

How Long Do Projector Bulbs Last

If you do not know how long do projector bulbs last, let us clear that in full-fledged details. The projector bulbs are often confused for calling it the projector lamp, but that is not right. The projector bulbs do vary in its lifeline, given the fact what kind of bulb or the lamp your projector … Read more

BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST Comparison War of 2020

BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST

Today, we are about to make a comprehensive comparison of the two outstanding projector models BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST, the vast majority of the projector-lovers have liked them. Well, it is NOT going to be just a versus comparison between these two models. Still, it would enlighten you with the most reliable and suitable way … Read more

Top 8 Uses Of Projectors in Daily Life

Uses of Projectors

Knowing what uses of projectors are there to utilize its effectiveness to bring the display system to accommodate the more massive gathering due to adjustability that is common to have with increasing its screen size? Giving you the countless purposes to use the projector for, it takes to project the videos, slides, and the images … Read more