How to Hang a Projector Screen from Ceiling?

How To Hang A Projector Screen From Ceiling
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It was a sarcastic comment earlier to fix something on the ceiling when you don’t get an appropriate space, but now hanging a projector screen from the ceiling is no longer a sarcastic comment.

You should do it in special needs as it works best when you have sufficient room space and a large black adjustable border at the top. You can select the size of a projector according to your need and purpose.

Benefits of hanging a projector screen from the ceiling:

The benefits of styling projector screen from ceiling include:

  • Self-effacing screen, when not in use.
  • Convenient to raise and lower.
  • Impermeable to damage.

Without further ado, let’s get started with preparation to hang a projector screen from the ceiling.

Preps to Hang a Projector Screen from Ceiling

Whenever you are about to do a new experiment, it is effervescent to do some preps to elude any dis-functioning later.

Select location:

The first step in the preparation phase is to find a suitable place to hang your projector on the ceiling. It is advised not to select a direct light wall as it will vague the image. If you have no other option than to place the projector on the wall with direct light, we suggest you put black curtains on the windows.

Determine the height of your projector screen:

There is no standard size perfect for a projector screen as it might vary as per the size of the room. Keep the size of the screen and its height from the floor in mind.

Do Some Math; Calculate The Throw of Projector:

The throw of the projector will determine the quality of an image. Every projector has different throw power, so it is advisable to seek professional help in this regard. Also, choose the horizontal and vertical lens shift at this point.

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Selecting the Type of Mount:

The components to consider while selecting a mount is to buy one that is:

  • Easy-to-install.
  • Has a sturdy hold.
  • Attuned to your ceiling material.

Material Required:

Your priority should be placing a projector screen with as little mess as possible. First, decide what kind of cables you are going to use. If you are using HDMI, it is wise to buy an HDMI switcher also.

The other material required to hand the projector screen on the ceiling include:

  • A mount hole cover,
  • Ladder,
  • Electric drill,
  • Measuring tape,
  • Screws and screwdriver,
  • Boards,
  • Anchor bolts,
  • And, Pencils.

Step-by-step Guide to Hang a Projector Screen from Ceiling:

Step 1: Measure the Height and Width of Ceiling:

Measure the height and width of the wall to place the projector screen at the ideal position. Use a pencil and measuring tape to point to the exact place. It is ideal to place the screen at least 24 inches above the ground.

Moreover, a 100 inches’ screen size provides the best image quality.

Step 2: Position the Projector:

At this point, the math done in the preps phase will help you. Though you can re-confirm the ideal position by again calculating the throw. Every projector has a throw ratio mentioned in their manual. So, you can use that ratio to identify the appropriate position of the projector.

While positioning the projector consider:

  • The sitting arrangement
  • Power outlet position
  • Cable length of HDMI
  • Ideal vertical offset
  • Best viewing angle

Step 3: Identify, Mark, and Drill the Necessary Holes:

To avoid any accident, carefully examine your ceiling. Mark a position and be patient in drilling. If you think your ceiling is not concrete enough, you can use a wooden panel to connect multiple joists and then mount the bracket in the marked area.

Step 4: Attach the Mounting Bracket to the Projector:

Almost all projectors come with a bracket nowadays. But, if your projector’s packaging does not include a bracket, we suggest you get a high-quality bracket. Further, it should be compatible with your projector, so don’t forget to ask the retailer about your projector’s ideal frame.

Follow the instructions on the manual to fix the projector with the bracket. Moreover, make sure the rack is in line with the projector lens. Tight the screws properly.

The other step in attaching the bracket with the projector is to mount the other side with the ceiling. Carefully fix all the screws in the holes you drilled earlier and tighten the bolts to avoid drifting.

Step 5: Peg the Cables:

After carefully mounting the projector, hook the cables. Use power extensions if the socket is out of range. Using an HDMI cable will bring a neat look. Use some attractive trunking to save the cables from any electrical mishap.

Step 6: Install Your Screen on The Wall:

As you have already measured everything and have also marked the positions and holes, put the final nails to install your projector screen on the wall.

The whole process requires patience, so to avoid doubling the time with any unexpected incident spend a good time doing math.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging a Projector Screen from Ceiling:


  • Always read the manual that comes with the projector while placing it.
  • Place the projector close to the power outlet.
  • Make all the cords seamless.
  • Do your math and be patient.


  • Do not select a room with multiple windows to place the projector.
  • Do not rely on cheap mounting apparatus.
  • Do not start installing the projector without doing any math.
  • Do not leave the cords hanging.
  • Do not abode the screen too close to the ground.
  • Do not tie the cables to the projector.

How to Hang a Projector Screen from Ceiling – A Complete Video Guide

Final Verdict:

To hang a projector screen from the ceiling is not rocket science, but it is math. It is important to follow the manual and all the do’s and don’ts mentioned above; otherwise, installing a screen and projector can be a major pain.