Best Way to Clean Projector Lens: 4-Step Process

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So you are here to find the best way to clean the projector lens, sounds impressive. Well, we have to admit that a dirty and smudgy lens spoils the quality of the image. Like any other household item, the projector lens needs our attention to clean often.

Okay, first, don’t assume it is a difficult task. Cleaning projector lens is children’s play. Without wasting your precious time, put on your gloves, and get into the game.

Best Way to Clean Projector Lens

Believe it or not, cleaning the projector lens is a very easy task. Or we can say that it can be done even by a kid. Here are the four steps that will lead you to a clean and crystal clear projector lens.

Don’t skip any step if you want to enjoy a clean lens inside out.

Step 1: Cleaning Preparations

So you have stepped into the process of cleaning the projector’s lens. The first step you need to take is to make sure that the projector is completely cooled down.

During usage, the lens is warmed up easily. So if you have used the projector freshly, then switch it off and remove all the cables. Let the projector cool down completely for at least 30-60 minutes. Cleaning the projector’s lens without letting it cool down results in scratches and damage.

Now following things you are gonna use while cleaning,

  • Lens cleaning Clothe
  • Compressed Air Spray
  • Lens Cleaning Solution
  • Tissue paper
  • Cleaning Brush

Step 2: Open the Projector

Well, this step is optional. It is only mentioned here for those who want to clean the lens from the inside as well.

To clean the inside of the lens, you have to open the projector. Note that the opening of the projector will vary, based on the brand. Every brand has different ways of opening the projector. To check the way of opening your projector, see the user manual. In some projectors, a button is also present for the opening.

Step 3: Gently Clean the Projector’s Inside

After opening the projector, take the compressed air spray to remove all the dust. Carefully use the spray and keep it at least 4 inches away from the projector.

Now the second thing you need to do is to use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt and moisture. Dirt usually accumulates around the moisture; make sure to wipe it properly by using a cleaning cloth.

Step 4: Clean the Lens

The last but the most important step: cleaning the lens. Since you have cleaned the inside of the lens and projector, now learn how to clean it externally. First, remove the lens cap and clean the dust by using compressed air spray.

After cleaning the dust, take the lens cleaning solution and drop only 1-2 drops of it on the cleaning cloth of the lens. Now gently clean it. Clean it in a circular motion, starting from the center to the edges. Similarly, if you are using a cleaning brush, then use the same procedure to clean it.

Disclaimer: Remember that only 1-2 drops of lens cleaning solution are enough. The more you use, the harder it will be to clean it. And also, never put the cleaning solution on the lens. Always drop it on the cleaning brush or cloth.

Lastly, put the lens cap back on it.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning Lens

Some users do follow desi myths to clean the projector lens and end up damaging the lens. So if you don’t want to damage your lens, then try to avoid the mentioned things.

Never Use a T-shirtNo matter how silky & soft a T-shirt you have, never ever use it to clean the projector lens. Use only a lens cleaning cloth if you want to avoid scratches formation.

Don’t Use Any Cleaning SolutionUse only lens cleaning solution for lens cleaning. A big no-no for any other household glass cleaning solution. Because those solutions will have a different chemical composition which can damage the lens.

Never Use Breath to Clean the LensYeah don’t be a desi man who tries to clean the lens by their breath. Use a proper hygiene method to clean the lens.

Don’t Touch the LensRepetitive touches on the lens will leave your fingerprints on it and make it smudgy and dirty again. Try to avoid touching it as much as possible.

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Clean your projector lens as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the crystal clear image. The best way to clean the projector lens is in your pocket: make sure to use it professionally.

Lastly, don’t forget the precaution list that we have mentioned.