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VANKYO V600 Projector Review

Out of hundreds of the good cheap Chinese projectors available in the market, we pick one particular projector doing the post-mortem of it, namely and through the fully-detailed Vankyo V600 review.

Spending the fortune on finding the right kind of projector to meet your needs, Vankyo V600 happens to be a good bet from the series of projectors available in the market.

Luckily that is not the case you would ever come across, meaning it stands with the price tag at the reasonable slot coupled with the extensive features and the technology; the combination of both are evident to justify the price to be as fair as yelling out a ‘wow’ after knowing the price tag.

Bring it in and get it set up either in your home AND the office and forget of asking a question about how it performs.

What exactly it holds; let’s get to find every single of the features Vankyo V600 clenches for the viewers.

The Complete Vankyo V600 Review

Broken deep down into pieces, the Vankyo V600 review does not go any simple to get it done in one go. So, expect the details with enough description to reveal what it holds for an owner and the viewers readied to glimpse its projection quality.

  1. Design
  2. Screen specifications
  3. Lamp life
  4. Connectivity options
  5. Mounting
  6. What to use it for
  7. Built-in speakers and cooling system
  8. Warranty

1. Design

Best known projector for extremely high-performance, containing the simple, sexy, and lightweight design that goes with projecting the best and qualitative content (let it be images or the videos) to enjoy killing time watching your favorite stuff.

Integrated the knob in controlling the focus and having the strong key button placed on top of the projector box. While on the extreme right corner, the night button allows you to control the setting to attain your best-expected light manually.

You can do everything with the remote controller, but in case the remote controller goes nuts, you are backed by the full-functional buttons placed on the projector to do all the settings with added convenience.

VANKYO V600 Review

2. Screen specifications

The core of the projector, the screen specifications consist of too many of the technologies ensuring you get a bang on the excellent visual content to feel like watching it on the high-end TV.

Comes with the assurity of full HD 1080p with the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 resulting in owning the crisp, sleek, and a sharp contrast ratio of 5,000:1 that exceeds out in the performance by 3x time more than 720p of the projectors to deliver the impeccable image quality reflected right from your naked eyes.

As with the increased brightness, you might be surprised knowing the brightness efficiency of Vankyo V600 as it holds the highest of 80 percent brightness than other standard projectors priced at and around the same as Vankyo’s V600 while delivering the projector to emit the content at the largest screen size of 300″ with not losing the contrast making it the perfect combination of increased contrast, and the excellent performance to fit in your home and the business.

Having the power of luminous flux of way more than 6,000 lumens, the whole viewing experience would be remarkable for the people who have not seen the visual content being delivered out of the projector before and would be forced to praise the quality they encounter.

The brightness level also ensures you can easily tune into the projection even in broad daylight to feel like it is placed in the middle of a dark room where the light would not be destroying the viewing experience.

3. Lamp life

Enjoy using and operating this exclusive projector from Vankyo for over ten years if you happen to run it for two to three hours every day to live the specified lamp life.

4. Connectivity options

Indeed we live in a world that holds NOT just one connectivity option but the multiples.

So, ensuring to deliver the versatile connection options to hook in most of the digital applications to project out your favorite visual content of any type, Vankyo V600 happens to equip with two HDMI ports, and one audio port to hook in smartphones, laptops, and multiple streaming devices with convenience.

For the precise, it further hooks up;

  • USB
  • AV
  • SD card
  • TV box

5. Mounting

It is not a good idea to place it on the table forever, which can eventually and mistakenly happen to fall down on the floor. ANd for the permanent solution, the best move is to mount it up for good.

As with Vankyo V600, it comes with mounting options available against the wall and the ceiling to ensure it does not fall on its own after a while. A matter of fact, it might NOT do it because of its lightweight construction ranging the weight to hit around 8.30 lbs that make it way lighter than most projectors that cannot mount that easily due to being overweight.

6. What to use it for

  • Business presentation
  • Home theater (indoor and outdoor)

7. Built-in speakers and cooling system

The design itself got the perfectly-infused built-in speakers never to need you to hook in the external speakers and comes with an upgraded cooling system that flows out the heat building up inside the box to keep it cool and dealing with the heat to let it perform at the optimum level.

8. Warranty

And last, in the queue, an essential factor is actually left deliberately discussed out of the motive; and that makes it the warranty claim to ensure you are backed by the guarantee to take action per the warranty rules set by Vankyo for the customers purchasing its top-class projector named V600.

To be exact, it entitles three full months of free return to issue you the full refund AND three years of free repair to fix whatever issues hit the projector.

Conclusion time!

So, how did you like the overall Vankyo V600 review from top to bottom? Found anything interesting about it? And we bet you would.

The sleek and simple, along with the lightweight design, are crucial factors to decide upon owning this Vankyo V600 right away.

Coupled with the best technologies and the technical aspects altogether, Vankyo V600 is the chosen projector liked by hundreds of customers worldwide.

So, get one AND your name into the league of the satisfied Vankyo V600 customer! 🙂