How to Choose a Home Theatre Projector [Buyer’s Guide]

Planning to buy a new home theater system for your house or want to upgrade the old one?

Well in case you want to renovate the spare room in your house into a mini cinema to have movie nights with friends over or whether you want to have a good home theatre system for yourself in your lounge choosing the correct system is a big task.

People usually go over and buy systems that are being advertised and hyped about without giving a thought that it may be appropriate for their homes or not.

So great attention must be given while choosing the home theatre system. The main component in the system is the projector so to get a clear and good quality view choosing the correct projector seems to hold prime importance in the whole system.

But most people don’t have a clear idea about what factors to consider while choosing the best home theatre projector.

This article will guide you through the properties and factors you must keep in mind and consider and how to choose a home theatre projector that will suit best for your needs.

So the following are some tips and factors that must be considered before you choose a home theatre projector.

How To Choose a Home Theatre Projector

Brightness Level:

While choosing a home theatre projector you must look out for the brightness level of the projector. Usually, projectors have brightness in the range of 800-3000 lumens. The luminous intensity depends also on the factors that how big the room is in which you are placing the projector or the screen size plus the ambient light in the room.

For a small screen and darkroom projectors having 100 lumens brightness will suit perfectly but if you are using a projector for a big screen or in a room where there are windows and doors due to which the room is not perfectly dark then you will have to choose projector having high brightness for good quality images.

Projectors in the range of 2000-3000 lumens work perfectly for very large screens and can deliver better quality image even if the room is not dark enough but they are higher on the cost for a normal-sized screen and medium dark room getting a projector of the range 1000 -2000 lumens will suit perfectly and won’t be a burden on the pocket. Check out the BenQ TK850 that provides 3,000 lumens brightness.

Room Size and Throw Distance:

An important point to keep in mind while choosing a home theatre projector is to look for the size of the room where the projector has to be placed and the throw distance and angle between the projector and the screen.

On the product description, you can see the throw ratio of the projector and choose accordingly. For rooms that are small and cozy, the throw distance of the projector is small and in the large rooms, you get a larger throw distance.

So while choosing a projector to see for this distance and then the throw distance of the projector and at which throw distance it will be able to project how much big of a screen.

A classification of a projector on the basis of the throw distance and projection size is done as long throw and short throw projectors. So if you have a room that has a sitting arrangement of about 2 to 3 rows then you can go for long-throw projectors that can project a good size screen.

But in places where the distance is less and you need a big projection too then the choice to go for is short-throw projectors.

The short-throw projectors are expensive compared to the long throw ones and deliver bigger projection and quality even with short throw distance.


The image quality is directly proportional to the resolution of the projector. By resolution, we mean how many pixels the image is divided into for a size of screen defined. The larger the pixel number the smaller the pixel size, and the smaller the pixel size the sharper and clearer the image would be. So while choosing a projector it is one of the key factors to look for.

Usually, in cameras or cell phones, it is given great importance that pixel numbers are greater as they can be because that affects the image quality.

If you choose a projector of low resolution the image on the screen will appear as blurred or colors will be of low intensity. So for higher definition images resolution of the projector must be high for bigger screens.

The affordable and commonly used pixel density or resolution is 1280 x 720 which is used mostly for systems to play 720pHDtv videos. If you want a higher definition one then you can go for 1920 x 1080 resolution but that would be a bit costly.

Aspect Ratio and Installation Position:

While you choose a home theater projector to keep in mind the installation position you want the projector to be installed in the movie room of your house or the lounge. The installation position must be where there is no obstacle in between the viewer and the screen and the screen faces no direct light source such as windows or doors and is least disturbed by the movement of people between the screen and projector. Also, the aspect ratio of the viewing screen is important too.

What is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio is the rectangular ratio of the viewing area and the projector must be chosen according to that so as to deliver good image quality. The commonly used aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9 for television screens.

For home theatre systems with medium room size and screen, the aspect ratio of 16:9 will be able to deliver a good quality viewing experience and is able to display high definition images.

If you don’t choose the home theater projector properly according to the installation position and aspect ratio of the projector then the view of the screen will not be satisfying and you may not be able to enjoy a high-quality cinema experience even after spending a big chunk on your home theatre system.

Technology Used for Projection:

Another important property of the projector you must pay attention to while selecting it for your home theatre system is that you look out for the technology which is deployed for the projection of the screen.

According to the projection technology, there are two major types of projectors i.e. Direct Light Processing (DLP) projectors and Liquid Crystalline Display (LCD) projectors. The DLP projectors use mirrors for their projection and produce smooth and highly accurate image projection without any shadows in it.

These kinds of projectors deliver a high-quality contrast ratio and are affordable so that can be bought easily for home theater systems without being a burden on the budget.

While the LCD projectors use the technology of LCD chips to produce the images. These projectors deliver high color saturation and are very compact. The LCD projectors deliver more brightness as compared to the DLP projectors but may be expensive as compared to them.

The DLP projectors have a limited pixel number and may cause a rainbow effect on the screen while the LCD ones have high pixel numbers and their image quality is lost over time. The DLP projectors have better image uniformity than the LCD ones.

So for an affordable and good quality projector for a small size room DLP are the one you must go for. And in case of the medium to bigger size rooms or the place where the projector to be installed is small or it is roof-mounted then going for an LCD projector will prove to be a better choice.

The projection technology must be chosen accordingly to your needs and budget and you must choose wisely among both the technologies.

In the market, there is a possibility you may find only one of them available along with other considerations for your system so then you may not have much choice in that case but while you get to have an option the go for the most suitable one after all the other specifications are being met.

So these are some of the important points you must consider before going to buy a new home theater projector to make a better and more suitable choice that delivers the good quality experience of cinema for your stay-at-home parties with friends and families.

Choosing the best projector considering all the factors stated above will not only save you from the frustration of bad quality image or the less bright screen but will also make you able to save a lot of money you may have wasted on buying bigger or expensive projectors without any need.

So carefully assess the room brightness level, its size, installation position, and the sitting arrangements you wish to have before you choose a projector.


Hopefully, this article proves to be helpful for you to understand how to choose a home theater projector properly and effectively and you get to enjoy the best cinema-like experience at your home without any glitch in the design.


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