BenQ TK850 Projector Review in 2022

BenQ TK850 Review
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Are you thinking to upgrade your home projector? Or pondering which is the best projector is best to add in home cinema? Let me introduce you to the modern and enticing product of BenQ. TK850 is the latest edition in the catalogue of BenQ.

BenQ TK850 Review

The compact home entertainment projector fulfils all the standards of a modern projector. BenQ TK850 features an HDR-pro image. It delivers a wider-range of colour gamut and amazing colour accuracy.

BenQ TK850 Projector

One of the most impressive features of the TK850 is its lens system, the new lens system of this projector provides a sharper and more uniform image across the lens and screen. If you want to have a high-quality image and HDR move result in your home cinema, then BenQ Tk850 is a good investment for you.

Moving toward the sound system of the projector, the sound system of any projector plays a great part in its value. The sound system is another downside of this projector. Speakers are not loud enough. Even at the maximum volume, they are not fulfilling. The sound system is pretty well, for watching casual movies or sports, but If you are thinking to install TK850 for a cinematic feel, then the sound inefficiency might disappoint you.

The backside of the projector is made of pure white metal and it has multiple ports for different connections and support. TK850 gives you a wide variety of ports for your convenience like ports for speakers, WIFI, USB. It houses two HDMI 2.0 slots the compatibility of these slots is 2.2 HDCP and one USB 3.0 port. The HDMI ports are designed to accept 4k video resolution signals with HLG and HDR10 compatibility.

TK850 provides 3,000 lumens brightness, which’s quite bright, and you don’t need to turn off lights to watch movies. TK850 throws up an impressive colour contrast. It is proficient in handling skin tones and substantial texture. TK850 features excellent optics. To maintain the uniform sharpness of the image throughout the screen, it has a 10-element, 8-glass lens matrix.

The remote structure might deceive you because the remote looks delicate, but it is sturdy and lasts longer. Like the projector remote also has a pure white colour. The Remote has a red-coloured power button with a red backlight, the backlight of the remote is pretty helpful while watching a movie in dark. All the buttons of the remote are quite soft to operate. The remote of TK850 is quite less complicated as compared to competitive products. A naïve person can operate it easily. Because of this feature, many buyers love this projector.

BenQ has provided an elevation stand in the right front of the projector to provide customize the height. Use this stand to get the appropriate projector height.

Though the auto keystone function of this project is enticing as it is said good things take time, the same is the case here, initially you need to set auto keystone function manually, and it is a time-consuming process.

BenQ TK850 is not a fascinating projector in terms of its software. It provides a very basic menu. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the projector hasn’t any built-in app like YouTube, Netflix, and prime videos. You need to attach the physical source to access all these apps. But at the same time, the modest software of the projector is best for the people who are buying this projector solely for having a movie night with friends and family. You just need to hit the power button, plug-in USB or HDMI, and here you are!

  • Enough bright and vibrant.
  • HDR mode.
  • Sports mode.
  • Auto keystone.
  • Excellent 4k resolution.
  • Dynamic iris.
  • Speakers are not loud.
  • Doesn’t provide HDR10+ vision.
  • No in-built streaming apps.

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BenQ TK850 Buying Guide

TK 850 is a classy projector and the user starts loving it after a few days. All these features make it the perfect choice for the home cinema.

1. Design

BenQ TK850 throws up a sophisticated compact design. The bright blue colour metal sheet makes the front of the projector. The lens is positioned in it on the extreme right side. While you are using TK850 you don’t need to invest extra in keystone adjustment. TK850 comes with sliding doors that wrap the lens zoom and focus wheel, the projector also has the vertical lens shift wheel that assists you in a better and precise projector setup.

2. Setup

BenQ provides a manual to help their customer with the set-up of the projector. The set-up of this projector is super easy. You first need to choose an appropriate place to house the projector. After placing the projector, there are a few things that you need to manage manually for this projector.

3. Performance

As compared to the other products of BenQ, Tk850 has better black contrast, it’s not still very much impressive because black still locks grey, but this projector works pretty well in a room with a little light.

Now let’s talk about the HDR performance of this projector, the HDR image of this projector is not up to the mark. The HDR performance of the projector is just a bit brighter than the SDR. And it provides a pretty decent watchable image, but it fails to provide any wide colour gamut coverage.

4. Price

According to the features of the BenQ TK850, the price of the product is neither less nor much. Tk850 provides great value for your money.

This projector is the best investment for anyone who is looking for the best 4K projector under 2000 dollars.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a 4K resolution, then BenQ TK850 projector will provide you satisfaction. The HDR result of the projector is pretty impressive. The manual zooming and the lens shift provide precise focus.

Before buying the projector, keep in mind that this projector does not support modern inbuilt featured apps. If you are thinking to buy this projector specifically to use it in your house theatre, then it might not fulfil all the requirements. But if you are thinking to use this projector for watching casual movies or for sports then it’s a perfect buy.