Laser Projector vs LED: What’s Best For You?

Laser vs LED Projector

There has been an evolution of technology and projectors have also been a part of that evolution. Due to this, three different kinds of projectors emerged. They are laser projectors, lamp projectors, and LED projectors. Lamp projectors are not as good as Laser projectors and LED projectors. Hence, we have to decide on a few … Read more

How to Connect Xbox One to Projector? The Ultimate Guide

Connect Xbox One to Projector

We all wish to watch videos, movies, and play games on huge screens rather than doing those things on small television screens. Due to this most people started looking for a magical solution to this problem and eventually, an idea struck their minds. The idea was to connect the game consoles such as Xbox one … Read more

How to Connect a Laptop to a Projector? Complete Guide 2022

How to connect Laptop to Projector

Yes, we agree to a lot extent that laptop companies and brands have improved a lot in previous years, especially in their displays and resolution. However, these companies cannot make a screen that is large enough for a whole conference room to watch and see things on it. If they ever did, they would have … Read more

Projectors VS TVs: 14 Things You Need To Know

Projectors Vs Tvs

In this era of competitiveness, one looks to have something best for him even when it comes to enjoying his leisure time. To keep pace with the latest happenings, television emerged as an essential source of providing entertainment, information, and education in mass media. While surfing through channels from all over the world, you will … Read more

How to Choose a Projector in 2022 – Advanced Level Guide

Well, the question about how to choose a projector? or how to buy a projector? Is on everyone’s mind. But not everyone knows what things a good projector can provide them. Projectors have made considerable progress since the days when the most valuable approach to sort them is the weight type. Today, there are a … Read more