How to Calculate Projector Screen Size

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How to Calculate Projector Screen Size

To enjoy a movie night or Netflixing, the majority of the people prefer projectors over ordinary televisions. The reason behind this is that projectors offer a large screen size. But how large can you get? Either you already have a projector or planning to get a new one, knowing the projector screen size is a must thing, man!

The listed measurements on the back are helpful but, it will become hard when you compare them. So how to calculate projector screen size? Before we tell you the way to calculate it, first read about the factors which play an important role in measuring the screen size.

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How You Can Calculate The Projector Screen Size?

The majority of the products have their size list at the back of the packaging in terms of dimension. In the case of projectors, you will see only a single list of screen sizes. The first step you have to take is to estimate the image size from the provided dimension’s data.

Furthermore, projector reflections and television are measured by diagonal. This calculation is the same that is used to screens themselves. So if you want to figure out which screen size will perfectly match your projector, all you have to do is, compare the screen with one another.

Generalize the Width and Length

Knowing only diagonal will not be enough in some of the situations. You might want to conclude out that what would be the best fit for the screen in your room. If you want to calculate the dimension of the screen from the screen size, then for this task, you have to go back to your school day’s geometry class.

Honestly speaking, this is going to be really complicated. You will need to draw a rectangular, and then break it into two right-angled triangles. In both right-angled triangles, the diagonal will assist as the hypotenuse. Everything is like the geometry class. You will need an angle and length of the hypotenuse to measure the dimension.

After this hustle, the projector’s point ratio will come out. This whole calculation will tell you the linkage between the height & width of the image (which is represented in the mathematical ratio). If your calculated ratio is 1:1, then this means that the height and width both are of the same size. Similarly, if the outcome ratio is 2:1, then the width is double the height.

The thing here that you need to notice is that different contentment has a different aspect ratio. The TV shows and HD movies have a 16:9 aspect ratio. So, if you want to enjoy a truly cinematic experience, then the 2.35:1 ratio is your need.

We know that everyone is not a genius at mathematics, so if you want to calculate the aspect ratio measurement, then you can easily calculate it online.

Had you heard About the Throw Ratio?

Contrasting with the television screens, the projector’s screen is not that fixed. The image’s size produced by the lamp of the projector will vary based on the distance between the screen and the lamp.

What is Throw Distance?

The simple and the easiest explanation of throw distance is that it is the distance between the projector and the screen (image). Increasing or decreasing the distance between the projector and the screen will obviously affect the throw distance. But the good news you can have is that the aspect ratio will not alter at all. In simple words, the length and width of the screen will change in the equivalent symmetry.

The general way of expressing throw distance is by “Decimal.” The calculation of throw distance is also very easy. Simply divide the image’s width with the distance, and throw distance is calculated.

Different Types of Throw Distance

Basically, there are two types of throw distance are present. Long-throw distance and short throw distance. Every projector has its own throw value which decides where the projector is needed to be placed to get a full-size view.

Long-throw needs to be placed at a distance from the screen to get a large image view with a non-pixelated image result. The long-throw projectors are usually used in auditoriums and cinemas.

While on the other hand, the short-throw projectors are placed near the screen with no concerns. But keep in your mind that you will need to have an extra lens if you desire to set a short-throw projector notably near the screen.

Both these types of projectors based on throw distance are best in their shoes. But the long-throw projectors are way cheap than the short-throw projector. Also, the long-throw projectors are better in performance.

So How to Calculate Projector Screen Size?

Well after this long discussion, you must have figured out that there are a few factors (mainly three) that play an important role in the calculation of the projector screen size.

Throw Ratio: Divide distance with the screen size to calculate throw ratio

Aspect Ratio: It is different for different content. For HD you need 16:9 and for cinematic you need 2.35:1.

Pythagorean TheoremSimply written as A2+B2=C2 or W2+H2=S2

We understand that it must seem complicated to you, but believe us it is not that complicated. Measure the wall and lens distance, multiply it with the throw ratio. Image width is calculated. Now use aspect ratio to calculated height, and then the Pythagorean Theorem to get the screen size.

As simple as this!


Don’t take this whole process as too complicated. A little bit of practice and patients will lead to calculate the right screen size of the projector.

Remember that arrangement of the projector will also affect the distance and the image size. Moving side-to-side or up down in connection to the screen will alter the angle. The best angle for large viewing is 30 degrees.

Lastly, ending this article with the hope that you must have figure out how to calculate projector screen size.


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Projector Finder » Projection Screens

Are you looking for the best-motorized projector screen for your house, office, or family? If yes then we have this simple guide to help you save time and energy. The best way to find it is by knowing what you require and what is most compatible with your existing devices. The guide here has some of the leading choices outlined for you. You will be able to get a close look at them and monitor their pros and cons with the help of our detailed reviews.

Any option for the electric projector screen you choose can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, placed on the floor with the mount, or dispensed below from the ceiling. Electric projector screens are operated by an electric motor. So in case you want them to be packed away then you can do that too. They can be lowered and raised as and when needed. You can raise or lower your screen through remote control or wall switch.

You deserve to get the best motorized projector screen. This guide will help you explore the leading options without wasting your time with anything less than amazing.

The list is a long set of options that are the biggest performing currently. You will be able to get a lot of use with these because each of the options is multi-talented or diverse and can become your home star instantly. So, to find the perfect fit from the Best Motorized Projector Screen options, let’s start with the top pick of the range.

The Top Pick of the range is the Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum. This is one of the bigger screens available for your selection. Some other options are 70 plus inches and some are regular and they fall in a 100 inches category. This is a big one and yet the colours will be amazing. If you need something that does not compromise on the quality of the picture and is huge or suited for a large room then this is essential.

You can also choose from the other options in the guide. Here is a quick comparison table for you to evaluate them in greater detail before getting into the reviews.

Top 8 Best Motorized Projector Screens

Projector ScreensPrice
Elite Screens 125″ Check Price
Akia Screens 104in Check Price
Elite Spectrum Screen Check Price
Elite VMAX2 Premium Check Price
Yescom 92″ 16:9 Screen Check Price
Elite Screens Evanesce B, 120″ Check Price
Pyle 72″ Portable Motorized Check Price
Motorized Projector Screen Check Price

1. Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum

Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum

The Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum is the best in class option. This is one of the bigger screens available for your selection. Some other options are 70 plus inches and some are regular and they fall in a 100 inches category. This is a big one and yet the colours will be amazing. If you need something that does not compromise on the quality of the picture and is huge or suited for a large room then this is essential.

This comes with a fully electric Motorized Projector Screen with a 16:9 and Moiré-Free experience. You will get a 4K Ready Drop Down to use with this one without having to worry about creases or blurring.

You will also get an Infrared (IR) Remote and a Detachable 3-Way Wall Switch with the setup. The 12V Trigger Cable will be included as well. This is a safe and latest styled technology that includes an AcousticPro UHD body with a Flame Retardant topping. The screen also complies with NFPA 701 Standards for the best security.


  • 180° Wide Viewing Angle for multi-purpose applications.
  • acoustic UHD 1.0 gain, acoustically transparent front projection screen.
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD ready and “moire-free” from visual artifacts.
  • Works with Standard, 1080P/4K projectors.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Ready for projection.
  • Can be fixed permanently.


  • Not recommended to use in small rooms.


The Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum is a reliable option. The screen material is loaded with an AcousticPro UHD technology. It comes with a 1.0 Gain. 4K Ultra HD compatibility and Active 3D Projection Ready performance.

2. Akia Screens 104 inch

Akia Screens 104 inch Motorized

The Akia Screens are also a good choice. They are equipped with a Motorized Electric Remote Controlled system. You will be able to enjoy this as a Drop Down Projector Screen offering a screen ratio of 4:3 8K and also 4K HD pairing. You can use the 3D Retractable Ceiling Wall Mount too.

This is equipped with a MaxWhite 2, 1.1 Gain. It comes with a multi-layer weave, that can be used at a 180 degree wide viewing angle. This is a fully black backed front projection screen with a textured surface.

You can use it for 4K Ultra HD viewing and the unit is also Active 3D Projection Ready. This is loaded with a GreenGuard and GreenGuard GOLD Certified under the UL 2818. Another cool thing about it is that it is Plug and Play Ready. You can install it quickly and all by yourself.


  • 4:3 8K 4K HD 3D.
  • Retractable Motorized Screen.
  • Ceiling Wall Mount.
  • Overall Extended Size: 74.1-inch H x 92.5-inch W.
  • Black Metal Housing.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Wall mounted, compact, portable, and lightweight.
  • Ready for projection.


  • Cannot be fixed permanently.


This is a perfect projection screen for any office home theater or movie room. The projector screen is 104 inches diagonally. You can use it in a 4:3 HD Format Aspect Ratio.

3. Elite Screens Spectrum Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

The Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized screen comes with a Multi-Aspect Ratio Function as well. This offers a Max Size of 125 inches Diagonally. The screen is usable in a 16:9 as well as a 118-inch Diag 2.35:1.

This is a great add on for any Home Theater if you want any 8K/4K Ultra HD Ready Projection. The projector screen is going to offer you 125-inch Diagonally on a cinematic 16:9 Aspect Ratio. It is covered in a black casing around the edges to keep it secure.

You will also be getting an Infrared (IR) Remote with this one. It comes with a Detachable 3-Way Wall Switch, and 12V Trigger Cable to help you set it up with ease. The required installation kit is included in it.


  • Multi-layer weave.
  • 180 degree wide viewing angle.
  • fully black backed front projection screen with a textured surface.
  • 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready.


  • Compact, portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Ready for projection.


  • Perfect for use anywhere but in small rooms.


The Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized screen is a 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready option. The screen is mildew resistant and easy to clean with soap and water. You can use this with the mount on the wall or ceiling.

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4. Elite Screens VMAX2 Premium

Elite Screens VMAX2 Premium

The screen comes with a Multi-Aspect Ratio Feature. You can adjust the screen ratio with a Max Size of 120″ Diagonally on 16:9 to 114″ Diag 2.35:1.

This is made out of a MaxWhite FG, 1.1 Gain. Fibreglass-backed material. The screen offers a 180 degree wide viewing angle. This too is a GreenGuard and GreenGuard GOLD Certified option.

The screen is a safe choice and it will be mildew resistant and easy to clean with mild soap and water. You can use this in the outdoors with ease as well. The security purpose requires it to have a durable metal casing with a synchronous motor that boasts quietness and low power consumption. This is exactly the kind that it contains.

Plus, this one includes Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remotes, detachable 3-way wall switch, built-in 5-12V trigger input, and Cat5 cable.


  • 4K Ultra HD Ready Projection.
  • Multi-Aspect Ratio Feature.
  • Max Size 120″.
  • Mildew resistant.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Ready for projection.


  • Cannot be fixed permanently.


The Elite Screens VMAX2 Premium is ideal for use in any home theatre. You can use this 8K 4K Ultra HD Ready option with any projector of your choice.

5. Yescom 92″ 16:9 Screen

Yescom 92 Projector Screen

The Yescom 92 inches screen is also a good option. This is an automatic option that can be adjusted with the Remote Control. You can use this for your Home, Classroom, Meeting Room, or wherever you need to. This can work well in a 92″ diagonal way. The screen offers a 16:9 electric motorized performance. You can control the screen through the control panel or remote controller.

The Yescom 92 inches screen comes with an adjustable screen length. You can use it to raise or lower the screen to the desired length all you will need to do is push a button. The screen is encased in a dual wall and ceiling installation design for flexible installation.

You can simply plug and play it as and when you need to. This is an easy to use option. It is made out of the Matte white viewing surface material that diffuses projected light uniformly. You can use it for front viewing indoors with ease.


  • 92″ diagonal.
  • 16:9 electric motorized projector screen.
  • Managed by a control panel or remote controller.
  • Suitable for front projection.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Wall mounted, compact, portable, and lightweight.


  • Cannot be fixed permanently.


The Yescom 92 inches screen is a 160-degree large viewing angle option that provides a large viewing area. It is one of the best-motorized projector screens available in the market.

6. Elite Screens Evanesce B, 120″

Elite Screens Evanesce B

The Elite Screens Evanesce B, 120″ is a great choice if you want something larger. The screen can be used at a 16:9 angle. This is a Recessed In-Ceiling Electric Projector Screen. It comes with its Installation Kit. You can use it for 8k/4K viewing at any time you want to. The screen is an Ultra HD Ready Matte option. It uses a combination of a White Fiberglass Reinforced Projection Surface, and a strong metal casing.

It uses the popular MaxWhite FG material for a 1.1 Gain. The screen is a fibreglass-backed, 180 degree wide viewing angle option. This is a fully black backed front projection screen with a textured surface. The screen is a GreenGuard and GreenGuard GOLD Certified option. You can use it outdoors as it is a Mildew resistant and easy to clean choice. You can clean it with mild soap and water.

You will get a full In-Ceiling Installation Kit with the screen as well as an Infrared (IR) & Radiofrequency (RF) Remote. There is a 3-Way Wall Switch, Integrated RJ45 Port, and 5-12 volt trigger to come with this as well.


  • 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Recessed In-Ceiling Electric Projector Screen.
  • Installation Kit included.
  • 8k/4K Ultra HD Ready.
  • White Fiberglass Reinforced Projection Surface.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Ready for projection.


  • Not easy to pack up for storage.


The screen is a 120-inch Diagonal option that offers an incredible viewing size of 16:9 HD. This format is perfect for 8-inch Black Masking Drop. This is one of the fewer options that can be used in a White Finish Case/Housing.

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7. Pyle 72″ Portable Motorized Matte White

Pyle 72″ Portable Motorized Matte White

The Pyle 72″ Portable Motorized Matte White is a good choice as well. You can enjoy this option with the wired control box or the included wireless battery powered remote control. The option is perfect for professional use. The screen uses a waterproof top. This is a 72-inch option that has a 1.3 gain with a triple layer full projection inner. The screen provides you with a wide viewing area and it is created for universal projection in any room whether big or small. This is perfect for use in the home, office, or classroom.

This is one of the best projector screens that feature a 4:3 viewing format. This one is also compatible with the 16:9 aspect ratio. You can get the same aspect ratio as an HD TV and this is what makes it the most suitable for most movie formats which are ideal for home theater cinema or video/film showing.

Furthermore, this one also has an aluminum protector case to protect the screen from damages when not in use or during travel. This makes it perfect for travelling.


  • Waterproof 72 inches.
  • 3 gain triple-layer full projection screen.
  • 4:3 viewing format and is compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Equipped with an electronic motor.


  • Wall mounted, compact, portable, and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Ready for projection.


  • Not easy to pack up for storage.


This screen also has a retractable matte white inner and an outer 4 side black border frame that creates impeccable color balance to project a realistic picture. The wall mount can be used as it features convenient hooks for easy wall/ceiling mounting as well.

8. Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch 16:9 HD

Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch

The Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch 16:9 HD is a good choice as well. This is a Diagonal Indoor and Outdoor Electric option. This Move Screen comes with a Remote Control that can be used for your Family, in a Home Theatre or Office room with ease.

The screen is a 100″ diagonal option that can be used at a 16:9 View Size. This is a very flexible and perfect option for LED, LCD, and DLP projectors. The screen allows you to enjoy a pre-wired power cord with an integrated switch to regulate the lowering and wrapping facilities.

The material used in this one will offer you a matte white screen that is yellow-staining-free, wrinkle-free and provides outstanding image reproduction. This is going to be glare-free and amazing for any cinematic adventure.


  • 100″ diagonal.
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio.
  • View Size: 87″Wx48.8″ H.
  • Compatible with LED, LCD, and DLP projectors.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Wall mounted, compact, portable, and lightweight.


  • Not recommended to use in small rooms.


If you need a strong and protected choice then this is a good one. It comes with a solid metal casing featuring a dual-purpose design for wall or ceiling installation, making this an ideal product for use in any place and under any circumstances.

Best Motorized Projector Screens Buyer’s Guide

If you need the screen to be installed seamlessly and give you a lot of benefits then you need to take care of a few things. These include the need to make sure that the distance is perfect, the size is good and the projector is compatible.

Screen and the distance

The right distance between the projector screen can be tested by viewing and experimenting it can not be calculated. As a rule of thumb, the seats should be located at a distance that is about double the width of the projected image, and no more than five times the width of the image.

Installing the screen:

You should only buy the screen that meets the size of the room and your needs. You will first determine where the screen will be installed then choose one.

Checking the installation process:

Then you will check where to mount it and whether you need a drill mounting process. The wires, mount, and the rest of the items needed to be checked too before you purchase it to make sure that all items are there when you are ready to install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motorized projector screen?

The Elite Screens Evanesce B, 120″ is the best motorized projector screen if you want something larger. The screen can be used at a 16:9 angle. This is a Recessed In-Ceiling Electric Projector Screen. It comes with its Installation Kit.

Which projection screen is best?

The Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum is the best in class option. This is one of the bigger screens available for your selection.

How much should I spend on a projector screen?

Some other options are 70 plus inches and some are regular and they fall in a 100 inches category. You can spend from $1000-2000 on it.

Are 4k projector screens worth it?

The projection screens have optical coatings. This can improve their reflective properties. The settings can be manipulated with the help of its radio frequency remote control for the perfect distant control.

Best Portable Projector Screen of 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Projector Finder » Projection Screens

Do you enjoy watching movies with your family but Covid-19 is keeping you from the cinema screens? Or are you looking for a good way to give presentations at important business meetings? If you relate to these scenarios, then you might want to invest in a good portable projector screen. These are the best screens to complement your projectors and are fairly affordable as well.

Nowadays, you get a ton of options and choices as due to an increase in demand, a lot of brands have come up with projector screens of their own. The most common kinds that you can get are either the manual variety or electric ones. To make the best pick, you should check out our detailed buying guide at the end of this article however, you also need to look at your options.

So to help you find the Best Portable Projector Screen, we have compiled this review for your convenience. If you don’t have the time at the moment to go over this review at the moment of our 10 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the Elite Screens 120-inch Projector Screen which has a 180-degree viewing angle and is made with a lightweight aluminum body. For more information on the technical side to this, keep reading on, and be sure to check out our buying guide that is at the very end. Before you start reading, take a look at our handy comparison chart as this will inform you of the main features of each product.

Top 10 Best Portable Projector Screen for 2022

Projector ScreensFeaturesPrice
Vamvo Dual Projector ScreenEasy to setup Check Price
Keenstone 120 InchLightweight and portable Check Price
Elite Screens 120-inchMildew resistant Check Price
Chalpr Portable Projector ScreenLightweight and portable Check Price
Pyle Portable Projector ScreenPortable Check Price
Holiday Styling Projector ScreenQuiet operation Check Price
PERLESMITH 100-InchBlack backing Check Price
Cocar 40-inchWaterproof Check Price
NIERBO 120 inchLightweight and portable Check Price
Nierbo 72 inchExcellent customer service Check Price

1. Vamvo Dual Projector Screen

Vamvo Dual Projector Screen

The first product on today’s list is called the Vamvo Dual Projector Screen which is one of the best options for both indoor and outdoor use. It is super portable thanks to the lightweight and foldable stand that it comes with. You get an updated and more stable option with this product.

You won’t need any special tools to set this product up and thanks to the 12-month warranty, users will be able to get excellent service and help. The one thing about this device is that it is slightly heavier than most since it weighs around 9 pounds. This isn’t a deal-breaker but it means it is slightly weighty.

As mentioned earlier, this comes in an updated version as this screen offers way more stability than its predecessor. Its dimensions are 120-inches diagonally, and you get to work with an impressive 16:9 aspect ratio.

All in all, this is one of the best portable and outdoor projector screens that you can invest in since it is fully resistant to all sorts of weather conditions from rain to wind.


  • 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Foldable stand.
  • 120-inches.


  • Weighs 9 pounds.

2. Keenstone 120 Inch Projection Screen

Keenstone 120 Inch Projection Screen

The Keenstone 120-Inch Projection Screen is our next product and it comes fitted with both rear and front projection capabilities which allows it to be a very versatile product indeed. This is because both sides are a combination of a natural polyester and spandex material which ensures a smoother and thicker surface.

The screen itself is a way less reflective screen and it offers a much wider viewing angle. This means because the light will be diffused much better, users will not need to sit right in front of the screen. The product is lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for travel and storage.

The screen is easily storable into practically any suitcase or bag and will be wrinkle-free when pulled out for use. This 120-inch projector screen comes with a whole year’s worth of warranty from the manufacturer as well.

Not only does the screen come with built-in eyelets but you will also get most of the tools that you need to set it up within minutes. This includes the easy to cut the rope, double-sided tape, and removable hooks that are needed to hang it up. The material which is of high quality also is wrinkle-free and will not need to be ironed.


  • Less reflective screen.
  • Comes with tools.
  • Both rear and front projection.
  • Natural polyester and spandex.
  • Built-in eyelets.
  • Wider viewing angle.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Wrinkle-free.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • None really.

3. Elite Screens 120-inch Projector Screen

Elite Screens 120-inch Projector Screen

Next, we have the Elite Screens 120-inch Projector Screen which has a 180-degree viewing angle which only has a front projection. However it is resistant to the elements and along with water, it is also mildew resistant.

Other than that it is compatible with all short throw, ultra-short-throw and standard projectors. It has a lightweight aluminum construction and comes with a padded carrying bag for transport. The screen can also be washed with soap and water for easy maintenance.

You can get either a 2 or a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer along with excellent lifetime tech support for queries and confusions.


  • 180-degree viewing angle.
  • Lightweight aluminum.
  • Projector Compatibility.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Carrying-bag included.
  • Lifetime Tech Support.
  • 2-3-year warranty.


  • Only front projection.

4. Chalpr Portable Projector Screen

Chalpr Portable Projector Screen

The Chalpr Portable Projector Screen is up next on our list and this is a very handy product indeed. Since it is made with much thicker material, it offers excellent light dispersion and therefore the result will be more vivid and clear.

This means that this matte white screen gets the best and highest colour reproduction that will grant a clear and brighter image quality than other contenders. The screen itself is super portable and is also lightweight which makes folding it up an easy task.

It is also quite small when folded up which is why it is one of the best portable projector screens out there.

Assembling the screen is a breeze since it is super easy to set it up without professional help. All you need to achieve that is to use hooks and ropes and as luck would have it, this product comes with 5 meters of rope and 14 hooks included.


  • Thicker material.
  • High colour reproduction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • More light reflection.
  • 14 hooks and 2 ropes.


  • No warranty.

5. Pyle Portable Projector Screen

Pyle Portable Projector Screen

Moving on, we have the Pyle Portable Projector Screen which is an updated model that comes with an impressive 40-inch screen. This device is super easy to install and setup and can be assembled without the need for any tools or prior experience.

This is one of the best portable projector screens as it has a quick setup and an even quicker disassembly. It comes with a screen stand which is lightweight which makes it easy to transport.

It comes with a handy and retractable design that means it is super convenient since that’s precisely what makes setup so simple. This projection screen has been fitted with a universal projection capability which means it is great for any projector.


  • Portable.
  • 40-inch screen.
  • Easy installation.
  • Universal projection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Retractable design.


  • No warranty.

6. Holiday Styling Projector Screen

Holiday Styling Projector Screen

Next, we have the Holiday Styling Projector Screen and this is an inflatable style of projector screen that comes with its electric blower included that allows for full inflation within minutes. The blower is also super quiet and won’t disrupt the peace.

You get an impressive 16ft diagonal viewing area and it can be hooked up to practically any projector or speakers. The one drawback is that as compared to others, it is heavier as it comes in at 18 pounds total.

The brand offers excellent customer service as well and you get both front and rear projection. Thanks to the 600DD oxford woven black to frame the material is durable and has reinforced loops for security and stability.


  • 16ft diagonal viewing area.
  • Great customer service.
  • Front and rear projection.
  • Oxford woven material.
  • Electric blower.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Weighs 18 pounds.

7. PERLESMITH 100-Inch Projector Screen

PERLESMITH 100-Inch Projector Screen

The PERLESMITH 100-Inch Projector Screen is great for those on a budget since it is quite affordable and since it is made from a more reflective material, it is also brighter and clearer.

It comes fitted on a portable tripod which means it will be stable no matter the kind of surface. This also makes it one of the best portable projector screens as it is easy to carry and even easier to store wherever you desire.

It has both black backing and borders which ensure that you get the perfect contrast and that light does not go through the screen. This results in excellent picture quality and resolution.

This flexible projection screen has an auto-locking mechanism on the back which ensures that you can set the height of the screen and adjust it as well so that you can come back to your desired setting.


  • Portable tripod screen.
  • Affordable.
  • Auto-locking feature.
  • Screen height adjustment.
  • Black backing.


  • No warranty.

8. Cocar 40-inch Portable Projection Screen

Cocar 40-inch Portable Projection Screen

Moving on, we have the Cocar 40-inch Portable Projection Screen and this is a universal fit since it comes compatible with practically all professional LCD, DLP, or LED projectors. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, its portable design makes it convenient to use.

It has a self-standing pull-out style which also makes it super easy to set up no matter the conditions of the surface. It comes with a lightweight case made with aluminum and weighs only 4 pounds. For easy travel, there is a handlebar and a lifting ring.

It is made with a white colour material, which offers a greater reflection that makes the projection clearer and this is the best material to ensure there is less strain on the eyes. Finally, this is a waterproof material that will withstand rain and the elements and also offers a wider viewing angle.


  • Portable.
  • Lightweight aluminum case.
  • Weighs 4 pounds.
  • High reflection material.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Compatible with all projectors.
  • Handlebar.
  • Waterproof.


  • None.

9. NIERBO 150 Inch Portable Projector Screen

NIERBO 150 Inch Portable Projector Screen

Next, we have the NIERBO 150 Inch Portable Projector Screen which is an excellent choice for a versatile number of uses from camping, to movie nights to office use. Since this is a product that has been made from special synthetic polyester material, it ensures that the projection you get is not only clearer but also brighter than other contenders on the market.

The surface is both smooth and thick enough that it is completely opaque and this also is why it has certain anti-crease properties that make it especially wrinkle-free so that it does not need ironing even when it has been folded to be transported.

The coolest feature is that it comes with all the installation tools and accessories that you will need. The hooks and ropes you will need for setup are included free of charge so you won’t need to purchase anything. There is also a portable carrying bag included which ensures that the screen isn’t harmed or torn during travel.

The dimensions of the screen are 150-inches and it has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this device is super portable as it only weighs a mere 3.2 pounds. This means it can be taken just about anywhere and set up in minutes.


  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Synthetic polyester fibre.
  • Free install accessories.
  • Portable black bag.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds.
  • 150-inch screen.


  • Slightly pricey.

10. Nierbo 72 Inch Portable Projector Screen

Nierbo 72 Inch Portable Projector Screen

Finally, to end the list for today, we are looking at yet another Nierbo product and this is the Nierbo 72 Inch Portable Projector Screen which is a super user-friendly screen that can easily be set up and just as easily taken down in case you wish to transport it.

One of the best features of this screen is that it comes completely wrinkle-free which means you won’t need to iron it when you take it out for use. This is because the screen is made from a material that can be stretched as per the user’s liking and also makes sure there are no creases left.

Since you get to experience both front and rear projection, this means that you get a device that is super easy and convenient to use. No matter the front or back, the picture quality will be excellent and the images projected with be clear and crisp.

Finally, the best part about this is that they have excellent customer service for buyers and even though there is no warranty added, you can contact them for queries.


  • Wrinkle Free Projection Screen.
  • Rear and front projection.
  • Stretchy screen.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Easy setup and disassembly.


  • No warranty.

Best Portable Projector Screens Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have gone through our extensive reviews for products of the Best Portable Projector for Business in terms of their features and drawbacks, you might feel like you are far better equipped to make a decision. Now that you have gone through all of the options, you may feel like you know which device is right for you. However, it is still recommended to go over this detailed buying guide as well to properly understand the technicalities of these devices.

This buyer’s guide will be an insightful journey for first-time users that have no experience since it can be difficult to buy a portable projector screen for your office. However once you have done the proper amount of research, the choice will become easier. To start, we are going to look at the main questions that you should always ask before you buy a projector, and then we will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Here are the main questions you should always consider:

What size are you getting?

The answer to this question will depend on the amount of space you have or what kind of area you are placing the projector screen in. when looking for different sizes of Portable Projector Screens, you should know that many manufacturers will come up with a size that is defined by a single diagonal dimension. If you are confused about what size to get, looking into the format the screen supports is another excellent way to choose correctly.

What is the Viewing Angle?

A viewing angle refers to the total angle at which the viewer can view the screen. For example, if the screen is at an angle of 180 degrees, you will have more leeway to sit perpendicular to the screen and still view everything. This is why the most common and versatile screens will usually have a 180-degree viewing angle so you get the best viewing experience. On a whole, anything below a 120-degree angle will not be adequate.

What material is the screen made from?

Screen projectors are almost always made with fabric of some kind and texture and this is one of the most important factors in deciding what your eventual experience will be like. The best kind of material that should be considered is one that is safe from the elements in case you are using it outdoors, one that can get you a higher resolution, and finally, one that doesn’t need to be adjusted a lot.

If the material you end up purchasing is a resilient and durable one, then you should see it as an investment no matter the initial cost. Another very important element to look out for is the colour of the material as this will have a great effect on the resolution of the screen. The most common and most preferred colour is grey as it best reflects the light.

How easy is it to assemble and set up?

There are a few factors you should consider when you think about the installation or setup of your projector screen. The first is how easy it is to setup. Will you need any tools? Or will you have to end up hiring a professional? The other aspect is that because these are portable projectors you should always get the one that is most lightweight so it is easy to move around, especially if you wish to travel.

Next up, we are moving onto the FAQs:

What material can I use for a projector screen?

The kind of materials that you will end up choosing for projector screens depends on your budget. This includes several affordable options such as bedsheets, walls painted in certain colours, or even some outdoor fabric. However, some expensive models include tarps or spandex materials. If you are on the lookout for a truly portable option then the inflatable ones are considerably less hassle and much more affordable as well.

While picking the correct material for your open-air screen, you must be extra mindful to pick the one that works for you. On that note, here are the best materials for screens so that you can choose one that fits best for you.


For a cheaper option, the best option is undoubtedly to paint. This is because you can buy paint from just about anywhere and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg especially since you can even paint the wall yourself for users on a budget, this is a great alternative and all you need is blank wall space and the right paint.

If you can spend a few more dollars, buying special projector paint might help as this reflects light better and gives a more matte feel.

The coolest thing is that it won’t be as much effort as you will only have to paint the amount of the wall that you will be viewing on. This can easily be determined by the formal and resolutions that your projector offers.

Outdoor Fabric

Another excellent option for people who want a moderately priced option can invest in a good piece of outdoor fabric. This is a good and durable fabric that won’t be a burden on you if you’re on a budget and will also give you a decent viewing experience as well. Since it is sturdy, it will last you a long time and while it isn’t made especially as an alternative to projector screens, it is still a pretty decent option.

The most commonly used material is called Tyvek and this is considerably less expensive and long-lasting especially if you want to use it outdoors. Of course, it is also a great option as a portable projector screen since it can be folded up and put away or transported just about anywhere. Outdoor fabrics are also made to be resistant to the elements so they won’t absorb water in case of rain.


The next possible option to use is called a Tarp and this is the material that you see on billboards. It is also durable and resistant to rain or snow. They are also designed to reflect traffic lights so it will get you a good viewing experience as well. Mostly, the material will be vinyl and therefore will be great at absorbing light.

Can I use a bedsheet as a projector screen?

If you are looking for a quick fix, then yes, your old white or blank bedsheets are a good alternative to buying a projector screen. This is especially true if you are using a much cheaper projector at some sleepover or outdoor movie night and need a cheap solution fast. But bear in mind that bed sheets are harder to turn into a uniform and wrinkle-free surface. They may even sway with the wind.

The material of bedsheets is usually thin and light and therefore is prone to moving around in the wind. This is a bad sign especially if you want to project outside. If the material is way too thin, it means it isn’t opaque enough and the light of the projector could pass straight through the sheets.

Adding something black behind the bed sheet or folding up the sheet to make it double will make it less thin or transparent. Another problem might be wrinkled so you can easily iron them out if you want a smooth surface.

Will a projector work on a GREY wall?

If you just cannot splurge on a projector screen right at this moment and you want a good alternative, then consider using a grey painted wall. This is a good option because black or grey walls are good at reflecting ambient light and thus make the content you are viewing clearer. Projectors fix the issue of ambient light using their internal lumens or brightness, so to counter the light, the projector will disperse more light output.

This is why most people invest in special projector paint to increase the reflectivity of their walls. This is the same principle used in screens as they have a matte coating on them. There are a lot of black projector screens, even though traditionally, these screens were white, so it is a clear indication that there is some merit to using these colours on walls as well.

The best thing about a coloured surface is that it can absorb any excess or ambient light. So, when you use a grey surface for projection, you will get a much darker contrast between the lighter and dark surrounding areas.

Is a projector screen better than a wall?

A projector screen gives users the most ideal resolution and therefore offers the best quality. Most of this depends on light reflection because this will ensure that the viewer’s content is not disrupted by ambient light. A super-smooth surface is what will ultimately mirror light best and since most walls or sheets have imperfections or might not be uniform, projection screens are a much better choice.

Projector screens are also made in a way that makes them better suited to reflecting light since they have special matte coatings. Of course, if you are committed to prepping your wall with a sander or covering it with projector paint, then a wall may be considered. If you are not able to do all of this, then the images that will be projected on your walls will not offer the excellent quality that your projector promises and you will not get value on your money.

Are our projector screens worth it?

The answer to this question is purely subjective because it mostly depends on your needs as a user. If you are investing in an excellent 4k projector to add to your home entertainment system or for your company’s business meetings, then it makes sense to get a decent projector screen too. However, you can also make use of cheaper alternatives that we have outlined earlier.

If you are the first kind of user, then yes, projector screens are worth it. This is because you won’t get the same uniformity or resolution on a wall or a blank sheet. Buying a proper projector screen will grant you the control that you need in terms of image quality and resolution which is something you can’t get with other alternatives.

While you might be tempted to go for any smooth and blank surface when the image is projected on it, it quickly shows minor imperfections and this may disrupt your experience. Another benefit of screens is that they come with a border on the edges which helps you center in on the image or video playing much more clearly. This frames your content and puts less strain on your eyes. One of the biggest features to look into is the reflection of light. This is something only a matte projection screen will grant you.


If you’re on the hunt of finding the Best Portable Projector Screen then this is the list for you. We have performed extensive research to help you quickly choose the right product for your needs. Regarding the top pick, our experts have suggested one product to save you some time with the research.

Best Outdoor Projector Screens of 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Projector Finder » Projection Screens

It is apparent you can utilize too many of the objects to act as a projector screen; from your wall to a sheet to get the projector placed outdoor, but they enjoy the best out of the projector, you DO need the best outdoor projector screens for the increased quality to make your movie night a real fun.

Seems kinda expensive, but why should not treat your projector with a full-fledged and dedicated screen to enjoy the quality projection that is relatively durable, easy to install, and provides exceptional color quality, resolution, and contrast ratio to make your eyes fall in love with the level of quality it would treat your eyes with.

Seems entirely professional; show your love and inspiration towards the projector by owning the outstanding projector screens that go into your backyard or other such outdoor situations.

Well, we do not really push you to get the projector screens, but what we can assure you is the level of viewability would be degraded to the many folds without having it.

So, pick either side (and we are confirmed you are gonna become a proud owner of the projector screen) as they (projector screen) are quite affordable, handy, and portable while requiring nothing of the techy mind to install/set them up.

Seriously, a warm evening and surrounded by the pool of relatives and friends at the barbecue party; let’s get the fun wholly pushed to the extreme of entertainment to have all of the folks pretty engaged with what you got to show for the evening/night. 🙂

Also read: The Best Budget Projectors For Bright Rooms

Just takes about a couple of minutes to get it into the upright position (I meant to install), so never believe anyone stating they are quite complex to install and would take around an hour, which can eventually ruin the craze developed around to watch the favorite content on the bigger screen.

List of the Best Outdoor Projector Screens

Projector ScreensMaximum Screen GainWeightPrice
HOIN 4K120”6.98 pounds Check Price
Elite Screens Yard Master 2120” Diagonal1 pound Check Price
Pyle PRJTPFL122120”21 pounds Check Price
Vamvo M2120120” Diagonal9 pounds Check Price
Vamvo Outdoor Screen74.4” Diagonal5.87 pounds Check Price
TaoTronics TT-HP020120”22 pounds Check Price
Sewinfla33’ (feet)46.5 pounds Check Price
Visual Apex120”27.9 pounds Check Price
Vamvo M2100100”7.28 pounds Check Price

1. HOIN 4K Outdoor Projector Screen

4K Outdoor Projection Screen for Home Theater

Folding with the stable stand legs, including the carry bag, the projector screen from HOIN 7545871142 has a giant projection screen spanning 120 inches to enjoy watching the streaming content on the bigger and larger screen.

Supporting the aspect ratio of over 16:9 with full HD (FHD) 4K having the 160° wide viewing angle that gives the viewability from each corner just like you are sitting in front of the screen and the first row without degrading the viewing experience coupled with the sharp and high-resolution images fully enriched with colors to view from any position without a problem.

Crafted with the naturally-durable polyester fabric that is enough thickened and smooth (wrinkle-free set up) coated with the high-definition that defines the artistry along with the added flexibility with fiber that does not curl it as well as the moisture-proof treatment that takes it to quickly mildew and convenient to clean in a few minutes.

Best suited for the outdoor (as well as indoor) seating to turn the larger gathering accompanied to watch and experience the whole cinematic theater right from your backyard, but that is NOT only that. The screen with the stand goes to be perfectly standing, which makes it to be consumed by the schools, offices, weddings, conference room presentations, outdoor movies, churches, and anywhere you plan for it.

Does not create any disturbance because if you encounter the wind or the uneven ground where you can fix the scaffold onto the floor to install it with increased stability so that the blustery and windy days can ruin your movie time.

Needs to get assembled on your own when arrived; this whole white screen fits best into the aluminum frame that is known to be extremely lightweight AND durable to last for years to come as well as withstands the extremist of the weather.

BY any chance it gets stained, you can either wash it by hand or stuff it inside the machine but to make it ready instantly, directly clean out the dirty parts with the wet cloth and wait for it to turn dried.


  • Gain over 120″ of screen.
  • Stand embossed with the legs.
  • Wrinkle-free screen surface.


  • Requires assembly.

2. Elite Screens Yard Master 2 – Best Projector Screen for Outdoor Movies

Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Of course, just like its name, the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 is definitely AND explicitly designed for the yard parties to enjoy with the full entertainment.

Get the projection screen to gain a maximum of 120 diagonal size that is daily achievable using this projector screen with the added convenience; that is entirely capable of accommodating the folks’ large gathering for conveniently watching the entertaining content without complaining.

Supporting the widescreen that fits to serve as the pure cinematic experience, the aspect ratio from 16:9 with the view size of 59.0″ to height, 104.7″ in width and having the overall size hitting to 88.9″ in height x 109.8″ to the width and 36.7″ when the legs are attached.

Made the frame with entirely the high-end silver aluminum, which is known to withstand all the extremism the weather has to come up with even if it is mistakenly left outside in the rain.

For the screen, you cannot really expect the viewability it would bring to your eyes as it got the screen made with the CineWhite UHD-B (tensioned matte white) having the adequate gain of 1.3 with 4K Ultra-HD and the projection ready technology from Active 3D ensuring the accurate color featuring 180-degree viewing angle coupled with fully black-backed front projection and being ISF certified as well as the dynamic range dealing with the color temperature to showcase the truest colors to its extreme originality.

Set to resist the mildew better, cleaning the screen made it entirely possible and convenient using the soap and water that does not add to acquire the dedicated cleaning chemicals reducing the expense drastically at the lower end where everything is available out of the home.

Enjoy hanging the flat projection screen in a fully tensioned form and the snap button attached to the frame where it (structure) got made in a single-piece along with the detachable legs.

The box included what was included in the screen, carrying bag, rigging cord, supporting rings, and the ground stakes.

To increase its longevity to perform for years, it is better advised to disassemble the screen and get it stored indoors that does not add to rust or damage the parts due to the seasonal effects.


  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Includes the free carrying box.


  • The cords included to stable the frame wears out relatively sooner.

3. Pyle PRJTPFL122

Pyle PRJTPFL122 Projector Screen

The projector is often acquired to view the content just like you see in the cinema. For the whole cinematic experience, Pyle PRJTPFL122 would never let you feel ordinary to view your favorite content streaming to project over the full-wide and larger screen to taste the cinema in your backyard.

Comes with the black velvet finish aluminum frame that takes up the screen with the spring-backed tensioned back that gets to absorb the light overshoot while providing the outclass viewing experience, never to let anyone complain about the quality.

Convenient to mount, this takes merely a minute or two to get it installed in any outdoor location ranging to hit as much as 120 inches that turns it to become 100 percent flat through its specially featured spring stretching system that gets it to fix in home, offices, schools, and the classrooms.

The fully widescreen aspect ratio between 16:9 that provides the fully HD TV experience that is super ideal for replacing the flat-panel TVs where you do not find it broad enough when you got this projection screen from Pyle PRJTPFL122 in your possession.

Made the screen surface with the best and high-grade matte that makes it stretchable PVC screen that immensely reduces the lighter ripples and the glare that helps produce the impeccable color balance to enjoy the extreme-realistic image.

And the outstanding viewing to watch from the different angles as it comes loaded with the natural 160° degree of the complete off-axis viewing without blurring and fading the images from the corners, accommodating the number of viewers to watch their favorite content without an issue seamlessly.

Comes featuring the universal wall-mounting that works best to install in the flat surface form to maintain as much of the diagonal shape that does not add any wrinkle and not requiring to crease the surface to tighten it up more to the intense level which can eventually break the screen.

Entitled to 30-days of the money-back guarantee, do not like it, just ask for it without question asked.


  • Easy to mount.
  • Flat display.
  • Black and velvet-masking border to feel like a TV panel.


  • A bit pricey.

4. Vamvo M2120 – Best Projector Screen

Vamvo M2120 Projector Screen

Luckily, the projector screens are quite handy, portable, and easier to set up despite whatever you get to own out of the market.

To name a few reputable brands to list into providing the best outdoor projector screens, Vamvo M2120 is amongst the league topping with the proof the consumers best like it.

Featuring the outstanding features starting with the surface build, but the quality it brings, it is widely used to gain the highest quality of viewing experience at night rather than the daylight but wait, you best enjoy the night out (in the backyard) when it is pitched dark, and that is the prime time to watch and enjoy the night together with the folks gathered at your place for the party.

Just five minutes of hardship to get it entirely set up to assemble from scratch and the attached ropes on each disease of the screen helps to combat the severe windy weather not to have it fallen down on the floor.

Comes included with the foldable and the lightweight stand along with the carrying box to take it wherever you go, so that it does not go fit only into the backyard but on the campings and picnic where you plan to spend a few days outta the home to relax and refresh the mind.

Weighing only 9 pounds, with the size of 22″ x 14″ x 4″ that fits well into the carrying box, whereas the screen takes up the right 120″ diagonal with an aspect ratio of 16:9 to deliver an outstanding and sharp image without a problem.

Having 160° degree viewing angle where it does not force the viewers to sit directly AND in front of a screen to enjoy the flicker-free visuals that brings the clear images coupled with the vivid color never to feel you are not staring on the real TV but on the projector screen that is emitting out the signals right from the projector.

And the unique tripod stand setup has the minimalist design to get fitted into the carrying box without an issue so that you can conveniently transport it anywhere you go.


  • Best designed for outdoor projection.
  • Tripod-styled stand setup.


  • May fall off the ground if not tied.

5. Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen

Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen

There are few of the brands that are known to be providing and producing the projection screens, and Vamvo with the Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen does not prove to ruin your mood to enjoy the best viewing experience, and that too on the larger and wider screen accompanied with the bunch of folks gathered at your backyard.

Just that it does not rate to work best into the outdoor conditions but indoor as well, but here we intend to bring ONLY the outdoor events to celebrate along with the bigger screen to stream the best content LOVED by everyone with their presence to enjoy inevitably.

Suited to fit with the many LED, DLP, and LCD projectors, come with the durable material that goes with smoothened transitioning that turns it into the desirable screen display effect to freshen up your viewing experience.

Includes the tripod-legs that lets the screen to sit in at the ground despite the uneven condition while folding design along with the carrying bag allows it to get seated inside the bag to carry wherever you go without having to put it up on your shoulder and travel.

An adjustable frame that meets the width you deserve that holds the screen for you through the rotating joint that makes it to go flattered under the tension to erase all the wrinkles, along with the tilting angle that adjusts accordingly to the height of the back multi-connector connected on the back stand pole containing the locking handle for the firm installation.

The piece of advice, the screen comes into the folding position, and getting it out from the box would contain the wrinkle you can easily tackle down by ironing it with the low heat before use.

Offers a 74.4″ diagonal with an image aspect ratio of 16:9, delivers a brilliant visual experience to your eyes, which seems kinda impossible to observe out of the TV before.

And 160° wide viewing angle erases all the possible resolution loss, and its matte-white viewing surface is suitable to diffuse the projection light uniformly to eradicate all the eye strains to feel good and refreshed for watching over the screen for hours long.


  • Impressively the best budget outdoor projector screen.
  • High quality of the projection-rated fabric used.


  • Non-adjustable with height.

6. TaoTronics TT-HP020

TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand

Screen with the stand, TaoTronics TT-HP020, is bearing all the outstanding features that you so demand out of the screen surface crafted with the premium-classed PVC matte, which keeps it wrinkle-free to enjoy this portable projector screen to up your viewing experience to the many folds.

Constructed for the lasting and longer watch time to maximize your enjoyment to kill the spare time with peace to watch your favorite content on the relatively larger screen than anyone could ever expect — This goes to be installed in the outdoor environment without an issue as it comes with the attached ropes along with the ground nails for the secured set up to withstand the blowing wind that would not have it fallen down on the floor OR keep it blowing with the pressure of wind that may ruin the whole viewing experience.

Owning 1.1 gain, the screen comes with projecting the power to emit out the quality visual content, but if used in the pitched dark environment, even with the ambient lights on, the projection effect would give the outstanding results to love watching it for an extended time.

Boxed in with the tripod stand that is adjustable to gain the desired height to fit with your viewing experience, it delivers to gain the maximum screen height of 110 inches with having 38 inches of ground clearance when set up in full.

Can be detached out of the tripod stand, the screen can be used to mount up on the wall or hang anywhere, but it is not entirely recommended to do so (to use without depending on the stand) for the standard operation.

Includes the storage bag, the right thing to take with you to set up anywhere you want by taking your portable projector under 1000 with this portable outdoor projector screen to fill your outdoor time full of fun.

Featuring 160 degrees of viewing angle, it takes no one to sit in front of the screen but can be seen to emit the best results if you happen to watch it from different angles without blurring and fading the visual content.


  • Wrinkle-free design.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not block the black backing light.

7. Sewinfla Outdoor Projector Screen

Sewinfla Giant Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor

Do NOT take it funny, but if you are told to be provided with the inflatable outdoor projector screen to watch your super-entertaining movies while enjoying the hot summer nights out in the backyard, do NOT laugh.

Of course, there is one provider who is set to provide us with the inflatable movie screen to be used for the front and rear projection that takes up the giant size of over 33 feet (seems kinda impossible) that NOT only does this well to gain the desired and rated height and width as its innovative design is known to be providing the higher screen by ensuring the comfortable visual size having the added bottom support tube for the stable set up as well as the strengthen the fixed pull buckle to gain the increased fastness.

Made with the high-quality material as it is applied with 210D oxford fabric known to be thickened enough, which attains the greater durability to live a longer service life and keep it simple to clean it out just with the wet cloth without tearing it from any sides.

Quick to be inflated, it comes with the stand that gets it inflated with the lower noise in about 2 to 5 minutes using a 750W blower (included AND free of cost.)

Wrapped into the black-colored frame, which can be easily cleaned out by wiping through the cloth, whereas the white screen that fits into the frame uses the Velcro enclosure straps to hold it securely and is rated for the fully detachable.

It also includes the carrying bag to transport along with you wherever you go, NOT to miss placing this giant 33ft long portable projection screen to enjoy every bit of time.

Really it is not just a piece of outdoor projection screen but the giant one to accommodate the drive-thru viewing experience to watch your favorite content by sitting in the middle of your car to enjoy it with extreme luxury.


  • Super-giant inflatable outdoor projector screen.
  • Gets inflated in a mere 2 to 5 minutes.


  • Beware of piercing the sharp objects.

8. Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD

Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD

Taking it from the top, Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD spans through the maximum of screen size to up to 120″ and wrapped around the one-piece fast-fold frame that barely takes a minute to get assembled in full.

Use it over the stand or detaching to hang it over the wall or ceiling; the choice is all yours as it comes with two wall mounts to have it done in no time.

Crafted with cinema matte white PVC material that gains to over 1.1 supporting 4K UHD and 2D and 3D contents to view without hitting a problem and being backed by the black color NOT fading the colors and the visuals.

Approved by ROHS standard and labeled by 2-years of the manufacturer warranty, keep up to last the projection screen to live the fantastic operational time without ever running into an issue.

Luckily, this frame is all assembled and does not detach/dismount, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to save time by setting up the whole of this projector screen within a minute’s time.

Attached with the snaps over the frame that takes it to tighten the fitment to avoid producing the wrinkles.


  • Supports 2D and 3D.
  • One-piece of fast-folding frame.


  • Frequent creases may damage the screen over time.

9. Vamvo M2100 – Best Projector Screen with Stand

Vamvo M2100 Projector Screen

Known to be providing over 100 inches of projection screen to view your outclass and favorite content on the widely larger screen, Vamvo M2100 would always surprise you in terms of enjoying the high-quality visuals with all the convenience.

Proud projector screen for the proud consumers, the quality, and the finest results it brings up to treat your eyes are just fabulous — And against the price tag that will never make you complain about it.

Only takes a five minutes slot to set it up; the entire assembly done even from a novice person should not be taken as a complicated task.

Comes included with the foldable and the super-lightweight stand make it purely a portable outdoor projector screen solution that weighs just around 8 lbs provided with the carrying box to transport it wherever you want (and securely store it when not in use.)

Also comes included with the ropes attached on each side of the screen to install it securely to fight off the windy and gusty movie nights out that preserve you from holding and untying it due to windy conditions.


  • Best projection screen for outdoor events.
  • Quality build.


  • Iron out every time.

FAQs for Best Outdoor Projector Screens

There are specific and the common questions that need to be answered to gain the desired understanding of what benefits and advantages the outdoor projector screens would bring for the customers, so have a sneak peek over ’em;

Q1. What can I use for an outdoor projector screen?

  • Get the wall painted with projector-rated paint.
  • Hang the blackout cloth.
  • Outdoor-rated fabric.
  • Bedsheets (expect the glare and worst quality…)
  • Wrapping paper.

Q2. Can you leave a projector screen outside?

Please, NO. Neither rain nor the ice could kill the screen AND the frame but the scorching heat and the sunlight. Better to advise, take it inside when you are done.

Q3. What is the best gain for a projector screen?

To a minimum of 1.0 provided if you got the less-lumens-rich projector. The higher the gain goes, the brighter it would result in the visuals while requiring the lumens-rich projector for effective performance.

Q4. What is the best material for the rear projection screen?

Projection-rated fabric and NOTHING else to bring the relatively larger images (in feet) without glare and fades.

To name a few projection-rated fabric which is known to be made with the best material for the rear projection screen, we got;

Conclusion of the best outdoor projector screens

Finally, here we leap over the conclusion part bearing the 10 best outdoor projector screens to make your family night out super entertaining.

The outdoor parties and the events near the different levels of interest and, most importantly, leave the best impressions to join such a time no matter how lavish you make the indoor parties.

And when the outdoor parties are accompanied by the larger projector screens to roll down the favorite content, everyone loves it, that is gonna double the fun!

So, let’s best impress the folks joining you at the parties in your home backyard AND see them talking about how much they loved the projector whenever they meet you. 🙂