How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers

How to get sound from projector to speakers
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If you are new and have been popping up with a question in mind to realize how to get sound from projector to speakers, then you are landed on the right place to learn all single steps depending on the types of speakers you got.

Generally, the speakers come within two different types;

  • Wired with cable connection.
  • Wireless connection.

Thankfully, in this modern world, the old traditional ways have been slowly depleted by time, and the wireless things are influencing.

Still, we would urge to stick with the wire-based connection because of many known aspects to troubleshoot better the issues where the wireless connection tends to raise the connectivity issues being interfered with and are hardened to correct on time.

But let’s drop that part for now, and we would be coming up with both connection types enlightened to detail the whole process.

How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers

As mentioned earlier, we are about to detail two different connection types to ensure how to get sound from a projector to speakers using the wire and the wireless systems.

  1. Wired-speakers set up.
  2. Wireless speakers.

1. Wired-speakers set up

Okay, we tend to go this route — wired-speakers set up; why?

Because they are easier to set up, requiring not much of the technicalities and are easier to troubleshoot.

1. Assemble the components

Get the projector (of course, you would already have one! :)…)

And the speakers, too.

But that is not enough.

Knowing what sort of cables would work with connecting the speakers with the projector is the real task.

Common external speakers’ cables for projectors

  • Stereo RCA
  • Stereo RCA to Mini
  • Speaker wire
  • Subwoofer-provided
  • Toslink (fiber optic one)

Sort this step out, and you are right to move to the next.

a) Turn off everything

Now is the high time to turn off the projector and the speaker before inserting the cables as it may give you electric shock OR could lead to fry up anything (which not everyone would ever expect happening.)

The intermittent play up with the cords, and switching and inserting them could damage anything for sure. So, it is highly advised to turn them off completely, and the power wires from the power post to avoid facing such an experience.

b) Where is the audio jack?

And comes the turn of the next step; finding and locating the audio output jack from the projector to hook up the speakers.

It should be relatively easier to find one as they are generally labeled to ensure they are actually related to the audio to hook the wire up.

c) Inserting the cable into the audio jack from the projector

As soon as you find the audio jack up on the projector, insert the wire securely so that it does not jerk up and may turn loose itself.

But way before doing that, make sure both devices are actually turned off and ousted the plug from the power post because safety is the primary concern for you and the devices as well.

Once you have, it ensured the devices are entirely off the power source, plug in the speakers with its wire to the projector as it would bind the two pieces of the devices together to throw out the best sound when you are in the mood to watch your favorite content.

d) Turn up the devices to test the audio signal

It is better to state that it is the time to actually test out how the connection got done AND if it is working.

Well, and before doing so, make sure the cord is snugly plugged in with the decreased wiggling as it may turn the cable to come loose or out of the audio jack placed on the projector entirely.

Once ensured of all of these, turn on the projector first and then the speaker. Once they are up and running, play up the content to find out if it is emitting the sound with full force.

The full force here is to make sure that the audio doesn’t break or cause the static. If the cord is somewhat loose (which we do not believe as it is already checked), you may hear the broken sound no matter how many bars of the volume you raise.

If everything is okay (sound being heard out just fine), congratulations as you have established the speakers nicely with the projector.

Hit up the best projector all the time and hear the best sound bashing the bass to stream your favorite content all the time!

 2. Wireless speakers

Unlike the wire-based speakers to establish a successful connection with the speakers, it is a little inept for the person having a hard time dealing with all the technicalities; follow these simple enough processes to get it all done nicely.

As with the wireless speakers’ connection, this takes time to establish the connection in no time. Pretty in and out of the situation, the non-technical folks can seamlessly follow to hook up the speakers with the projector.

The wireless speakers are typically operated and connected using the Bluetooth functionality. That means NOT just the speaker is bound to have the Bluetooth functionality, but the projector should possess the same Bluetooth functionality by default.

By default, that clearly means it got to be an integrated technology embedded within the system.

On the contrary, there should be a problem with the outdated and old-fashioned projectors which do not come with the convenience of the integrated Bluetooth technology by default; there is a clear cut solution to address the issue.

The Bluetooth transmitter which turns every single device to receive the audio wirelessly. Just insert the Bluetooth transmitter into the audio out port over the projector, and it would automatically pair up with the available Bluetooth speakers.

Just double-check to turn the speakers before turning on the projector to sync up the Bluetooth speaker with the Bluetooth transmitter.

3- Troubleshooting time

In case you do NOT hear the sound at all after following all of the processes, do NOT get worried at all and no panic.

With wire-based connection, the common issue of not hearing any of the sounds could be due to NOT setting up the wire during the insertion and may come loose.

If so, tighten it up a bit, test again, and it would undoubtedly work in case if the cord is the epicenter of the problem and replacing it would be the only option. With Bluetooth speakers, make sure nothing is interfering, i.e., other Bluetooth devices running around as it would break the connection intermittently.

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And this ends up right here detailing out how to get sound from projector to speakers. And all it involves the speakers to hook up with the projector using the wire or the wireless functionality and following these steps for both nature of the speakers to hit success in doing so.

NOT too complex to follow, the external speakers seem to be the only solution to hear the louder sound with enough quality with the integrated and built-in speakers that come with the projectors, which might not produce the qualitative sound, unfortunately.

So, let’s not get yourself confused and enjoy the external speakers to hear the best sound!