BenQ HT3550 Review in 2022 – 4K Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT3550 Review
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Nowadays, the demand of projectors is at its peak. The most ideal route is to utilize a stepping stool and spot the projector on it to perceive what the image will resemble.

BenQ HT3550 Reviews

An ideal projector gives you quality display without stuttering and so is BenQ HT3550. It’s a superb projector that gives you all qualities of an elite home projector.

Features of BenQ HT3550


The redesign from the Epson 3010 that I purchased numerous years back is new and has served me well. So, with regards to image quality, the BenQ HT3550 is out of the world!

Design is elegant and as compared to the previous models it is more stylish. I would not like to rest the previous evening or work today. I simply needed to secure myself in the media room. I don’t figure you can locate a superior showcase at the cost of this gadget. This is my first projector, and subsequent to taking a look at all the various choices, I found that it was the correct alternative.

I had the chance to associate it to a 180-inch 4K screen and leave! I took a look at the new BenQ models however I was not dazzled by a portion of the things they learned or added to them.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is static and awesome. I just utilized the inside speakers and even the ones that looked incredible. I introduced and discharged it to ensure it works. Everything works fine, the arrangement was simple and it looks completely astonishing. The picture quality is extremely genuine and the colors are wonderful.

At last, I read an exceptionally definite audit of the following BenQ HT3550 which made it truly cool. It had the details I needed and it was valid in my value to go, so I bounced in and requested one. It took around 3 weeks to show up however I, at last, got it on Friday.

Preset Picture Modes

The HT3550 is preset with numerous preset picture modes so clients can pick the one appropriate for various applications. For example, watching motion pictures in home performance center with D. film mode to imitate exact colors for 4K motion pictures and change to Film mode for watching recordings in the room with the somewhat surrounding light.

Mode: Bright, Vivid TV, Cinema, D. Kinema, ISF Night, ISF Day, Silence, 3D, HDR 10, and HLG. I used to hold tight to 4k projectors and thought for myself that it would be perpetually before I was prepared to spend enough cash on one. I possessed the HT2050 until the HDMI ports detonated with a thunderclap and adored it.

The dynamic iris controls the measure of light through the optical framework for ideal complexity. Dynamic Black breaks down the splendor levels of the scene to improve the light yield and the differentiation. BenQ HT3550 offers a noteworthy difference to genuine dark shading, astounding picture profundity, detail, and lucidity.

Utilizing uncommon gaming and programming, the HT3550 is tried and altered for exact D65 shading temperature, gamma, dark level, white, dim, RGB CMY shading following, tint, immersion, brilliance, and yield of different interfaces dependent on ITU-T Rec. 709/DCI-P3.


The HT3550 offers a vertical focal point to move to entirely fit any life with a powerful scope of review separations and elevations. The huge 1.3X zoom offers a wide scope of projection separations to significantly expand establishment adaptability. Same projection separation as the 1080p W1070 and HT2050 projectors so clients can undoubtedly change from a Full HD projector to a 4K projector without moving the roof mount.

By improving ideal colors for exact image quality, BenQ Cinematic Color innovation accomplishes 95% DCI-P3 shading space in American film, covering a lot bigger visual range than Rec. 709. With DCI-P3, the HT3550 duplicates the first cinematographic quality with wide and exact shading exactness like the first plan of the chiefs.

HDR Innovation

HDR-PRO, as a selective HDR innovation advanced for BenQ show, accompanies HDR10 and HLG support with Auto HDR Color Rendition and improved BenQ film innovation, gives improved brilliance, differentiation and image in One stage, featuring everything about 4K Video content for true to life delight.

With 4K UHD 3840×2160 goal up to 8.3 million pixels for every image, the HT3550 utilizes progressive 0.47-inch DLD DLP innovation to decrease the smooth and minimized showcase profile for present-day ways of life. At multiple times the goal of 1080p Full HD, the improved 4K focal point lessens pixel obscure for stunning clearness and fine detail.

The Ben35 HT3550 4K 8.3 million pixel projector can play out a wide scope of colors DCI-P3 It is planned for film buffs who welcome the distinction that unrivalled shading execution makes by decisively transmitting the chief’s vision.

Get an excellent 100-inch image from simply 8.2 feet with the shorter projection focal point of the HT3550 and introduce it in the light scene.

SpecificationsBenQ HT3550
Image Brightness2000 lumen
Image Contrast Ratio30,000: 1
Dimensions14*5*10 inch
Weight9.2 lbs.
Zoom Ratio1.3X
Our Take

BenQ HT3550 is a stunning and includes complete package. It will never disappoint you for sure. You don’t need to take any hesitation in trying that projector. Generally speaking, it is a brilliant incentive for cash and we definitely recommend it.

BenQ HT3550

  • Image quality is awesome.
  • HQ 1080p Resolution is eye catching.
  • It has a USB power port.
  • Flawless performance in both light and dark.
  • It works impeccably.
  • Fan inside is a bit noisy.
  • Price is heavy.



At last, it despite everything functioned admirably, however for an organization that has been working around there for quite a while, it would have considered this and ensured that the mounting side was totally steady. I utilized the mounting section since it permitted the augmentation to bring down the statue of the projector.

I will say it if you are examining whether to get it as your first projector or not. BenQ outclasses other projectors because of its performance. It has flawless performance and no other projector even matches that.