BenQ TK800 vs TK800M – Which One Leads And Why?

BenQ TK800 vs TK800M

Projectors are the ultimate source of winning some beautiful moments at home with your kids and family. You can grab some amazing movies and can sit with your kids to enjoy the best family time. You can also grab it inside a workspace or any other remote space to showcase your hard work and creativity. … Read more

BenQ TK850 Projector Review in 2022

BenQ TK850 Review

Are you thinking to upgrade your home projector? Or pondering which is the best projector is best to add in home cinema? Let me introduce you to the modern and enticing product of BenQ. TK850 is the latest edition in the catalogue of BenQ. BenQ TK850 Review The compact home entertainment projector fulfils all the … Read more

Epson Pro EX9220 Review – An Honest Insight for 2022

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Optoma Cinemax P1 Review: Short-Throw Laser Projector

Optoma Cinemax P1

Thinking to change your home theatre? Then best short throw projectors are an incredibly good option. The day when we used to mount the projectors on walls or ceilings is gone. This is the time of 4k ultra HD laser projectors. Now, technology has made everything too easy like you just plop a projector down … Read more

Vava 4K Projector Review – The Pros, Cons & Verdict

VAVA 4K Projector Review

Let’s get a knock over the complete VAVA 4K projector review in its clearest detail! Because you might have experienced hundreds of projectors and read countless f reviews, but we got one, but what we actually got for you is something unique and is known for delivering the best viewing quality. Don’t look at its … Read more

BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST Comparison War of 2022

BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST

Today, we are about to make a comprehensive comparison of the two outstanding projector models BenQ TH671ST vs HT2150ST, the vast majority of the projector-lovers have liked them. Well, it is NOT going to be just a versus comparison between these two models. Still, it would enlighten you with the most reliable and suitable way … Read more