How Good Are Short Throw Projectors?

How Good Are Short Throw Projectors

If you have ever gone to a market to buy a projector for your home theater, then you must have an idea of how wide the range is. From ultra-short-throw to long-throw to short-throw, the competition is getting wide with time passing. You can’t underestimate the throwing factor of a projector. Your single mistake can … Read more

How to Check Projector Lamp Hour – A Quick Guide

How to Check Projector Lamp Hour

After some years of use, you will notice that your projector lamp is dimming and near to completely out of work. Wondering what have you done wrong? Well, nothing in this case as with all electronics the projector lamps also have a running life that is measured in terms of the lamp hour. Normally the … Read more

How Much Are Mini Projectors in 2022?

How Much Are Mini Projectors

In today’s world, projectors are mandatory in each organization. It doesn’t matter whether the organization is educational or business type. To engage the audience while presenting something projectors can assist you in the best possible way. Nowadays small-size mini projectors in the eyes of the people because of portability and other advantages. Small size wireless … Read more

Why Projectors Are Expensive? Everything That You Should Know

Why Projectors Are Expensive

Before starting the article, it is important to know what is a projector and what it is used for. A projector is an optical device that is used to display or project the image onto the big screen. If you want to experience a true cinema-like experience at your home then a projector is a … Read more

How to Hang a Projector Screen from Ceiling?

How To Hang A Projector Screen From Ceiling

It was a sarcastic comment earlier to fix something on the ceiling when you don’t get an appropriate space, but now hanging a projector screen from the ceiling is no longer a sarcastic comment. You should do it in special needs as it works best when you have sufficient room space and a large black … Read more

How to Watch 3D Movies on a Projector at Home?

How to Watch 3D Movies on a Projector

It’s been more than a year since the cinemas are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, watching 3D movies at cinemas has become impossible. What to do now? Is it possible to watch 3D movies at home? Yes, you can watch 3D movies at home with a projector. If you are thinking … Read more